10 trendy colors of clothes spring-summer 2018 according to Pantone

Pantone has been a globally recognized authority on color for over 50 years. Famous fashion designers and colorists listen to the opinion of its experts. Every year, since 2000, Panton experts analyze the main trends of modern fashion, changes in the field of culture and art, study the collections of leading designers, coordinate their opinions with the world's major fashion design centers. Based on the findings, they compile and publish a list of the most relevant and fashionable color shades for the upcoming season.

TOP of the most-most...

After more than 200 fashion shows that took place last September in London and New York, Pantone has identified the trendiest colors for spring-summer 2018.

According to the company's experts, the main color of the year is Ultraviolet Ultra Violet, the most important bright yellow Meadowlark in the warm season.

Below is a photo of the flowers that Pantone experts have also chosen as the most relevant for this warm season.

1. Meadowlark (Yellow Lark)

The piercing yellow Meadowlark and its more restrained tone is recognized as the undisputed leader of the 10 primary colors recommended by Panton for Spring / Summer 2018.

Mary Katrantzou - a young English designer, presented unusually bright sunny models from her new spring-summer series at the London Fashion Week show.

2. Cherry Tomato

Pantone's bold and extraordinarily eye-catching color of the year 2018 is Cherry Tomato, a cocktail of reds and oranges. Defiant and intriguing, Cherry Tomato prefer confident and outstanding personalities in their clothes.

Not surprisingly, Christopher Kane is the master of provocation who most often used him in his collection at the London fashion show.

Cherry Tomato included in their work such famous couturiers, Christian Dior, Adam Selman, Gucci, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez and of course Joseph Altuzarra, whose the brand is strongly associated with modernity, seduction and femininity.

3. Little Boy Blue

The color of a clear blue sky, bringing peace and setting to a positive mood. In his new collection, Michael Kors decided to move away from the usual black, white, gray and created new images of models, combining the simplicity and luxury of the most non-trivial and fashionable color according to Panton.

Little Boy Blue can be found in sophisticated evening and casual wear from Carolina Herrera, as well as the Versace and Michael Kors brands.

4. Chili Oil

Another spicy spring-summer 2018 color brown- red. Chili Oil brings elegance and style to casual wear designed by Malaysian designer Khan Chong (Self Portrait brand).

5. Blooming Dahlia

Delicate, feminine and romantic, Blooming Dahlia truly resembles a beautiful flower dahlia. Khan Chong has used trendy spring / summer colors, including Blooming Dahlia, to create his new spring line.

6. Pink Lavender

A mesmerizing shade of light purple enjoyed equal success at the fashion show at New York and London. Soft, sensual, Pink Lavender is as if specially created to emphasize the fragility and grace of a woman's silhouette. Christopher Kane has created on its basis clothing models that attract with their simplicity and touching.

Thomas Ford, Gucci, Rodarte, Versace also couldn't resist using Pink Lavender in their new spring-summer 2018 collections.

6. Arcadia (Arcadia)

Juicy, energetic green color with a light, barely noticeable bluish undertone, which gives it a novelty and freshness. Arcadia is so consistent with the bright arrival of spring with its riot of colors after a long and gray winter. Even Emmy Smilovich, the designer of the Tibi brand, did not escape the temptation, using Arcadia in creating fashionable and stylish outfits for the spring and summer of 2018, forgetting about her usual neutral and restrained colors: beige, black, white, olive.

7. Sailor Blue

Saturated dark blue, reminiscent of the sea, beaches and summer vacations. It is no coincidence that Panton included his list of fashionable colors for spring-summer 2018. Sailor Blue is versatile, perfect for a business suit from Trussardi, Zac Posen, casual wear from Michael Kors, evening dress from Emilio de la Morena.

8. Almost Mauve

Almost Mauve is a calm lilac color with a touch of pink that creates a lyrical and delicate image.

Taiwanese designer Jason Wu made a splash at the London Fashion Week show with the extraordinarily elegant and feminine Almost Mauve dresses.

A strict business suit from Stella McCartney thanks to Almost Mauve looks spectacular and flawless, creating a feeling of solemnity and festive mood.

9. Emperador (Royal Chocolate)

Warm Chocolate Emperador is self-sufficient and at the same time perfectly combined. Sam Linder used it to create spring / summer outfits for her series.

10. Ultra Violet

Experts Ultra Violet was chosen as the most fashionable clothing color of 2018. In their opinion, the cosmic ultraviolet color symbolizes the infinity of human capabilities, the desire for new discoveries and the creative originality of the individual.

Ultra Violet creates unearthly, mysterious images, attracts and bewitches. This fantastic shade of purple is used by Calvin Klein, Gucci and Carolina Herrera.

11. Lime Punch

Lime Punch is the most provocative of the complementary colors of the Spring / Summer 2018 palette. At the week-long fashion show, Lime Punch was most represented in the Marta Jakubowski collection.

Fashionable colors of spring-summer 2018 recommended by Panton are not a mandatory guideline for fashion designers and designers. The selection of expert couturiers is seen as advice to help them create their new collections.