100 ideas for a trendy pedicure 2021-2022!

Fashionable pedicure in 2021-2022 is a combination of elegance and style. This season, designers offer to experiment not only with flowers, but also with decorations. Along with the classics, unthinkable combinations of colors and textures and decorations are relevant.

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What should you remember?

Pedicure is an important part of the look, but even the most fashionable pedicure won't matter if your heels are like a grater. Feet and heels require the same regular maintenance as the cuticles. And all nails should be trimmed and filed equally.

The upper edges of the nail plates can be made square or semicircular, it's up to you to decide. However, designers recommend staying at the classic oval shape in 2021-2022 (see fashionable manicure ).

Fashionable colors

In fashion, first of all, monochromatic motives. Even a beginner can do such a pedicure. The favorites of spring-summer 2021-2022 will be bright saturated shades:

  • orange,
  • red,
  • yellow,
  • mint,
  • turquoise,
  • pink,
  • white,
  • nude.

The classic red pedicure is always in fashion!

For a dark pedicure it is better to choose:

  • gold,
  • black,
  • burgundy,
  • purple,
  • blue.

Do not forget about metallic shades. Especially the effect is the combination of two colors - gold and silver.

Fashion trends recommend not doing the entire pedicure in one color scheme. You can use two or three harmonious or contrasting colors.

Fashion designs

A pedicure with a pattern is still in vogue. Floral and geometric motifs are the best choices this season. Light daisies on a bright background will add romance to the image, and geometric lines will make your pedicure original. Stripes, light polka dots, patterns in the form of animals, romantic prints are no less popular (see photo).

all fingers for drawing. The pattern can only be applied to one nail. When choosing a drawing, it is important not to forget that the main color should be in harmony with shoes or clothes.

Decorations and details of a pedicure

Another way to make a pedicure spectacular is to use decorative elements. It can be rhinestones, beautiful stones, sparkles, fimo. Just a small amount of jewelry can add flavor to your look.

Often, jewelry is also used for the traditional jacket, which in 2021-2022 is not only relevant, but also very diverse. Now you can replace the light strip at the edge of the nail plate with a bolder color, for example, deep blue or bright turquoise. And in the end, complement your jacket with transparent rhinestones.

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