3/4 short sleeve coat: elegance and chic

The short-sleeved coat periodically comes into fashion and becomes one of the most popular styles. According to stylists, this clothing will remain in trend for a long time. What is the reason for such popularity, who needs to immediately include things of this style in the wardrobe and how to combine them with accessories - these questions become relevant on the eve of the new demi-season.

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Features of the model with short sleeves

Models in fur coats, jackets, coats with short sleeves come out on world shows. Its length can be very different: from ¾, to the elbow and very short. A slight change in the style allows the owner to advantageously reveal the fragile part of the hand, this gives the image a special charm, makes it feminine.

The main feature of the model is that the short sleeve shape suggests an elegant looking part of the garment or allows the use of elongated gloves. Experiments in this direction allow you to create different images depending on the individual preferences of the hostess.

The length of the product can be different: from the short, inherent in a jacket, to the longest version. But most often the preference is given to the length from the knee and above. The only limitation is that the proposed model corresponds more seasonally to the autumn or spring version. But skillfully combining it with other things, you can wear it even in not very cold winter.

In warm weather, preference is given to models from light fabrics with wide sleeves. Winter short coats are very fond of wearing autolady. The style does not complicate the process of driving, and natural fur always favorably sets off the face and makes it more attractive.

Most often, the cut of a coat with a short sleeve is used in models of a straight, A-shaped or fitted cut. Decorations in the form of fur, cuffs bring romance to the image and make it more flirtatious.

The sleeve can be of different cut, lanterns allowed, bat, kimono cut, cape coat and cuffs as an option. Depending on the characteristics of the figure and style, each woman has the opportunity to choose the style that is most successful for herself.

Who will wear this coat?

There are no restrictions on age, figure or style of clothing when choosing a cut. This silhouette looks good on both tall slender girls and small tight ladies. According to stylists, the length of the sleeve ¾ stretches the silhouette, which will allow women of small stature to be included in their wardrobe.

A good feature of the style is the ability to hide the upper fuller part of the hand, and it is advantageous to open the lower one, the thinnest and most elegant, in the area of ​​the wrist.

What can I wear with a coat with a short sleeve?

Coat with sleeves ¾ fits harmoniously into any style, the only exception is pure sporty. This model complements office wear well and complements the evening dress.

The half-open arm length allows the hostess to experiment and create new images through the use of sweaters and turtlenecks in the set. But it must be remembered that not every wardrobe item will go well with such a coat. Here are some tips for choosing:

  • The model is filled with romance and coquetry in her performance. It is highly undesirable to combine it with baggy clothes and rough shoes.
  • Pay special attention to the part of the clothing under the coat. It should organically fit and match the created image. When choosing a jumper, sweater and turtleneck, it is necessary that things are narrow and go well with the tone of outerwear. You can simplify your choice of wardrobe and wear a coat in combination with long gloves.
  • Take a closer look at asymmetrical clothing options, they will not only hide the fullness of the arms, but also stretch the silhouette, attract increased attention to the hostess.
  • For a stylish, bold look, experiment and add sheer sleeves to your wardrobe for the perfect combination for warm early fall and spring.

Combines with other things:

  • As a bottom, a variety of things fit well into the image: leather shorts, trousers, jeans and skirts, dresses, including knitwear.

  • The short sleeve coat looks Ideal with skinny clothing: leggings, skinny jeans, turtlenecks.

  • The most popular style is the model in the style of the 60s of the last century, decorated with a small collar and has a slightly shortened sleeve. In this case, there is no need to wear long gloves.

  • A classic universal look that will suit any occasion, you get when you combine outerwear with a simple cut with a hat, ankle boots and a classic bag to match the coat or in a contrasting shade.

Shoes, bags, accessories

There are no particular restrictions on the choice of shoes. Rough models resembling ankle boots are not encouraged. Any women's footwear, especially if it is a stable heel or stiletto heel, will fit perfectly. The main thing is that it matches the season.

Among the accessories that look good in a set, it is worth highlighting the long seals or mitts. Adding them will create the image of an aristocratic lady. You can make the set more daring with long gloves with cut off fingers - glovelettes. The color should match the tone of the outerwear or be contrasting.

In addition to the traditional black, brown and beige, take a look at the burgundy and red. If black makes the kit strict, then colored gloves can become its main element. As a material, ordinary or patent leather, fabric, preferably with a nap, is suitable.

Young people have a lot of room for experimentation, you can add a scarf to the ensemble, close the lower arm with knitted arm ruffles or gaiters. Such a rough detail adds insecurity to the young fashionista.

Large additions look good in the set:

  • an unusual-shaped clutch,
  • a large bag resembling a shopping bag,
  • wide bracelet or large watch.

The only limitation when choosing accessories is to observe the measure, there should not be too many of them.

Coat with sleeves ¾ for autumn 2021-2022

One of the main directions of 2021-2022 is associated with length and style. Models come out on the catwalk both without sleeves at all, and with their shortened length. Fitted, straight and flared silhouettes are gaining the greatest popularity.

The emphasis is on embellishment with a cuff or extension towards the bottom. The latest model, which helps to hide the excessive thickness of the arms, will appeal to a woman with a similar feature.