Appearance color Autumn: you are irresistible!

Autumn color type radiates a special energy and will never get lost in the crowd. These women can be envied. A riot of warm, rich colors inherent in early autumn, gives the appearance an unusual charm.

Dense skin without flaws, often lavishly decorated with golden freckles, bright eyes of a wide variety of shades do not allow Autumn to be content with the role of a gray mouse. And hair is a special pride. It is by the red hair, although it can be chestnut or light brown, that belonging to this color type is determined. It's a shame if natural beauty fades under a layer of inept makeup or clothes of an unusual color palette. Therefore, it is important to know the basic palette of this color type.

Hair, eyes, skin and three color options

Hair of the autumn girlnot give reasons for sadness and discontent. How can you not like a fiery shock of all sunny shades: copper, bronze, reddish chestnut. They can be golden blond or dark chestnut, but always with an amazing shining and warm undertone.

Autumn eyes- bright, bottomless, with golden splashes or shining rim. There are absolutely different ones: light blue, gray-green, soft amber, cognac. The look is warm, alluring with mischievous rays. Eyebrows in the same tone as the hair.

Skincan be very light, dark, but natural blush is rare. And there is no need for it in Autumn. A peach-colored face in golden-beige tones does not require jewelry. Often autumn girls are marked with a scattering of reddish freckles, they burn out in the sun.

If the listed features are difficult to apply to oneself, then the description of subtypes will help to bring final clarity.

Soft autumnis the calmest version of this color type. Reminds of Summer, so there may be a small amount of ash notes. Eyes can be gray-blue and amber-brown. Wheat blond, light brown hair and soft beige skin give the image a romantic and mysterious look.

Warm Fall (Natural)is a classic color combination with little contrast. Copper blonde, bright red, deep brown hair color. The skin is predominantly peachy, there may be ivory tones, in most cases with mischievous freckles. Eyes - shining amber, soft nutty, green, cognac.

Dark (deep) autumnsimilar to Winter, but less contrasting, with reddish notes. This type includes girls with dark beige or bronze skin. The hair of beauties is usually dark brown, chocolate. The eyes are amazing dark green, deep brown or even black. The shades of late autumn prevail.

Makeup of a sensual color type Autumn: I want so much warmth

So, a revision in the cosmetic bag. It is inappropriate to throw away or give away to friends without regret, and what is missing is urgently needed. Cold shades will nullify the efforts of nature, and warm ones will add charm. Cosmetics are needed mainly for the evening and special occasions. In everyday life, autumn girls may well do without her.

  1. Makeup base:light, liquid and transparent in beige and peach tones. A very small amount, applied with light movements, is enough. Most likely you won't need powder.
  2. Blushsuitable for light skin tone salmon, peach or apricot shades, for dark - coral, brownish, soft terracotta. You can replace the blush with bronze powder.
  3. Inkis quite appropriate black, but brown is better. Use the bright palette with care. Green and emerald - they look just amazing, and the blue range is not suitable for everyone.
  4. Eyeliner- same color as mascara or gold. Cold silver, gray, light blue is absolutely not suitable. You can use contrasting eyeliner.
  5. Shadowsare available in a very wide color gamut. All greenish and lilac shades will add expressiveness to the look. Warm browns and bronzes go well with the look. Peach, lavender, eggplant are good.
  6. Lipstick only in warm tones:rich coral, pinkish-orange, caramel, ripe tomato color, chocolate. Shades of blackberry and eggplant are also considered options. Avoid cold pearlescent and overly caustic tones.

The palette of colors in the "autumn" wardrobe

For a basic wardrobe of a surprisingly natural color type Autumn is perfect for rich, natural shades. No coldness, fading, blurring. Only warmth, comfort, gold and deep greenery. The color scheme depends on the subtype and personal preference.

Brown option:

  • brick,
  • coffee,
  • rust color,
  • chocolate.

Green is a great solution:

  • khaki,
  • bottle,
  • kerosene,
  • mossy,
  • tobacco,
  • turquoise.

Without red Autumn is unthinkable:

  • tomato,
  • red-terracotta,
  • cherry,
  • salmon,
  • copper red.

Allowed blue-violet gamma:

  • blackberry,
  • eggplant,
  • plum,
  • lingonberry.

Combination of gray and beige:

  • golden beige,
  • camel,
  • gray mossy,
  • dark grayish beige.

Blouses, T-shirts, sundresses and other light clothing are preferred in the following colors:

  • vanilla,
  • champagne,
  • ​​
  • ivory,
  • apricot,
  • dark cream,
  • shell,
  • crab.

For special occasions, sports and recreation, bright solutions are needed:

  • orange,
  • carrot,
  • deep yellow,
  • fiery red,
  • strawberry,
  • emerald,
  • pea green,
  • aqua,
  • eggplant.

Black and white - suppress the sensuality of the warm color type. If a strict dress code requires this combination, then, if possible, you need to replace it, for example, with dark chocolate and eggshell color. It is also better to remove all cold tones from the wardrobe.

Woman's clothing style - autumn

Women of autumn color type are usually slender, fit, proportional. Straight lines, complex shapes, layered clothing are suitable for them. Of the styles, folklore, safari, country are the most harmonious. It is better to choose large accessories. Shoes and bags made of suede and nubuck in autumn red-brown tones.

Autumn - soft, voluminous, fleecy and textured. Natural, high-quality fabrics are what you need:

  • boucle,
  • suede,
  • tweed,
  • angora,
  • corduroy,
  • velvet,
  • velor,
  • Linen,
  • Batiste,
  • Lace.

Drawing can be expressive and fantasy. All types of cells, ethnic, leopard, plant prints are welcome. And blurry drawings and flashy colors in cold tones do not decorate a luxurious woman at all.

End stroke

An autumn woman can afford voluminous jewelry in any quantity. Large beads, long earrings, massive bracelets are acceptable. Preferred from natural materials: wood, shells, ivory, leather, tortoiseshell. Of metals - copper, dark gold, bronze. From stones - onyx, amber, topaz, coral.


heavy. They may have a hint of oriental spices such as coriander, cloves and patchouli oil. Perfume with ylang-ylang and musk will add sensuality. A flamboyant personality requires complex scents.

Photos of autumn girls

Still the problem remains unsolved? Compare yourself to the photos. And if celebrities are beautiful, thanks to the efforts of stylists, then ordinary girls and women usually create an image on their own. Look closely and look for similarities.