Appearance color Spring: how to dispose of a gift from nature?

Color type Spring is freshness, lightness, sophistication, warm palette of colors, naturalness. This impression is made by women of the spring type, regardless of age and build. Nature has endowed them with glowing skin from within, a delicate blush, and a golden hue of hair. Even the presence of freckles does not spoil the appearance, but gives a unique charm.

Inexpertly chosen makeup, clothes, haircuts for the sake of fashion trends can easily destroy the fragile charm of Spring, add a few extra years, make the image cold, far from ideal. This type is quite rare, and if a girl is lucky, then with the help of the right color scheme she can achieve perfection and rightfully be proud of her beauty.

Distinctive features of the spring color type and division into subtypes

Spring does not recognize dark colors. The hair of representatives of this type is blond, slightly curly. Color - straw, wheaten, light blond, reddish, sometimes light brown or chestnut, but never ashy or black. Only warm, honey shades that glow in the sun.

The skin of a spring woman is velvety and translucent, slightly yellowish or peachy. These persons have a natural blush, often blush. If the nose is decorated with freckles, then they are golden, like a tan, which does not go down quickly, but well.

Eye color ranges from light blue to green with smooth gray gradients. Brown-eyed girls among the Spring color type are rare, but the iris can be amber, with small golden splashes. Proteins do not create a sharp contrast, most often they are muted milk. The eyebrows match the hair color or are slightly darker.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the features that determine the color type, but this is fixable if you know about the division into subtypes. Spring comes in four varieties.

  1. Natural- skin, hair and eyes are harmoniously combined in one tone, there are no bright contrasts. For example: peach skin, light blond hair and gray-green eyes.
  2. Light- all shades are transparent and light. A girl with wheat hair, milky skin, light blue eyes falls into this category.
  3. Contrast- may differ from porcelain skin, rich red or brown hair, deep eye color (turquoise, green, blue).
  4. Bright or clean- two indicators of appearance are calm, are in the same color scheme, and one serves as an attractive accent. Most often - eyes that stand out brightly on the face.

Spring can be different, but never cold. Blurry, pale undertones are also not her element.

For face - make-up, for hair - ideal hairstyle

Decorative cosmeticsfor a woman-spring is not a way to hide flaws, but an opportunity to emphasize dignity. Delicate, glowing skin (requires constant moisture) is an adornment in itself, there is no need to hide it under a thick layer of "plaster".

Make-up baseshould be light, transparent texture, the same applies to powder... It is preferable to use ivory, peach, bronze, forget about cold pinks and beige, which will make the skin gray.

Blushis essentially unnecessary for this color type, and if you really want to, then apricot, coral, but in no case dark brown, their contour requires careful shading. The makeup of spring girls does not tolerate contrast and abrupt transitions. Smooth lines, halftones, naturalness are the basic rules.

Lipstickcan be pearlescent. Shades of pale pink, coral, beige, honey. Scarlet is also good, and dark reds are best avoided, as well as cold pinks, lilacs. Lip liner - to match, it is even better to do without it, and replace lipstick with a light gloss.

A palette of eyeshadows that are cool and warm.Taboo only for black, dark purple, blue tones. Cold pinks will also not add zest, but will make your eyes tear-stained. Eyeliner, especially black, is contraindicated in Spring. Eyeliner - brown, khaki, green, no clear lines, shaded. Mascara in the same color scheme, but more daring, bright options for the evening.

Hair color in women of the spring color type rarely causes complaints, so it is better not to go for cardinal experiments... If the soul certainly asks for changes, then you can lighten individual strands or change the color by one or two tones in a warm range. The haircut is feminine, with soft curls, not sporty and not too romantic.

Suitable colors in clothes: basic wardrobe, additions, bright accents

Basic wardrobe is outerwear, suits, dresses, trousers, skirts. It's great if things are designed in a certain color scheme. Spring can use any palette: cold, warm, neutral.

Spring color type looks great in yellow. Suitable shades:

  • mustard,
  • soft honey,
  • light ocher,
  • light brown,
  • camel,
  • terracotta,
  • walnut,
  • wheat...

Red with added orange and warm pink can also make up the base group. Basic tones:

  • salmon,
  • apricot,
  • coral,
  • light red,
  • garnet.

Beige and gray are simply irreplaceable, but in greenish warm undertones. You can consider:

  • straw,
  • golden beige,
  • granite,
  • olive,
  • emerald,
  • moss,
  • pistachio,
  • mint.

A light group of clothes is an addition to the basic wardrobe: blouses, knitted T-shirts, sundresses, light dresses, scarves, headscarves. Pastel colors are preferred here:

  • cream,
  • milky,
  • unbleached wool,
  • vanilla,
  • pale blue,
  • turquoise.

Bright accents can and should be used in smart and festive clothes for recreation and entertainment. They are also needed as additions to the base collection. Suitable for a unique look:

  • scarlet,
  • crimson,
  • bright blue,
  • sea wave,
  • cornflower blue,
  • aquamarine,
  • lavender,
  • lilac,
  • hot pink.

This color type definitely needs to exclude dazzling white and black. The rest of the palette can be used without limitation, as long as the tones are not faded, cold, too dark.

Completed image: clothing style, jewelry, fragrances

A spring woman looks harmoniously in clothes made of light, plastic, preferably plain fabrics:

  • cotton,
  • jersey,
  • flannel,
  • velvet,
  • suede,
  • silk.

Large prints are best avoided. If the drawing, then small, unobtrusive. Do not get too carried away with romantic style, ruffles, frills. Feminine classics with elements of light negligence, a clear silhouette, simple cut - this is the choice of a woman in spring. The sporty style looks good.

Gold and yellow jewelry are more suitable for spring girls than cold silver. Creamy pearls, natural warm stones look great: amber, corals, turquoise, topaz.

The main thing is that the decoration should be light, refined. This also applies to sunglasses.

When choosing leather accessories and shoes, it is better to give preference to natural leather, suede and nubuck.

Aromas of spring - joy, freshness, ease. No heavy, sugary-sweet smells. If you like sweetish notes, then only light floral ones. The aromas of greens, citrus fruits, fresh fruits are very harmoniously combined with the spring airy color type.

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Photos of spring girls

Pure Spring is quite rare. Many girls doubt the definition of their color type. Photos of women who can rightfully consider themselves to be spring beauties will help make the right choice. It remains only to put a mirror in front of you and compare.