Appearance color Summer - conquer the world with your beauty

The color type Leto rewards its owners with femininity and a certain amount of aristocracy. Contrary to associations with warmth, bright sun, saturated colors, the appearance of summer girls is calm, in cold colors, devoid of excessive contrast.

Most of the Russian beauties and the most ordinary women belong to this color type. Very often they are unhappy with their appearance, hair color, inexpressive, in their opinion, eyes. Many go against nature and try to radically change the image, but as a result they get the opposite effect. The right color palette can work wonders and can turn a seemingly modest Summer into an exquisite diamond.

What does a representative of the Summer color type look like?

Not the slightest hint of warmth, gold, honey. A summer girl's hair can be anything: very light, the whole gamut of light brown tones, brown, reddish, but always with a cold ash tint. The girl's mouse tint is often considered a disadvantage. However, you need to change it with caution, the warm color will not add attractiveness.

The skin can have aristocratic whiteness, be pink with a slight reddishness or dark olive. Sometimes a thin mesh of capillaries is visible. But no yellowness, the tone is cold, slightly grayish. Freckles are gray-brown in color.

The eyes are soft, do not stand out in brightness, there is no clear contrast between the proteins and the iris. The light range prevails in wonderful undertones: watery-blue, blue, gray-blue, gray-green, cold brown. Sometimes the iris has a brown border.

Recognize yourself in this description? If yes - great, if not - familiarize yourself with the subtypes.

  1. Contrast summeris light skin, white or ivory, dark hair and rather bright eyes, blue, green, brown.
  2. Cold summeris also called natural. Porcelain, transparent, slightly pinkish skin, light ashy or light brown hair with a gray tint, eyes of soft gray-blue and greenish shades.
  3. Mild summer- refinement, tenderness and fragility. The colors are still the same, but slightly washed out, shaded, softly and harmoniously flowing into each other. The skin is pink, the eyes are gray-blue or dim green, the hair is light brown.

We have decided on the color type, the next step is to choose a suitable palette so that natural beauty will play in the best light.

Correct makeup and well-groomed hair make life beautiful

Color type Summer without makeup looks a little faded. However, this provides a wide field for action. What does a summer girl accept?

Foundation and powder.For fair skin tones of ivory, cold pinkish are suitable. On a dark-skinned one - olive will fit well. Too pink and warm golden colors will accentuate imperfections and give a tired look. Powder can be taken colorless, and for the evening - with a shimmering effect.

Blush.A solid "no" - coral, reddish, ginger, brick brown. Cold pinks are welcome, but not in the form of war paint, but softly shaded.

Mascara, eyeliner pencil, shadows.Black pencil is not the best choice. Dark blue, brown, gray, grayish-olive looks much better. It is desirable to keep ink in the same tone, but black is acceptable. Ideally, if the shadows match the color of the iris, cool pinks will do. Throw away the eyeliner.

Lipstick, lip pencil, gloss.The entire cold pink palette is at our disposal: berry shades, lilac, lilac-pink. From saturated - watermelon, cherry, dark red. A pencil is allowed a tone darker than lipstick or gloss.

For a contrasting color type, brighter makeup is suitable, natural and soft summer ask for calm halftones and smooth transitions. Important! The face should be in harmony with the hair color. If you want to argue with nature, then the paint should be chosen in cold colors or highlighted with an ash tint. Even individual red locks will accentuate wrinkles and give a tired look.

The color palette for the basic and additional wardrobe

All signs of the Summer color type lie in a cold plane. At the same time, the skin does not always look perfect. Coloring your clothes correctly will help smooth out this flaw, or at least divert attention from it. Summer's calm appearance, even a contrasting type, does not harmonize with a bright, warm palette. But complex shades and colors with a slight touch of gray are what you need.

Basic wardrobe,consisting of outerwear, shoes, dresses, skirts, trousers looks great in these colors:

  • smoky blue,
  • gray-blue,
  • steel,
  • graphite,
  • purple,
  • beige,
  • beige-pink,
  • brown with a gray undertone,
  • olive green,
  • dark red,
  • lingonberry.

Blouses, tops, T-shirts, summer dresses and sundresses in light shades:

  • cream,
  • light pink,
  • light blue,
  • mint,
  • vanilla,
  • purple.

Suitable colors for dressy clothes:

  • classic blue,
  • emerald,
  • dark pink,
  • watermelon,
  • crimson,
  • cherry,
  • wine red,
  • lemon yellow.

All denim shades are perfect for summer color. Black should be avoided as it ages. White is only suitable for tanned skin. In other cases, it is better to give preference to blue-white or ivory.

Harmony and style in clothes, jewelry, fragrances

Delicate romantic style in clothes - the right choice of a summer woman. Many girls reject ruffles and ruffles, but you should still take a closer look at graceful, form-fitting silhouettes. Draperies, lace, elegant dresses will allow summer beauties to look modern and harmonious.

It is better to choose fabrics that are flowing and light:

  • wool,
  • cashmere,
  • tweed,
  • flannel,
  • jersey,
  • velvet,
  • crepe georgette,
  • chiffon.

Drawingcan be abstract or floral, and strict geometry, stripes, cells are best avoided. Chiffon scarves in the summer palette will add grace and charm to the Summer.

Shoes and handbags- smooth matte or suede. You should not get carried away with patent leather. Shoes can be black, gray, gray-blue, pastel shades. The purse does not necessarily match the color of the garment. It is much better if it stands out as a bright spot.

For glasses, black, leopard-print, massive frames are categorically unsuitable forms. It is better to choose an elegant model, in soft purple or silver frames with smoky glasses. For a contrast type, a more saturated color from a cool palette is allowed.

Jewelryfrom antique silver, white gold, platinum - that's what you need to pay attention to this color type. The yellow metal does not harmonize with it. Pearls - white and pink, precious stones - cold shades:

  • turquoise,
  • emerald,
  • aquamarine,
  • lapis lazuli,
  • milk opal.

Perfumeshould be sensual, but delicately light, with a graceful floral scent. It can be sweet, but not too heavy or exotic. The smells of roses, daffodils, delicate vanilla are good.

Summer women in the photo

Photos of celebrities, ordinary girls and women of summer appearance will help to understand what this cold color type looks like. Perhaps doubters will notice the resemblance to themselves and understand how to proceed.