Apple shape type: how to make an eight from an oval?

The Constitution is a powerful force. This does not mean the basic law of the state, but the type of physique. If nature has not rewarded with a chiseled waist, and it is almost impossible to get rid of a protruding tummy, then you have an apple type of figure. Young girls torture themselves with diets, adult ladies refer to hormonal disorders and age, and wise women transform the oval silhouette into a graceful number 8 with the help of clothes. Follow their example, learn to love yourself and create a stylish wardrobe for your body type for all occasions.

In this article:

Apple shape: main features and subtypes

Not criticize, do not praise, but just look at yourself in the mirror as if you were a stranger. If the reflection matches the description for all or most of the points, take it for granted that you have an oval or apple shape.

Characteristic features:

  • the waist is weak or simply absent;
  • shoulder width, bust and hip measurements are approximately equal;
  • arms are thin or massive in the upper part;
  • chest and back wide;
  • buttocks rounded or flat;
  • Legs proportional to the body or long.

Traditionally, the apple shape is associated with plump women. But this is not always the case. The O-silhouette figure is divided into two subtypes, and a thin girl can recognize herself in one of them.

Apple itself:

  • medium-sized breasts;
  • The widest point is the waist;
  • small buttocks;
  • the main volumes are concentrated in the upper body;
  • the problem area during weight gain is the abdomen.


  • large bust;
  • The waist is poorly defined;
  • thighs equal to chest volume;
  • the buttocks are large, slightly protruding or flat;
  • fat is deposited on the sides.

This type of apple can easily be confused with rectangle. But there are differences - a large chest and a rounded belly, which is present regardless of build.

Attractive features and problem areas

The apple body type looks a little heavy. The task of clothing is to visually stretch the silhouette, add grace and lightness to it.

It can be considered a big plus that the basic proportions of the body are not disturbed. The second important advantage is slender, long legs. Noteworthy is the chest. As a rule, “apples” have a good shape. If this parameter does not suit you, pay more attention to the selection of linen, and everything will fall into place.

Many apples have a short neck or sloping shoulders. There are many female tricks to mask these zones. The main problem is the protruding belly. The main recommendations in clothing will be aimed at visually eliminating this deficiency. You will learn to choose styles in such a way that the rhetorical question "Where are we going to make the waist?" will no longer stand upright.

How to dress: apple style from "A" to "Z"

So, we learn to pack a juicy fruit according to all the rules. Naturally, clothes for a fat woman will differ from the wardrobe of a skinny woman. The main thing is to understand the principle of selection and gradually create your own, unique style.


Fashion dictates general rules, capricious lady. Forget about baggy and tight pieces. Actual styles of dresses:

  • trapeze;

  • A-silhouette;

  • asymmetrical and oblique cut;

  • with smell;

  • balloon;

  • bustier dress.

Semi-fitted models are preferable to straight ones. An empire-style evening dress is the perfect choice for special occasions. For summer - flying sundresses. On narrow straps, if the shoulders are in order, on wide - with massive shapes. They well mask excess volume in fake dresses that combine different colors or textures of fabrics in equal proportions.

Tops, blouses, cardigans

Classic shirts - no, blouses and tops with a yoke, with draperies, flying styles - yes. Layering and combined options are suitable. For example, a form-fitting top and a loose blouse. If, after all, a shirt, then on top is a vest, a Chanel-style jacket, an unbuttoned jacket. It is also better not to fasten the top buttons on the collar.

Choose oversized sweaters or loose cropped sweaters, sweatshirts, elongated cardigans without a belt. Wear tunics that create a mystery in the problem area and present your legs in a winning light. Ditch the form-fitting turtlenecks, noodle sweaters, knit sweaters with a through-button closure. If the neck is short, give preference to models without a collar.

Trousers, jeans, shorts

Trousers for a woman with a body type apple - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe. Neat hips and slender legs allow you to wear almost any style:

  • classic with arrows;
  • high waist;
  • chinos with pintucks and low waist;
  • straight and tapering to the bottom.

It is better to choose a loose top - a top, a blouse, a tunic, falling in light folds. Flare - with care, only from thin fabrics.

Jeans are fitted according to the same principle. Suitable boyfriends and skinny with a loose T-shirt or tunic, classic straight lines with a blazer jacket. But flared jeans, especially from the hip, can weigh down the silhouette.

Slim apple shorts and sweatpants offer unlimited choice. Any model will do. As with girls of average build, if the top is not too tight. For ladies in the body, it is better to prefer knee-length bermudas, pants made of thin fabric or dense knitwear with a small amount of decorative elements.


Essential when choosing skirts for your body type apple - do not emphasize the waist. If the model is narrow, the blouse is worn outside, the fluffy one is tucked in, but it is advisable to put on a short jacket, vest, blazer on top.

Winning styles:

  • trapezoid;
  • tulip;
  • pencil;
  • odorless;
  • straight line with slot or cut.

A godet skirt is not the best choice for flat buttocks, flared - the sun - with a noticeably protruding belly. If these zones are not satisfactory, you can wear these styles as well. The recommended skirt length for the apple figure is slightly above or below the knee, but there are no particular restrictions.


In the cold season, the figure of an apple can turn into a ball or become two sizes slimmer. It all depends on how you dress. To combine warmth and elegance will help:

  • jackets- in the style of Chanel, long single-breasted, men's blazers;

  • raincoats- A-silhouette, straight trench coat without a belt and collar;

  • jackets- any shortened models that exactly match the size;

  • coat- straight, double-breasted jacket, balloon, oversize ;

  • fur coats- from fur with short pile, straight, autolady.

Large buttons, belts, voluminous hoods are undesirable in outerwear. Trapezoidal and straight cut, jacket collar or open neck are preferred.


One-piece swimsuit - the optimal cut for the apple figure. From several options, choose the one that has the most advantages. These are:

  • wide shoulder straps or ties on the neck;
  • V-neck or square cut;
  • non-gloss fabric, one-color, with a small pattern;
  • side contrasting inserts;
  • bright longitudinal stripes in the central part.

Avoid light colors, colorful patterns, horizontal stripes. Leotard dresses and tankinis can be a real salvation for overweight ladies. It is better to complement separate models with a pareo, a beach dress, a wide-brimmed hat, which will distract some of the attention.

Take it off immediately

What to wear sorted out, now about what needs to be thrown out of the wardrobe once and for all or used with caution.

The lion's share of attractiveness is taken away by:

  • true representatives of the type - any belts, for vases - narrow belts;
  • ladies with short necks - voluminous and tightly buttoned collars;
  • clothing is not fit - too tight or tight;
  • transparent and rough textured fabrics;
  • large floral and geometric prints;
  • dresses are detachable and absolutely straight;
  • puffy sleeves and flounces;
  • Deep rounded neckline.

Mini skirts and low-waisted trousers are only suitable for skinny apples and girls with long legs. It is undesirable for full ladies to wear cropped jackets. The sheath dress should not be too tight.

The right shoes, stylish accessories

It is advisable for the apple type to stand on the heel. Ideally, this is a hairpin, but not necessary. Visually stretch the figure and a small glass of 3-4 cm. Do not get carried away by massive heels and platforms. If you want stability - choose a wedge. Flat shoes - for summer and slim girls.

The bag should not be bulky or even tiny. It is better to give preference to the medium size geometric shape and wear it on a long belt. It is great if the bag is in harmony, but does not match in color with the shoes.

Bright accessories - large brooches, chains in several rows, original earrings - will help draw attention to the neckline. Scarves, stoles, shawls only for a long neck, and not tightly wound, but hanging freely.

Troubled waist will not be conspicuous if the belt is worn slightly higher or at the hips. Bright, shiny, narrow, too wide belts and massive buckles - not comme il faut. The best choice would be the golden mean.

Color and texture

Much depends on the type of fabric. She can create additional volume, regardless of the style, or gracefully stretch the silhouette. Rough, textured, transparent, elastic materials are taboo. Your element is soft, well draped, smooth fabrics:

  • thin linen;
  • cotton;
  • knitwear;
  • wool crepe;
  • silk.

When choosing a color, give preference to dark tones (brown, blue, deep green, burgundy, deep purple, black) and give up pastel shades. Avoid contrasting top and bottom combinations.

Large and small prints fill up. In extreme cases, they can be located above and below the problem area. On the O-silhouette figure, peas, a narrow longitudinal stripe, an oblique cage, contrasting vertical lines, an asymmetric combination of colors look good.

Slim every day

It is advisable for appetizing apples not to be led by nature, but to maintain weight in a relative norm all the time. Not much effort is required:

  • fractional meals 4-5 times a day;
  • less flour and sweet;
  • more fiber, fish, lean meat;
  • mandatory - fermented milk products;
  • undesirable - salty cheeses, spices;
  • you can drink - green and ginger tea, coffee without sugar;
  • not allowed - carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

There is a desire to play sports - great. It will be difficult to get rid of the belly, but a strong muscle corset will make it fit and less noticeable. Advice for passive ladies is to get carried away with the popular Scandinavian walking. Promotes weight loss and does not strain the body too much.

Star apples

So, the accents are set, the direction is set. If your head is still confused, borrow images for the type of apple from the stars. They do an excellent job with this task:

  • Britney Spears;
  • Drew Barrymore;
  • Keith Winslet;
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones;
  • Jennifer Hudson;
  • Jessica Simpson;
  • Angelina Jolie;
  • Oprah Winfrey.

Beauty requires no victims, but love for your body. Get your own style and be the most charming, elegant, feminine.