Babylights staining - technique, before and after photos

The modern world of fashion is increasingly moving towards natural beauty. New technologies make it possible to change the image beyond recognition, but at the same time preserve the natural beauty of a woman. Especially the natural style is relevant for the hairdressing art.

Modern women of fashion are increasingly giving preference to natural shades of hair, leaving shocking colors for young people and for special events. The most appropriate technique for women today is the babylights staining technique.

In this article:

Babylights: concept, a fundamental difference from other types of staining

Babelights was born thanks to Jack Howard, a renowned colorist. The name speaks for itself. Everyone remembers how children burn out? Literally a few strands around the face and at the ends. This burnout looks incredibly cute, light, fresh and natural. If the hair is long, then very beautiful play of color appears in the braids when braiding.

Babylights allows you to maintain the health of your hair, since the impact on it is minimal. This is a very gentle procedure. In this regard, the new technique is actively used in many salons and stubbornly displaces other, similar staining methods.

Fundamental differences from other techniques

Outwardly, these techniques differ little from each other, and only a specialist can understand them offhand. But, nevertheless, there is still a difference, and in order to understand the essence of the issue, it is necessary to briefly get acquainted with each of them.

  • Ombre

Ombre is immediately visible. The transition from one tone to another has clear boundaries. Such half-heartedness of coloring suggests that the hand of the master did not touch the head and allows you to hide the prescription of a visit to the hairdresser. Actually, those beauties who want to return the natural tone after lightening, especially if the difference is palpable, can proudly say that they have ombre, and not terribly regrown roots.

  • Balayazh

Balayazh uses two tones... This allows for a smoother transition between colors, since the strands are not insulated with foil or thermal paper. In this case, the paint is applied from the middle of the strand and in the form of the Latin letter V. The first tone is selected as close as possible to the roots, and a lighter one is applied to the tips. This is a pretty smooth transition. But in general, the palette can be absolutely any: both natural and shocking.

  • California highlights

Highlights strands occur along the entire length using the paint stretch method. It turns out a kind of gradient. The point is to maximize the color at the tips. And at the base it is minimally pronounced. The palette is absolutely any. And professionals are able to combine up to 6 different shades and make an incredibly smooth transition from emerald to crimson.

  • Reservation

This technique is for very patient ladies. Booking can be compared to a tattoo, as it lasts for several days and is carried out in several stages. The result is an incredibly smooth transition from darker to lightest.


The trick is that the master applies paint in wide strokes. A kind of freedom of movement: wide, sweeping. The emphasis is on individual, small strands. The lightest shade of paint is applied to them. The strands are insulated with cellophane film. This allows you to achieve the smoothest possible color transition. Particular attention is paid to the framing of the face: these are the temporal and parietal strands, as well as the tips along the entire edge of the cover. Only a third of the total volume of the hairstyle is dyed. It is not without reason that babylights are called "the kiss of the sun", it is necessary to achieve the effect of burnout, and not highlighting as such.

For the procedure, the master performs the following manipulations:

  • Diagnostics of the condition of the hairline. This is a standard stage, since any lightening is quite aggressive. Incorrectly selected paint can not only damage the hair, but also deprive it.
  • Selects the strands, the rest are fixed so as not to interfere with the work.
  • The paint is applied widely, without trying to achieve the accuracy of the application, and the strand is wrapped in cellophane film.
  • The retention time of the dye depends on its type, on the condition and structure of the hair. Then the paint is washed off.

Toning when dyeing babylights is not carried out, since it is necessary to achieve naturally burnt-out strands.

All pros and cons

Jack Howard's invention is the most gentle coloration. He has solid pluses:

  • It is performed only on natural color, therefore, does not require additional exposure to the hair.
  • The minimum number of strands is dyed. The remaining cover remains intact and, if necessary, the "native" color can be easily restored.
  • No need to tint the roots, as their natural color is preserved.
  • Possibility of a one-time visit to the salon without the need to correct the procedure.
  • Possibility of self-administration of the procedure. A great idea for a bachelorette party, since the technique itself, although it is simple to carry out, takes a lot of time, so the fun-loving girlfriends will have something to do.

The only drawback is the length of the process. In this, the technique can be compared to booking. Blondes will manage in a few hours, but brown-haired women will have to visit the salon more than once.

Whom does the sun kiss?

Babylights suits absolutely everyone: blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes. This technique has no age limit. Even young beauties, with the permission of their parents, of course, can create beauty.

The length of the curls does not matter. A new type of highlighting is done to any length, except for a very short one, although even there a skilled craftsman can “splash the sun”.

A gift for brunettes and brown-haired women

For brunettes and brown-haired women, the choice of palette is not very large. A palette of ash, gray with access to white strands, for brunettes, and chocolate-caramel for brown-haired women. But the result is stunning: the aggressive black color no longer adds a few extra years. Quite the opposite: the years disappear, and the appearance becomes brighter and more mischievous.

Brown-haired caramel strands are incredibly refreshing... And if you add honey shades, then the effect of golden flashes in the strands will appear.

Joy for blondes

Blondes, as always, are ahead of the rest. All they need is to decide on their skin light type. For them, the choice of palette is incredibly wide: all shades of blond, from ash to platinum and gold. What the soul desires is done.

Surprise for fair-haired

At last fair-haired can breathe a sigh of relief. The eternal dullness of the light brown shade infuriated more than one beauty. Moreover, the whole problem lies in the fact that light brown hair is very difficult to dye correctly: either it loses its color, then it becomes "canary-chicken", then it seems that the hostess works in a brick factory and the dust has simply eaten into the hair. In general, this is a real lifebuoy for fair-haired people. Due to the minimal lightening, the light brown color not only ceases to be dull, it begins to play with new colors, and only emphasizes the play of the sun in the curls.

The sun is for redheads

Redheads are children of the sun, and such a technique for them is a kind of sunny “hello”. Honey and wheat shades: this is what will further emphasize the already bright girls. "Ryzhiks" burn out very beautifully by themselves, and the hand of the master can remind you of hot summer and winter, creating a unique effect of "sun kiss".

How to care?

Care after such staining is simple to disgrace. Hygiene of the head, the use of shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. It is possible to use chamomile decoctions, masks with egg yolk, yeast baths. In general, whatever the lady wants, let her do, because her hair has remained natural, and there is no need to puzzle over their recovery.

Contraindications to coloring

There are practically no contraindications to coloring, there is a requirement: the hair must be natural. Therefore, if you want to make babylights, you will have to wait for the native shade or apply a wash. Otherwise, the effect will not be achieved. In all other cases, it is better to resort to other techniques that will create an imitation of burnout. Well, a standard set for recovery is known to any woman of fashion: masks, baths, wraps with the use of therapeutic and prophylactic means, which can be recommended by the masters in the salon.

How long does the babylights last?

Amazing surprise: babylights last forever! The whole point of coloring is natural. This gives a permanent effect. The procedure can be carried out once a year and you can enjoy the sun in your hair for 365 days. The only thing that makes you repeat the procedure more often is a short haircut. Highlighting is simply cut as the hairstyle grows. Long-haired young ladies do not have to worry for a very long time.

The price of the issue

The pricing policy of coloring using this technology varies depending on the region. But on average, you can easily keep within about 2000 - 5000. It all depends on the qualifications of the master, on the elite of the salon, on the amount of material and the length of the curls. And those who are not afraid of experiments and are ready to transform under the hands of a friend will spend money only on paint and sweets for the evening.

Photo-bank of ideas

To understand whether to paint babylights or not, you can look at your childhood photos. Remember the kids running in the yard, look at the flock of teenage girls. Here's someone with the sun tangled in their hair. Well, in order to be able to assess the effect of the work of professionals, you need to look at the photos and watch the video dedicated to the invention of Jack Howard.


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