Batwing Sleeve Sweatshirt - Fashion Silhouette 2021/2022

A batwing jacket is a jacket with one-piece sleeves, such a sleeve is cut at right angles, without a shoulder seam and with a wide armhole, the sleeve tapers towards the end. This creates a silhouette that truly resembles a bat with its wings spread out.

This cut is one of the most ancient, it was used in national costumes of different countries. For example, this is how the Mongolian "del", the Armenian national costume, etc. are cut. The Japanese kimono has a similar cut.

For the first time, the cut of the bat sweatshirt came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century, on the wave of enthusiasm for the modern style and the East. The second time he returned in the 50s, then these were silk dresses with a very low armhole (the pattern was almost a rectangle), complemented by wide belts and turbans. It looked extravagant and impressive, so much so that Hollywood divas immortalized these dresses on the silver screen.

The next phenomenon of the "bat" is the 80s, the models have become more modest, the cut is more accurate. Everyday dresses and sweaters with such sleeves can be worn even to work. And in the 90s, the "bat" flew to the crest of fashion. Youth, or maxi-sweaters or mini-dresses (reminiscent of robes) were worn with leggings or, simply, with tights and, of course, with high heels. Mind you, this is not just an excursion into history, replicas of all these retro styles are very fashionable again.

blouses and shirts, short dresses, casual and evening. Fabrics use thin, well draped, often elastic. The bat cut is also suitable for knitted jackets, pullovers and coats. Sweatshirts with bat sleeves at the bottom can be gathered with an elastic band or a placket. Neckline, especially suitable for such a cut, wide boat. As a rule, these are free things that do not restrict movement.

Pattern of a sweater with a bat sleeve

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Sometimes ponchos and capes are cut like this, adding cuffs (The pattern of such things may look like a circle or a square with a hole for a neckline in the middle).

This cut is often used for knitted jackets and folk style jumpers. Folk blouses are also cut like this.

What can you combine a bat jacket with?


With short sweaters, you can wear wide skirts (typical for folk style), tight skirts of any length and all kinds of trousers. With long sweaters of this cut, wear shorts, tight denim skirts, leggings or skinny skinny jeans. Long sweaters of this silhouette can also be worn as a mini-dress (tribute to the 90s) with high-heeled shoes. A short pleated skirt goes well with a sporty blouson.

Long sweatshirts of this cut completely hide all the flaws in the figure (true, and the dignity too), but, at the same time, transfer the emphasis to the legs. So this option is only suitable for leggy girls. In addition, these sweaters are ideal for those with a U-shaped figure. But with a short stature, it is better to wear a batwing blouse up to the waist or mid-thighs, in combination with shorts or a short skirt.