Beautiful chiffon dresses 2021-2022, short and long models

There is probably no more feminine and romantic outfit than a chiffon dress. This delicate silk fabric drapes beautifully and softly fits the figure, flutters like the wings of a butterfly and falls like a frozen wave, turning any woman into Aphrodite, emerging from sea foam...

For the first time, clothes made of thin, translucent, straight weave fabric began to be worn in the palaces of Ancient Egypt (by the way, there they made pleating on this fabric ). And later, such fabric was highly valued and was available only to nobles and royalty. With the invention of industrial production of fabric, chiffon outfits began to be worn more often. And with the advent of artificial material, such clothing has already become available to the wide masses. Note that synthetic chiffon is much more practical than natural, it does not wrinkle and does not lose color. Thanks to this, such dresses can be worn not only as smart dresses, but also as everyday ones. Many fashion designers successfully demonstrate similar models for every day.

In mono season 2021/2022, such dresses will be extremely popular, without them it is impossible to imagine summer collections of recent seasons. Chiffon and silk outfits have strongly pressed cotton and linen on the catwalks. They can be flying and tight-fitting, draped or with frills, pleated or crimped.

With what to wear dresses from chiffon in 2021/2022?

Modern chiffon dresses have become more modest, less open and transparent. There are cute dresses with all the attributes of retro style (mega trend of modern fashion); midi length, false collars and short sleeves, watercolor floral prints and polka dots.

They wear shoes or sandals with socks and a wide leather belt or harness. Long sundresses and sleeveless models, draped models in antique style are no less relevant, such cuts effectively demonstrate the plasticity and lightness of the fabric.

Fashionable novelties; dresses in delicate colors of ice cream, as well as new trendy colors, yellow, turquoise and nude. More new items; maxi dresses with large floral prints and chiffon dresses with a shawl pattern.

Chiffon dresses can be loose or with a fitted bodice, with or without long sleeves. They can be combined, for example, a top made of thick fabric or jersey with a chiffon skirt. Plus, chiffon goes well with lace and fabric with sequins and sequins.

A combination of brocade and velvet with chiffon is suitable for an evening look. Artificial chiffon retains pleating and corrugation well, while natural chiffon has a good crush effect (wrinkled effect). Models of dresses with multilayer ruffles and flounces are sewn from chiffon, models with a wrap are also relevant.

Casual chiffon dresses are usually made with a cover or a small underwear dress with silk straps. More daring women of fashion can wear a bra to match and a lower skirt under such an outfit (by the way, synthetic chiffon is quite electrified, unlike natural). Chiffon models are also often made multi-layered, with a bottom layer of solid chiffon, such dresses are almost never translucent. Thin, lightweight fabric is very good for a hot summer, especially if a loose outfit is sewn from it.

Traditionally, these dresses are worn with fine shoes and fine jewelry and jewelry in a vintage style... With classic jackets and bags, with thin or openwork knitwear (silky or fluffy), and also, for a chic appearance, with furs.

But, besides this, mixing styles and contrasting combinations are in vogue today. Now chiffon dresses can be worn with chunky knitwear, denim items and ethnic accessories. An extravagant and trendy look will turn out if you put on leather, ankle boots or grinders, pick up accessories and jewelry in the style of rock.

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