Beautiful hairstyles for graduation 2022 in kindergarten - 60 photo ideas

At the end of spring, at a time when everything is blooming and smelling, many groups of children's institutions come to such a wonderful holiday as a graduation party. On this day, every little girl wants to turn into a Cinderella. A beautiful ball gown, high-heeled shoes, a handbag, and of course a beautiful hairstyle, which you simply cannot do without.

This is where the vanity begins. After all, every mother wants her child to cause delight and admiration. If there are no problems with the choice of an outfit in our time, even if you rent it, then with a haircut, the situation is more complicated. Which hairstyle to choose? Make it in the salon or try it yourself? How to hook? How to make sure you don't get disheveled?

In fact, styling your hair yourself is not so difficult, you need to have a little patience and have everything you need close at hand. Let's move on to styling options and recommendations for choosing a hairstyle.

In this article:

  1. Choosing a hairstyle for a child;
  2. Long hair;
  3. Braids and braids for medium hair;
  4. Short hair.

Choosing a hairstyle for a child

Be sure to take into account the length and structure of the hair, the shape of the face, the choice of accessories. Lush short hair and curls are suitable for girls with a triangular face shape. High styling and curls will make chubby beauties charming. Slick and sleek styling will not look on babies with a wide and rectangular face type.

You should not braid your braids on thin hair, they will pull at the roots. Half-open styling is suitable for soft and wavy hair. For voluminous, braids work well. Well, if the forehead is high, then the bangs will look great.

A girl's hairstyle should be simple, light, with fewer accessories, so that she feels comfortable, can have fun and dance.

Long hair

It is especially easy to come up with a hairstyle when the little one has long hair. You can do everything with them: wind up, collect a beautiful “dulk”, braid, stab into a malvinka.

A small baby face will become attractive, if you wind up large curls. It is not advisable to use a curling iron for children's hair. You can use hot rollers, wind them on pieces of paper, braid small pigtails or flagella overnight, on damp hair. And before the holiday, dissolve and lay with the help of special means, give the final look using beautiful accessories.

Combine different options. For example, braid with two sides of the braid, connect them at the back of the head and pin a beautiful piece of jewelry that matches the outfit.

Braids and braids

Braids have long been considered the most feminine hairstyle. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of braids and weaves that fit any style and image. There are a lot of types of weaving: a waterfall, a fish tail, a French braid, a spikelet, a wreath, a tail, weaving from 2, 5, 7 and even 12 strands of strands.

The presence of long hair will allow the use of complex weaving, which will not leave indifferent any observer.

Braids with ribbons are suitable for short hair, which will make the hairstyle more fabulous.

The French braid is very popular. It weaves both forward and backward and looks great with rhinestones, a crown, and various embellishments.

Choose from a variety of braids, braids and combinations.

Short hair

It is much more difficult to make a hairstyle at the prom in kindergarten from short hair, but a beautiful styling has not yet been canceled. If the hair is up to the shoulders, you can collect a beautiful bun, small elegant ponytails, curl curls.

Two spikelets, braided from the temples and connected at the back of the head with clips and rubber bands, will look neat.

You can experiment with the parting, and cute accessories like headbands and ribbons add style to your outfit. A braid in the form of a rim will look great.

Small, loose curly women, will make the image of the baby mischievous and reckless.