Boho and Boho-chic style in clothes for women. Trends in bright photos

The boho style originated in the distant 18th century, when post-revolutionary France was flooded with gypsies and wandering artists - Bohemiens, who came from the Czech province of Bohemia. The nomadic way of life of these people could not affect their appearance. On the shoulders of creative people, expensive luxurious things often coexisted with worn or inherited from someone else, colorful multi-layer skirts and dresses with handmade jewelry.

Later, not only all artists, writers, actors, musicians and singers began to be called bohemia, but the combination of glitz and poverty that he loved became a separate trend in fashion. A new breath of modern feminine boho style and great popularity among fashionistas was given by Kate Moss, who prefers to combine ethnic outfits with sportswear. This trend was followed by fashion houses and couturiers.


Clothing characteristics and fashion ramifications

Because boho is not just a style of clothing, and to a greater extent the philosophy of life, at the moment there are several directions in it. Each of them carries a certain message to the world: “I care about nature,” “I am a free cosmopolitan,” “I am a creator who is alien to frames,” and others. This imposes certain restrictions on the use of certain materials and styles.

Despite their various ramifications, boho bows share the following common features in women's clothing:

  1. Layering,when, as they say, "Friday is visible from under Saturday". So, in boho it can be not only "Friday", but also all the other days of the week, because a vest is put on over a blouse or top, on which a shawl is put on or a scarf is tied. Dresses and skirts are often layered or have a lot of ruffles.
  2. Texture.All the materials from which the outfits are sewn have their own character, which manifests itself not only in the colors, but also in the texture of the fabrics. It can be pile, roughness or abrasion, knitting or lace weaving pattern, header and fringe. Moreover, these textures are mixed in the most unimaginable way.
  3. Drapery.The cut of things is simple and free. Here you will not find corsets or braces that clearly depict every bend of the figure. All contours are blurred and hidden behind the drapery, an abundance of folds, flounces, ruffles. The skill of the seamstress comes to the fore, not the beauty of the fabric.
  4. The use of lace and various weaves.Intertwining threads that create bizarre patterns are present everywhere: in lace on dresses and suits, in strings on shoes that braid the legs, in various bracelets, baubles and other accessories.
  5. Handmade.It was only possible to fit a suit from someone else's shoulder and make it unique with the help of small hand-made details. The desire to make your image through handicraft is still inherent in boho, so you can often find jewelry, accessories and handmade things on women of fashion.

There are several closely related directions with the boho prefix:

  • Boho classic

only high quality fabrics and materials. Thus, apparent "poverty" is not cheap, and "negligence" is scrupulously worked out to the smallest detail.

  • Glamor or chic (boho glamor)

It is characterized by an abundance of fur and the use of silk, chiffon, satin, satin and other light fabrics.

  • Hippie (boho hippie)

For “children of flowers”, adherents of the hippie subculture, a riot of colors and colors, a mixture of various national motives and traditional clothes different nations.

  • Boho grunge

These are artificially worn and aged things, instead of bright prints - provocative inscriptions and dark colors, everything that can be opposed to the concept of success, luxury and demonstration of wealth.

  • Eco (eco boho)

It is permissible for him to use materials whose production does not harm nature, therefore fur and leather are not allowed in outfits.

The general feature of clothes in this style is comfort for the body and soul, which is achieved by unity with nature, close connection with their roots and reverence for the traditions and lifestyles of their ancestors.

How to put together a wardrobe in a bohemian style

Most suitable things can be found in the wardrobe of every fashionista, since boho is not about things as such, but about their combination and details. So, a basic wardrobe can consist of only 10 things:

  1. A loose tunic or blouse. It can be plain or colored, with lace, ruffle or embroidery. There are no restrictions on the decor elements or fabrics used.
  2. Floor-length skirt. Bright prints, layering and ruffles are welcome. To create a complete look with her, a T-shirt with a pattern and a vest will be enough.
  3. Bright dress. For this item of clothing, Dean is not of fundamental importance, his print is much more important. Bright floral or ethnic motifs are encouraged.
  4. Vest. This wardrobe item can be made of jeans, corduroy, suede, leather. The latter option can be replaced with artificial leather for adherents of eco-direction.
  5. Flared jeans with fringes. It is thanks to the new wave of popularity of this style that this style of trousers returned to fashion in 2021.
  6. Knitted jacket or cardigan. Since texture is important for materials, things with a beautiful, almost openwork knitting are suitable.
  7. High waisted short shorts. It can be the usual faded denim shorts or a model made of high-quality fabric in a classic style.
  8. Bulky scarf or stole. It should also be bright, ideally decorated with fringe.
  9. Solid cloak or robe. In the summer, you can most often see boho outfits on women, but in cold weather you can wear them simply by wearing a cloak over the top.
  10. Fur coat or fur vest. Adherents of the eco-trend can afford bright things made of faux fur, and in the direction of chic, natural fur is acceptable.

We should also say a few words about shoes. Initially, all shoes that fit this style were flat soles. Over time, with the emergence of various currents, a small, stable heel became acceptable. It can be gladiator sandals, slates, ballet flats with notched cutouts, closed shoes, felt boots or ordinary boots with small heels, but first of all, any pair should be comfortable.

Topical accessories to complete a fashion look

Bohemian individualism achieved through jewelry and accessories: handbags, hats, glasses, shawls and scarves. A holistic look can only be created with vintage or handmade jewelry, which women of fashion hunt for at flea markets and craftsmen fairs. Often such works combine symbols of different religions or are decorated with pagan ornaments.

Bags are also most often used by hand: knitted, woven, decorated with embroidery or applique, fringed. This accessory is usually quite roomy and does not bind hands with the need to hold it by the handles (backpack, shoulder bag, belt bag ).

various hats: bandanas, headbands, wide-brimmed straw hats and felt fedoras. It is worth paying attention to hats made from national costumes, for example, a sombrero or a bright jazzed beanie in the reggae style. As for glasses, large round frames fit perfectly into the boho style.

Bohemian makeup and hairstyles

Traditional makeup for this style is not needed. The maximum can be made to highlight the eyes with the help of jet black shadows or arrows in the form of dots on the lower eyelid. There should be a minimum of cosmetics on the face, body painting and original drawings on the face and body that imitate tattoos come to the fore. So, with the help of henna, various inscriptions in Arabic, Chinese, astrological or zodiacal symbols, images of totem animals are applied to the body.

A versatile bohemian look - curls freely falling on the shoulders, which can be slightly curled on large curlers. A little exotic can be made with pigtails, like hippies, dreadlocks and jewelry made of leather, beads, feathers and natural stones.

Who will feel harmoniously in a boho outfit

This style is suitable for women of any age, besides, it is very young, you just have to look at how Meryl looked Streep at the age of 59 in the musical "Mamma Mia!" In everyday life, not only representatives of creative professions can dress in boho outfits, but also those who are constrained by a strict dress code. In this case, you can relax and show your individuality on vacation or on a weekend.

If we talk about body types, then for each girl you can create a boho style outfit that will hide flaws and emphasize advantages:

  1. The hourglass is a universally recognized standard, therefore, for girls with such a silhouette, it is only important to maintain a balance between top and bottom, abandoning high-waisted styles.
  2. Rectangle - girls with such a figure should definitely focus on the waist with a beautiful strap.
  3. Inverted triangle - women with this silhouette do not need to overload voluminous shoulders, it is better to shift attention to the hips, wearing a fluffy layered skirt.
  4. Pear - the recommendations for her will be the opposite, in the wardrobe must be blouses with puffy sleeves-lanterns, flounces and frills.
  5. Apple - the layering of boho will blur the contours and hide the flaws of this figure, and the decorations will focus on the winning zones.

Despite the versatility of style, you need to be able to combine things that are practically incompatible at first glance, in order to look not tasteless, but stylish.

Photos with examples of fashionable images

bohemian bows, just look at the photo of what celebrities are wearing at informal events or in everyday life. After all, not surprisingly, most of the famous creative personalities such as Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dakota Johnson, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, the Olsen sisters and others love the boho style. Just do not repeat their images in exact accordance, so as not to conflict with the main bohemian philosophy, for which individuality is important first of all.