Boho hairstyles - natural or casual?

Boho style implies naturalness and, when it comes to hairstyles, natural tones and long hair are assumed. You can create a simple new-fangled styling in a few minutes. Boho hairstyles are a great option if you're in a hurry. Many famous Hollywood divas have come to love this style for its beauty combined with simplicity.

This anti-glamor style compliments naturalness. A lady who preferred boho feels comfortable and free, of course, because in her wardrobe there are clothes made from natural fabrics of a free cut. In the mornings, it takes only a few minutes to create a hairstyle, the style does not imply lush bouffants and generous "watering" with styling products. Makeup excludes color aggression. Comfortable flat-soled shoes are a priority. If you choose the right combinations in clothes, you will be able to create a surprisingly delicate, clean and feminine image.

Basic hairstyles

Styles in boho style look best on long curls. Basic variations:

  • long straight hair;
  • light waves;
  • braids;
  • tails;
  • harnesses.

Braids are a trendy and versatile hairstyle that can be done in many different ways. If you have a strict dress code, just braid all the curls in a braid, it can be laid out in a wreath around your head. Variations of French weaving and the so-called "fish tail" look interesting.

Another way is when only part of the hair is braided into a braid, and the rest curls a little or remains straight. If the strands around your face irritate you, braid a nice little braid around your forehead, leaving the rest of the curls loose.

For a festive hairstyle, curl your hair slightly. You can achieve the effect of light waves without using curlers. Blot the washed hair with a towel, dry it slightly and, having smeared your palms with a styling agent, remember that they will acquire a more magnificent shape and relief.

Hairstyles with headbands and multi-colored headbands look great, they can be chosen to match the outfit and not waste time styling. You just need to wash your hair, dry it and pick it up with a bandage or headband.

If you are a fan of the Boho style, you will love airtach painting or bronzing. It is these techniques that give the hair a sun shine and a slight carelessness that will become the highlight of the image.

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Hairstyles for hair of different lengths

If you are the owner of long curls, then you are very lucky and the boho style will look their best. Variations of styling sea: fashionable loose braids, ponytails, light curls. Experiment with accessories. The headband will help to highlight the perfect features of the face, and the headband will brighten the image.

To style medium to short hair in style, remember it a bit by treating it with a styling product as described above. Also, multi-colored headbands, ribbons and hairpins will come to your aid.

Hair accessories and decorative items

Jewelry for curls can be purchased at the store or made yourself. For bandages, use narrow scarves or strips of fabric processed on a sewing machine that match the colors of the outfit.

Other spectacular hair jewelry - beads and chains that are easily attached to invisible ones. A variety of wreaths look stylish and unusual.

Many hand-made adherents make jewelry themselves, additionally decorating standard headbands and invisibility, glue small stars, flowers, lace, etc.... Whatever hairpins you use, they should organically fit into the overall image.