Bright life in Swag style! How to dress a girl in this style?

Hip-hop culture became the parent of Swag. Many do not recognize Swag as a separate fashion style, considering it a cocktail of sport chik and casual. But the further, the more fully the style is formed. And from the image of "luxury and show-off" the ultra-fashionable Swag was formed. Brightness, brilliance and richness - these are the words that can describe it. And the Swag style itself is a creation of life.

Swag as a philosophy of life

This direction is followed by most of the world's stars, observing the rules of this style. Popular rappers and hip-hop artists use Swag not only as an image, they live in Swag style. The good thing about this style is that it makes it possible for both girls and guys to look bright. At the same time, both clothes and shoes are as comfortable as possible. Today Swag is both a subculture and a direction in life, with its own music, clothes.

Attributes and clothing Swag

Accessories are an integral part style. And in Swag, the more, the better. These can be:

  • points ;
  • caps and hats;
  • bracelets, wallets, wallets;
  • belts, with large buckles, rhinestones;
  • bags, small backpacks ;
  • gadgets;
  • hours;
  • large gold chains, rings and pendants, pendants.

Clothes are always bright, acid colors with different prints. Prints, large inscriptions, slogans - catchy, drawing the eye away. And the "Swag" print is the main feature on the clothes. On girls, interestingly, such clothes, although they look provocative, are nevertheless feminine. Clothes and footwear must be branded.

The basis of a Swag wardrobe should be:

  • hoodies and denim jackets;
  • spacious sweaters and shirts;
  • black shorts and top;
  • sportswear;
  • T-shirts with catchy slogans;
  • straight long dress made of linen or jersey;
  • sweatshirt.

The hallmark of the style is bomber jackets.

Motorcycle jackets produced by leading brands are no less popular in Swag. Shoes in Swag - sneakers, sneakers and trainers. Or rough tractor-soled boots. Rivets, rhinestones, prints, fake locks are welcome on top of the shoes.


But the make-up either sits down or does not exist at all. And if there is, then this is a bright, spectacular, catchy make-up. With clear eyebrows, precise lip pattern, thick and long eyelashes on tanned skin.

Swag hairstyles are also a provocation

Here and hair color : blue, white, pink, green, red, purple. Haircuts - asymmetrical, shaved whiskey, shaved geometric shapes, long hair gathered at the temples in African braids. The manicure for girls dressing in Swag style is bright. Rich colors of nail polish, patterns, sparkling sparkles. Recently, stylists have been focusing on monochromatic Swag-style manicure. And neon varnish acts as a trick of such a manicure.

In order to be in Swag style, which sometimes even a few basic elements are enough to complete a fashionable image, it is not enough branded items of certain brands. It is necessary to correspond to the image, it is necessary to live in this style. After all, Swag is, first of all, for bright, original and outstanding personalities.