Cardigan Lalo, chinchilla, Chinese spikelet - 100 stylish looks!

For more than 5 years, fashionistas have been haunted by the Lalo cardigan made of natural wool and its version “chinchilla”. A bright, comfortable wardrobe element gives warmth and coziness to its owner in dull weather, a spring mood - to others. The homeland of this original model is sunny and colorful Georgia. It was there that in 2013 the sisters-designers of Dolidze proposed a new fashionable "reading" of the classic version of outerwear. Find out what to wear and combine with this trendy piece of clothing.

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Fashionable gift from Georgia

Extra-voluminous thick braids wool, reminiscent of eights, grand color transitions - these are the characteristic features of the Lalo model. They create their famous 3D effect, which they diligently knit with knitting needles according to the instructions of the needlewoman. When creating a collar, fewer threads are used, the lower part of the garment is fixed with a knitted elastic band. This wardrobe item is chosen by bright, confident girls all over the world.

The original version also has a modified version. This is a product knitted in the form of a honeycomb. These models look beautiful in a solid or gradient version. The pattern looks more textured on light yarns.

Despite the visual volume, the stylish cardigan fits well. It can be worn by girls and women of any body size. A bright knitted model of medium length looks beautiful on tall and thin women of fashion, calm tones - on plump ladies.

This modern cut is said to be youthful. It is mainly worn by young ladies, which is associated with dynamics and energy. Also, a boring palette refreshes the owner of the thing and makes others happy.

Chinchilla or Chinese spikelet is another version of Lalo's cardigan. Its characteristic difference is the pattern in the form of symmetrical volumetric patches. The type of product is associated with the skin of animals, as it conveys the silky and fluffy texture of the fur. The iridescent effect is enhanced by the gradient.

Models from the "Chinchilla" line are most often made in an elongated straight cut. The chunky knit creates an oversized effect.

These analogs of demi-season jackets and autumn coats can be:

  • short... The laconic cut is suitable for everyday life. The model replaces the formal jacket and jacket;
  • long. The bright coat alternative is knee-length, mid-calf, or ankle-length. Lalo outerwear is the basis for a classic bow for women of all ages and sizes.
  • with a hood. This is a practical solution with a head accessory. The hood can be loose or concise.

Cardigan Lalo or chinchilla can be combined with various wardrobe items, creating on the basis of one thing dozens of looks for the spring of 2020.

They work equally well with them:

  • straight jeans or skinny jeans, classic trousers, leggings, leggings;
  • shirt, plain turtleneck or T-shirt;
  • ​​
  • sheath dresses or loose fit models;
  • long and short skirts.

Consider the experiments with bows, which will be relevant in the coming spring.

Feminine romantic image

Outerwear will emphasize sophistication and charm when complemented by a plain pastel dress, a short skirt or light trousers and a lace top. High-heeled shoes, boots, beautiful accessories add chic.

Dressy look

Do you still doubt the versatility of the Lalo cardigan? Look at the luxurious bridal outfit, in which this fashionable wardrobe element plays not the last violin. Bulky braid, boiling white yarn, weightless texture - echo the style of a wedding dress.

A long festive cardigan will not gather dust in the closet for a long time after the ceremony. He may very soon become part of the outfit for any other celebration. Put on an elegant jumpsuit or dress with bare shoulders and throw on top of the snow-white model. See how it looks in the photo.

Business style

More and more business women choose a knitted cardigan for the spring. Gradient allows you to create new looks every day by combining patterns and colors.

In the office, complete with a Lalo cardigan, you can wear:

  • plain sheath dress;
  • classic blouse, trousers, skirt.

Ankle boots or high-heeled shoes, a matching bag will convince colleagues and partners of your impeccable taste.

Casual relaxed image

Lalo's universal model is relevant in everyday life. When going for a walk after work, throw on a colored jumpsuit or pantsuit in casual style oversized knitted cardigan. If it's warm and sunny outside, short shorts are a great alternative to trousers. Low-speed boots will allow you to walk around the city without feeling tired. In cold weather, stylish boots, high boots with fur, insulated ankle boots are not forbidden .

Daring style

Bold and extravagant girls find original combinations of Lalo with ultra-fashionable youth things.

Collaborations with skinny jeans, shorts, mini-skirts, leather leggings and knitwear look interesting and fresh. These sets will decorate the wardrobe of graceful women of fashion. Elements of a daring style can also be sneakers, ankle boots, Cossack boots.

When creating ready-made images, there is one "but". Despite the versatility and adaptability of the model, it is difficult to find accessories for it. Hats, berets, voluminous scarves overload the bow. Only bags, shoes and jewelry are the faithful companions of the Lalo cardigan on a fashionable autumn journey. For example, for a romantic bow, a clutch or a small bag to match is suitable, for a sport chic style - a backpack.

If your wardrobe does not yet have a Lalo or chinchilla cardigan, there is time to fix the situation. With one ultra-fashionable item, you get the foundation for dozens of new looks, from business to romantic. We wish you a bright and warm autumn!

Photo Sources: @_woollywoo_ @shining_boutique_accesories