Coat-Robe - what to wear with this comfortable thing in the season 2021-2022?

A robe coat is an interesting thing that periodically finds its way into the wardrobe of secular ladies and on fashion catwalks. The interest is due to the fact that the name includes two words completely different in meaning, seemingly incompatible.

The robe, as a homely unassuming thing of the wardrobe and coat - outerwear, accessible to the public. Their combination into one clothes immediately raises the thing into the section of the original, attracting attention and new, therefore, fashionable.

In this article:

A little history and features of the coat

The history of the coat-coat from the beginning cannot be traced. A robe came to Russia from the Ancient East, presumably from Turkey. There it was worn by both men and women. A free-form robe, without buttons, long with a belt was the main item of the wardrobe. It was used as a wardrobe item for every day, or as festive models, in this case it was sewn from silk and satin, which added additional value. Therefore, it was often used as an expensive gift.

What is a coat-coat? A simple product of a straight shape, without buttons, instead of a fastener, it is wrapped and tied, the most common model is a robe with a belt. Convenience of the style is given by a free form that does not restrict movement.

The famous Italian house MaxMara brought this thing to fashion catwalks in recent years. Their collection, designed in beige tones, became a real sensation and a godsend for women's casual wear, excited the fair half and made them run to fashion stores.

In order to get an elegant fashionable coat from a simple piece of home wardrobe - hit the catwalks and wear like a queen, several requirements must be met: 0)

  • very good, high-quality material, most often from cashmere, drape,
  • a coat-coat should look like a good quality thing,
  • a special charm is obtained due to sound sewing or a special print - the coloring of the thing.

Despite the limited details and design, the variety of women's coats is achieved through length, collar design and colors. There may be monochrome options, from several contrasting colors or an unusual cut. A winter coat is decorated with fur, a coat-robe with a hood has an even greater similarity with home clothes; due to an additional detail, it becomes more stylish and elegant.

Who will wear an elegant robe as outerwear

A robe due to its free form is well suited for a woman of any age. It can be of very different lengths, from a short jacket to the floor.

For a slim and slender model a thin belt that emphasizes the waist is suitable. A lady with larger volumes and small stature will look good in a coat just above the knees, the waist can be decorated with a wide belt to match the product. On a tall girl, the model looks amazing, all depending on the fullness of her figure.


How to wear a coat robe to look stylish?

The model has a rather simple cut, therefore, the question of what to wear with a coat-robe often arises. Immediately I would like to note that this robe fits well into any style. The simplicity of the coat leads to the fact that it is the things that are worn with outerwear that dictate the style and create the image:

  • Choosing strict comfortable shoes with a stable heel, get an office classic style. A narrow pencil skirt, knitted or crocheted, formal trousers go well with a free-form coat, give it a feminine look, and testify to the good taste of the hostess.

  • When trying on a robe in an ethnic or bright floral print, the main thing is not to overdo it with bright colors. Stop at a subdued color scheme for your surroundings. A slight repetition of one of the print colors in clothes will be a good addition.
  • A small skirt or shorts, slightly peeking out from under a short coat, or even hidden under its floors, are perfect for a young girl. If you have beautiful legs, this is your image, regardless of height.

  • Skinny skinny jeans with turtleneck or oversized a knitted sweater will complement the created youthful image. The loose fit allows you to both wear the product with skinny jeans and wear it with wide trousers. By giving preference to any option, you will look stylish and beautiful.

Harmonious combination with shoes and accessories

There are no special restrictions on shoes. The MaxMara collection combined simple loafers with the coat-robe, matching the color of the coat, but this only made the image more feminine and elegant. So, choosing shoes of any style: from a model without a heel to an elegant stiletto heel, you will not go wrong. Sneakers, sneakers, are also suitable - you get an interesting image in a casual style. Wide boots, ankle boots, arrowroots are well suited for autumn and winter time in a coat of a negligent type.

The robe coat has a simple cut and allows you to add your favorite accessories and jewelry to the look it creates. The main option is a large collar or hood, which itself is a headgear. Models with a stand-up collar can be combined with vintage hats. If you wear a robe with sneakers or sneakers, pick up a cock hat and oversized snood.

A large volume of a coat looks organically next to wide-brimmed hats and scarves. Large earrings and beads work well. The laconism of the robe assumes a neat approach and a careful selection of accessories, this will help you look elegant and fashionable.

Large bags and backpacks work well with a simple and voluminous robe. Echoing with the color of the clothes, they complete the image, give integrity. For a cropped coat, a small handbag, even a clutch will be a good neighbor, it will not spoil the image, on the contrary, it will make its owner defenselessly feminine.

Fashionable novelties 2021-2022

The new season 2021-2022 is favorable to outerwear that gives space and freedom. The robe-coat fits perfectly into the proposed concept and has already booked a place in the wardrobes of fashionable beauties. If you have not yet replenished your wardrobe with this thing, now is the time to figure out how to wear this thing, and choose an image for yourself from the photo.