Coat with sneakers: fashionable looks for autumn 2021-2022

At first glance, initially incompatible coats with sneakers are no longer a sign of lack of taste. Gradually, their union became a sign of relaxedness, symbolizing freedom, giving the image a special charm and style. This article will help you understand which outfit will be a great addition to this combination and figure out the selection of accessories.

In this article:

Which coat to wear with your sneakers?

Sports shoes are more and more filling the ordinary wardrobe. This is the trend of the end times. Preferences are given not only to items stylized for sports fashion, but also to those that are traditionally used for sports. The emancipation of the podium allows sneakers to sometimes be the only representative of sports style clothing.

looked on the hostess, take the following recommendations as a basis:

  1. Try to wear a simple cut women's coat with sneakers, without unnecessary decorative elements and accessories. Form-fitting silhouettes with an accentuated waist are not allowed.
  2. Outerwear of any length looks harmonious with sneakers: a short coat from the hip line to the maximum possible.
  3. A classic, sporty style, clothing of a simple cut, straight cut, a cocoon, a coat-robe is good as outerwear. The main condition is simplicity and freedom.
  4. When choosing a color, stop at a single-color classic color, give preference to gray, brown, black, all shades of beige.
  5. Having athletic shoes in an outfit relaxes and allows for elaborate negligence. A puffed coat looks good, so even a classic women's coat can be worn with sneakers or sneakers, if you do not button up the buttons.

Clothes for a harmonious image

Consider the options for how to wear sports shoes with a coat.

Skirt or dress

Coats with sneakers are well complemented by such clothes as a short knitted or knitted dress, leather, denim, sports short skirt, with which leggings look great... Careful experimentation with the length of the product is allowed. Avoid layering; in any of the options you choose, the floors of the outerwear should cover the skirt. Refrain from a long evening dress, its presence will definitely introduce an imbalance.


A variety of trousers will fit perfectly into the image: narrow, loose fit, short length... Do not be afraid that the latest model next to flat shoes will shorten your legs. A loose fit of a coat without an accent on the waist will provide harmony. The only "strict no" is for classic tailored trousers, in this image they will be alien.


Jeans are most suitable for a sporty style of clothing. They not only go well separately with sneakers and a women's coat, but together with these two things create an interesting set. All styles and colors are suitable, but look at boyfriends with long coats below the knee, they look great.

Bag for a coat with sneakers and other accessories

Coats and sneakers look bad next to the abundance of accessories, but when choosing one piece, a girl can fully show her imagination. Choosing a voluminous scarf or hat, stop at one thing.

When choosing a bag, give preference to:

  • soft volumetric models,
  • simple rectangular bags,
  • laconic clutches,
  • small handbags with a long strap,
  • backpacks.

Please note that large glasses, beads, bracelets, earrings are allowed, but they should not distract all attention, and their number should be minimal.

How to choose the colors of the look

When choosing a coat with sneakers, carefully consider the combination of the colors of the details. Even the shade of the laces or the logo can affect the perception of the look. The image is based on the tone and cut of the coat.

Beige, gray, white or black sneakers look harmonious with almost all colors: it's hard to go wrong here.

When choosing bright and even flashy coat colors, it is better to opt for shoes that match or more soothing colors, black and white or gray. Repetition of color in any, even an insignificant detail of sneakers will unite the bow into a whole. Be careful with bright colors of shoes. When in doubt, give preference to the proven options: red and white, black and white, blue.

Alternative styles of sports shoes.

Sports shoes that look so cool and complement a coat are not limited to classic women's sneakers. Other models will also fit into the wardrobe:

  • sneakers, both traditional and high-performance;
  • sneakers or arrowroots will not only make your look stylish, but also visually increase your height;
  • clippers at first glance are very massive, but this does not prevent you from combining them with a coat-dress and look cute and feminine;
  • sports loafers, despite the slightly masculine cut, well emphasize the grace of a woman's leg;
  • casual and comfortable moccasins are not suitable for winter clothes, but the demi-season wardrobe will decorate and diversify;
  • sneakers: there are no restrictions on shape and style, classic, high, jogging, for every day will do.

Clothes get special chic when it is able to emphasize the petiteness or femininity of a girl. Avoid thick, shapeless soles and spiked shoes, they will dispel all the intrigue of your look.

Experiment and boldly wear a coat with sneakers. The correct choice of models and colors, together with the selection of accessories, will turn you into a fashionable and stylish girl, add confidence and make you decisive.