Cool Halloween Nails 2022!

With the arrival of autumn, a series of fun, holidays begins. The very first, bright and funny, is Halloween. This ancient holiday, which came from the distant past, began to be celebrated quite recently. And although its history is creepy, nowadays Halloween is celebrated in a fun and bright way.

Of course, such an event obliges to observe a certain style: costumes, hairstyles, makeup and manicure. You can't do without funny nail art on this date. There are a lot of ideas for Halloween manicure, there are no restrictions, it is only important to observe the theme of the holiday.

In this article:

Main themes for design: drawing, color, shape

Themes for manicure on Halloween they are used to: frightening, gloomy, associated with the otherworldly. The main destinations are pumpkins, spiders and webs, cats, eyes, witch attributes, zombies, bats and more.

The color scheme is also not particularly conducive to airiness and tenderness, but it can be not only in dark tones. Juicy, fluorescent colors are quite suitable: orange, red, green, blue.

  • The background can be performed using the gradient technique, plain, glossy and matte.
  • Drawings can be performed using airbrushing, stickers, stamps, stencils, drawing with a brush.
  • Everyone is used as a design: foil, rhinestones, glitters and much more.
  • Any length and shape of nails. But stylet, almond, pike are preferable. They evoke associations with "witch" nails, and therefore look much more advantageous compared to other forms of manicure.

Funny Pumpkins

A pumpkin theme most common in Halloween designs. As the base color, choose such a tone so that the orange pumpkin does not merge with the background. You can use a gradient and color. The pumpkin is depicted symbolically: eyes and a smile, or in its entirety. If the drawing is schematic, then it can be used on all nails. But the artistic image is best done on one, and decorate the rest with a flame. Since the main background itself is bright: from red to mint, do not use sparkles and rhinestones. They can overwhelm the design and look ridiculous. You can choose any shape of nails for such a manicure. But most of all, a square, a soft square and an oval are suitable for such a manicure.

Spider Theme

For spiders and webs, it is best to use black, white and dark blue backgrounds. A spider web can be drawn on all fingers, and a place for spiders on one finger. But the insect can be divided: draw one half on one finger, the other on the other. Then, by connecting the fingers, the bundle will become solid. To decorate an insect or the image of dew drops on a cobweb, use rhinestones or the "drop" technique. There are no restrictions as to the form, up to "beveled".

Witch cat

What is Halloween without cats? Cats are a chic option for drawings. Moreover, they are combined with any direction. For example, a drawing of a cat is performed on one hand, and cat's eyes on the other. It is better to depict a cat schematically, as a silhouette. You can complement the drawing on other nails with cat's paws, noses, ears. Any background, there are no special prescriptions here.

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A chic version of the pattern for a manicure on Halloween. The base background is dark, best in blue. Airbrushing on the basis of a gradient looks especially advantageous. Then the effect of the night sky is created, the moon and a bat against its background. As a decoration, you can use glitter, which will create the effect of stars.

Witch's paraphernalia

Here the scope for imagination is unlimited: brooms, hats, chains. Anything your heart desires. The basic background is chosen bright and juicy, the lighter, the better. You can use any decor: sequins, rhinestones, foil.

Funny zombies

Zombies, cemetery, crosses are a great theme for Halloween manicure. Zombies can be drawn on any background. The cemetery and crosses look best on the dark, and for them it is most interesting to make a gradient or airbrush.

Skeletons and ghosts

Mostly use " cartoon "style. The base coat can be anything you want. The drawing can be done on one nail, or on all at once. This is as your heart desires. For such a manicure, it is better not to use rhinestones or glitter as decoration. Well, except that rhinestones can depict the eyes of the skull.


For a gothic manicure, you can limit yourself to a dark background and painting. Moreover, the drawing should answer and reveal the Gothic theme. Monograms, if used as a drawing, can be supplemented with a flame. Gothic manicure loves rhinestones, broths, foil, rubbing. The more gloss the better. The coating can be made both matte and glossy. But the form obliges - this is a stiletto, almond or pike. The length should be appropriate: as long as possible.

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