Culottes - what is it and what to wear with?

Culottes are wide, flying cropped trousers, slightly below the knees. At first glance, they can be mistaken for a skirt. Wearing and combining culottes with other elements of clothing is a whole art, while they are incredibly comfortable and look stylish.

This season, designers have decided to re-build them on the pedestal of popularity.

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A bit of exciting history

Several centuries ago, wide, cropped silk trousers adorned the legs of wealthy French aristocrats. They were worn in combination with stockings and fastened with a fastener under the knee.

The notorious Chanel was the first to suggest wearing classic trousers for women. A temperamental Italian feminist fashion designer named Elsa Schiaparelli and her followers sported pants like sportswear. Elsa presented culottes in her sports collection in 1931, which were designed to make the life of ladies as comfortable as possible. The new model was presented to the public during the Wimbledon tennis match - a tennis player from Spain Lily d'Alvarez played in culottes.

Progressive British women were delighted with the new idea and rushed to order similar trousers for riding and cycling. Until the 60s, they were a symbol of feminism, only the most daring young ladies wore them, including Betty Catru, who loved to combine fashionable short pants with fluffy Cardin furs and shining boots. Gradually, these trousers came into wide use among women, and everyone forgot about culottes for a while.

Existing models of culottes and trends in 2020

Fashionable trousers are represented by a wide variety of textures, they can be thin flying silk or, on the contrary, dense, even woolen, less often leather and suede. The variety of textures supports the variability of the cut. In particular, we are talking about different leg widths, the presence or absence of decorative undercuts, tucks, folds.

In the trend are models made of suiting fabric, combined with a jacket made of the same fabric. Also on the catwalks, models from multi-colored leather of a discreet cut, with not too wide legs, flicker. Hit - the thinnest flying summer models in pastel shades or white. The designers insist that culottes are a must have in 2020.

What and where to wear fashionable trousers?

Whether it is worth wearing these trousers to the office is a moot point. If the culottes are made of suit fabric, then they are quite appropriate in combination with a jacket or blouse, with the exception of a strict dress code. They can be worn all year round.

In summer, feel free to go to the beach or for a walk in light models, they are combined with small hats, blouses with short sleeves, tops, including cropped, emphasizing the fragility and grace of the camp.

In the fall and spring, try on thicker styles in combination with ankle boots, light coats and straight vests. This is the style of a city dweller who appreciates comfort and naturalness in her hair, makeup and even movements. If you are trying on a fashionable novelty, you should not wear flashy makeup so as not to look like a clown. Fashionable trousers celebrate the nude style.

In winter, models made of wool are appropriate, which not only warm, but also create a stylish look. They are worn in combination with furs, and loose, cozy sweaters.

If we talk about the general trends in the selection of successful combinations, the principle is the same as in the combination with midi skirts. Birkenstocks, pointed ballet flats, comfortable sandals with massive soles, boots are suitable for them.

Who will the culottes go to?

Culottes are an excellent option for slender young ladies with long legs. If you cannot boast of the length of the legs like a Barbie, then you should be neat with trendy trousers, they can visually shorten your legs. To maintain harmonious proportions, use two secrets: choose high-heeled shoes for “wide breeches” and try on a model with a high waist, the “belt on the hips” option will not work.

A fashionable item of clothing, no doubt, will suit girls with small hips, if you think they are puffy, then choose monochromatic models, dark tones in combination with light on horseback.

If you are tall, you can safely afford almost any styles and colors that you like.

To make culottes look really stylish, and not as if you just pulled them out of your beloved grandmother's chest, combine them with fashionable details: necklaces, handbags, trendy shoes. If you want to look more feminine, then choose a top that emphasizes grace, avoid baggy things.

As you can see culottes can be worn with almost any body size and at any age, they give your image lightness and dynamics. To make the thing look gorgeous on you, carefully select the elements of clothing for it, because culottes are not jeans, they are more demanding. But they draw attention to your person, declaring that you are a stylish and fashionable lady.

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