Don't buy extra clothes! How to avoid the temptation of chain stores?

As a rule, the assortment of chain clothing stores is so large that it can be confusing for many people. You need to learn how to choose clothes in such stores and not buy unnecessary things. There are tricks that can help you navigate well by going to an online store and not typing too much.

Pre-Compiled List

In fact, shopping should start long before you arrive at the store. It is very important to understand why you are going there, since many beautiful things are hung on the windows, looking at which we begin to forget about the necessities and make an impulsive purchase.

Probably, many girls are faced with the problem of “nothing to wear”. And when, sorting through your wardrobe, you realize that you need, for example, boots or a simple T-shirt with a dress, you need to write it down right away. This will help you not to make unnecessary purchases and replenish your wardrobe with exactly the things that you really need.

And one more tip, when you have a large enough list, you can go to some sale and find whatever you need. This will also save you money.

Show the item on social networks

If you choose any fashion item that is not part of the basic wardrobe, then we advise you to go to the fitting room and make a high-quality photo on the phone. Then take off the thing, walk through the store again, look at the photo and understand whether you want to wear this thing again or not so much, after you have already shown it to everyone on the network. This advice may seem strange to some, but it can really help you.

Avoid pseudo-designer things

It often happens that some famous designer in the world releases a new collection, and the same things appear in chain stores. That is, these are copies, only of lower quality and at an affordable price. You will never feel completely good with such things, because you will know that it is in some sense "fake". Therefore, it is better to choose things that the store brand has created itself.

Find your category

As a rule, large chain stores distribute things according to certain categories and criteria. Having entered the store, you must first understand in which direction the things you need are located. And it is not necessary to start searching immediately by going to the first hanger. Pay attention to those places in the store that few people pay attention to, perhaps you will find a real "treasure" for yourself there.

Ask yourself: what am I planning to wear this with?

Very simple, well-known and, most importantly, effective advice. If you answer for yourself “I’ll find something to wear with” or “with anything,” then you, in fact, have nothing to wear this thing with. If an idea immediately arises in your head with what you will wear the purchased item, then the purchase makes sense.

Choose things that are atypical for this brand

Try not to buy things shown on mannequins and display cases, even if you really like them. Firstly, most people will have such things, and secondly, everyone will remember which store it is from. If this is not a problem for you, then you can safely buy such things. [twenty].