Dresses for New Year 2022 - what to buy to look stylish?

Who knew that a carriage could turn into a pumpkin, and that the fashion plans of all designers for 2022 will collapse? The financial condition of many people leaves much to be desired, but you still want to dress up. It doesn't matter - we will choose from the remnants of last year's collections, as well as get what we have from the cabinets.

So, what New Year's dresses will be relevant in the New Year 2022 according to the horoscope and without it?

What is the coming Tiger preparing for us? Colors by horoscope

2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger. The tiger is a sedate, domineering, sometimes impetuous and unforgiving symbol. He is angry at unproductiveness, infantilism and inability to take life into his own hands. Therefore, if you want not only to improve the current state of affairs, but also to enlist the support of the owner of 2022, please pull yourself together and focus.

In terms of colors, the Tiger “prefers”:

  • all shades of white;
  • cyan and blue;
  • metallic silver;
  • metallic ash;
  • all shades of beige;
  • brown;
  • black;
  • Tiger print.

If these shades do not suit you, do not be sad. The spread is large: the Tiger does not refuse from the lush greenery of the grass, the blue color of the sky and the bright variegated tasty flowers, but on the contrary, welcomes. Therefore:

  • yellow,
  • green,
  • blue,
  • soft pink and purple

can also be included in the palette for choosing a New Year's dress.

The only thing to avoid is red. It is very scary for the symbol of 2022, because it resembles fire.

If you do not believe in horoscopes, choose the color that will please your soul!

And what about the styles?

Those who bought dresses of modern basic styles and this New Year will not remain in the "span". The favorites are still the same:

  • Models with a wide belt:for those who prefer to emphasize the waist.

  • Pleated dresses:A wonderful and feminine choice not only for girls, but also for adult ladies.

  • Maxi dresses.The main thing is not to miss the cut and not buy the “mothballs version”. In modern styles, the skirt is flying, the material is smooth. No velvet, rhinestones and other old stuff (excuse me).

  • Little dresses with spaghetti strapswill never go out of style.

  • Wrap dresses.A feminine version that makes almost any shape "candy". Models with lurex and sequins will be especially relevant in the Year of the Tiger.

  • The asymmetric trenddid not have time to play back properly before the coronavirus wave captured us. Therefore, everything is also “on the crest”. Moreover, asymmetry and light avant-garde can manifest itself not only in the cut, but also in the color scheme.

What fabrics to choose for a New Year's dress?

  • Crochet lace, so turned head last summer, can be a great "snow" option for a New Year's dress.

  • Lurix, sequins and sequins!On the new year, the Tiger himself ordered to shine, shine and sparkle. Well, when else?!!

    • & lt; li

& gt; Organza and other transparent fabrics.

A beautiful trend that creates a truly magical New Year's dress sensation! Most often, organza is used as an additional top layer, which makes the mistress of the dress a light, airy and elusive fairy. And who would refuse such a thing?

  • Tough, hard tissue that keeps its shape well. Bell skirts, which have long been out of street fashion, are still relevant in evening and cocktail dresses.

What if it's New Year at home?

If you are celebrating the New Year at home or with a small circle of friends, it may be too pretentious to wear a New Year's dress. In this case, a set of two things is perfect: festive and everyday. For example:

  • sparkly top and denim skirt,
  • sparkly skirt and sweater.
  • Skirts made of organza and plain top.

And you can even wear a stylish jumpsuit. And festive, and then come in handy.

Whatever New Year's dress you choose, the most important thing is to remember. A good mood, an attitude to problems with a healthy dose of humor and indifference, as well as the ability to make a holiday in any circumstances is the most successful guarantee of celebrating the New Year 2022. Happy Holidays!