Dresses for the New Year 2022 for obese girls and women: stylish photo ideas

Girls and women with curvaceous forms feel more and more confident, relaxed and feminine. And it is right! Even if you want to lose weight, you need to love your body now and present it in the most beneficial “package”. We know how difficult it is to find stylish New Year's dresses for overweight in stores. What is sold most often looks like a hoodie or a gold-embroidered camisole from the time of Catherine II. Therefore, let's start a review of cool dresses that will highlight the most “delicious” and hide the not very interesting. We hope this will help you make the right choice. Let's get started?

Oh, what about the year 2022?

I almost forgot... For those who believe in horoscopes, it is very important to enlist the support of the symbol of 2022 - the Blue Water Tiger. His favorite colors will be:

Blue and blue Will attract wealth
Shades of white For personal well-being
Metallic Silver Good luck in business
Metallic Gold For good health

It is not necessary to celebrate the New Year completely in these colors. It is enough to put on a belt, earrings or pick up a silver New Year's clutch. They say that the support of the Water Tiger is provided to you. But it is not exactly.

Astrologers do not recommend the following colors:

  • red
  • scarlet
  • maroon.

Fabric texture matters!

The most important thing that a full fashionista should take into account when choosing a dress is not a horoscope, but the texture of the fabric. It should be either dense enough or, on the contrary, “flying”.

Dense fabric keeps its shape and creates a silhouette, and flying - allows you to create an exciting effect: it will show one shape, then another, thereby creating the effect of a “mystery”.

Thick Weave
Flying Cloth

Daring beauties can choose a New Year's dress made of elastic fabric, which emphasizes all the curves of the figure. However, in this case, to make the silhouette look clearer, you can wear shapewear.

As for the styles, the most advantageous for curvy girls and women are as follows.

Dresses with a wrap

The fashion trend that came to us a couple of years ago is still at the peak of its popularity. It first appeared in the form of a coat-robe, and then the same suits and dresses appeared on store shelves. And the truth: a very advantageous style, which allows you to beautifully emphasize the chest and hide the tummy behind the drapery.

About other styles that hide the belly read the link.

These New Year's dresses can be either hooked or with a belt.

Here's another interesting option: the smell is only on the hem.

And here is the classic New Year's black velvet. Such a dress looks much more neat than the usual velvet robes.

And by the way, the fact that fat girls need to wrap themselves in black is a myth. See how festive New Year's outfits look!

Color vertical

We will state again and again - overweight girls can dress in any shades, not just dark ones, as would-be stylists like to advise. The main thing is the correct arrangement of color blocks. This slimming technique is called the "color vertical".

Look at the photo: the colors are arranged vertically, making already slender models look even slimmer.

And this is how it looks on fat girls:

Please note that this coffee dress has both texture (pleating) and color vertically, which makes this style incredibly successful.

And here this role of “corrector” is performed by beads.

Here are vertical stripes.


Why not, especially if your soul asks for a New Year's break? Just do not choose too light colors, they risk showing the texture of the body in places where you do not like it.

Pleated New Years

A beautiful flying silhouette with vertical pleating is perfect for a dress for New Year 2022. The model can be pleated only skirt or a skirt with a top in a tandem.

V-neckline is the best for fat beauties

All fat women of fashion probably know about this style. After all, it perfectly emphasizes beautiful breasts. Why not take advantage of this New Year's Eve?

Wide fold-down shoulders

A great occasion to showcase beautiful rounded shoulders and delicate collarbones. And also hide the unloved zone of plump girls - triceps. Aren't they beautiful?

New Year's dresses with a slit

Want to hide the top? Great, then you can opt for a dress with an exciting slit.

Ruffles, ruffles

Many stylists argue that flounces and ruffles make a full figure even fuller. This is only partly true and depends on where exactly these ruffles are located. Their main purpose is to add volume where it is lacking (for example, with a triangular figure - on the hips), as well as hide what you do not want to show (for example, the belly).

Therefore, when choosing a New Year's dress with frills, be extremely careful and think ten times - are these frills located in those places?

Asymmetry and avant-garde

A fashion trend that did not manage to play properly this year (we all know for what reason). Asymmetrical and slightly avant-garde dresses will be in fashion for a long time, so get inspired!

Who said you can't shiny?

That who said, let him not wear, but we recommend not to limit yourself in sequins. Especially for the New Year 2022, when you so want to have fun, joy and something sparkling! See how beautiful these chubby girls are!

Whatever dress you are have chosen for the New Year 2022, remember that the best decoration is a smile, a good mood and the intention to celebrate the holiday cheerfully no matter what!