Dressing stylishly for 500 rubles: is this possible?

Indeed, the title of this article looks especially unrealistic these days, when prices in stores rise by leaps and bounds. Many will react to this title in much the same way as if the author suggested crossing the Pacific Ocean in a plastic basin or flying into space for the weekend.

However, unlike the aforementioned unlikely events, dressing beautifully and stylishly for a very reasonable price is very, very simple. To do this, you just need to be at the right time in the right place.

Such places are almost universally available. Large retail chains with a huge selection of second hand clothing are now represented in many cities of Russia. These are "Planet Second Hand" and "Mega Hand". Never been to this kind of store? Then I will not be surprised if you feel a certain disgust towards visiting such establishments, as the author of this article had before having a chance to visit there.

According to the association of ten years ago, at the sight of the signboard "Second Hand", indistinct boxes and boxes with foul-smelling things floated in the mind. People rummaging in them periodically fished out something shapeless and unsuitable for wearing anywhere, except for garden plots. Therefore, when a friend a couple of years ago showed me excellent branded items purchased in second-hand shops, I considered it just a lucky coincidence, but I did not dare to visit this store myself.

I don’t remember what prompted me to go to the “Planet” for the first time. Probably just curiosity. And I was very surprised by what I saw. Instead of boxes and drawers, neat clothes hangers hung in rows. They were sorted: separate men's and women's clothing, different items of clothing were also hung separately. Not only that, T-shirts, dresses and blouses are even hung by color. In general, everything turned out to be not at all as gloomy as in the old years. At the exit, the seller handed me a calendar with a description of the discount system in the chain's stores.

It was a lyrical introduction, but now the concrete facts

In "Planet" Second Hand ", a new delivery is made every four weeks. In "Mega Hands" the collection is updated more often, once every two weeks. Initially (on the days when the new collection is being displayed), the prices for items are comparable to those on sales in shopping centers. For example, branded jeans can be bought within 500-700 rubles, a decent T-shirt will cost 150-500, outerwear - 700-1500, a dress - 500-900, fashionable boots -600-800 rubles. But it is on the first day of delivery that you can find really rare, exclusive and expensive items for which the set price will be purely symbolic.

  • My friend, an expert in the world of fashion, recently showed off a jacket from DonnaKaran, purchased for 250 rubles. Moreover, this jacket was not at all a cheap fake. I'm afraid to even imagine how much a similar one might cost in a company store.

After a while, discounts and promotions begin. In "Mega Hand" the maximum discounts reach 90% (that is, purely theoretically, you can go for a ride even for 100 rubles). At Planet, the system of discounts is now somewhat different: after 50%, sales begin “any thing for 150 rubles,” etc., and the minimum price is 30 rubles for any product.

From personal experience, I will say that in the last days of the sale, interest can only be sports: “what if you're lucky”; practically nothing worthy of attention remains by this time. Although if you need clothes for repairs or work in the country, this is an ideal case.

As for the presented brands, the basis is still the same mass market: H & M, ZARA, Bershka, Pull & bear, Promod, Mango, Desigual, etc. That is, quite a high-quality European "middle peasant", moreover, often produced in Europe, and not in China. Occurs, I repeat, and exclusive, but you need to be an expert and be able to choose.

By the way, there is a misconception that all second hand clothes have already been worn by someone (from the literal translation of second hand - English “second hand” is exactly what happens).

However, this is not always the case. A lot of things come across with factory labels, that is, those that simply were not sold and ended up in stock. And there are about 15-20% of such absolutely new things.

All clothing is carefully processed in two stages before entering the store. Therefore, the likelihood of contracting any disease is reduced to zero. Although, of course, clothes from "secondhand" (as, indeed, from any other store) is better to wash before wearing. But, again, there are people who refuse to wear such clothes for other reasons of hygiene, and it is pointless to persuade in these cases.

Before the first trip to the “second hand” chain store, it seemed to me that the main contingent of visitors was entirely people of very low financial income, so at first I felt some awkwardness going there.

This also turned out to be a delusion: many visitors are more likely representatives of the "middle class" who want to look decent and spend money on more serious matters.

There are quite a lot of students among the visitors of the sales. And during a new delivery, expensive cars in the parking lot in front of the second-hand shops are not at all uncommon.

  • Summing up, I want to say that in many cases "secondaries" really help out.
  • You need a dress for one time.
  • Clothes for work, repair, outdoor activities for symbolic money.
  • Clothes for children and adolescents, which, in fact, are consumables (some stores even offer toys).
  • Clothes for pregnant women, which is also not always reasonable to spend a lot on.
  • Nothing specific is needed, but just want to cheer up with shopping (relevant for girls).

But, in fact, almost everyone can find something quite suitable for their taste and wallet. The only drawback is this: if you came to a new collection or for a sale before the start of big discounts, and you really liked and some thing came up, it is better to buy it right away, because all things are presented in a single copy. Although this, as you know, has its own charm!