Fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion: the main trends for women

About what the fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion will be, it becomes clear long before the onset of autumn during the weeks of haute couture shows in Milan, Paris and New York. They set the main trends, which are then picked up by women of fashion all over the world. In order not to get confused in the store among fashion novelties while updating your wardrobe, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main trends of the upcoming season on bright photos of stylish bows.

Main trends:

Knitted dresses

Rave reviews from critics and a well-deserved place in the TOP of fashion trends in the fall-winter season 2021-2022 received knitwear. The designers liked the softness and variety of textures of this material so much that they invite fashionistas to put on it from head to toe.

In their opinion, the most topical thing in the wardrobe of a fashionista should be a knitted dress. With it, you can create a strict office bow with discreet decorations and classic ankle boots. It will be convenient to go out of town in a knitted dress, complementing it with comfortable boots and a warm down jacket.

Among the many models, stylists recommend paying attention to the following styles:

  • things with a large knit;
  • two-color;
  • with cutouts;
  • with bare shoulders;
  • maxi length;
  • noodles.

It is a great misconception that only a young lady with an impeccable figure can afford knitwear, you just need to choose a style that will hide flaws. Like, for example, a loose-fitting jersey dress with a large pattern and / or with blocks of different colors.

This fall-winter season, even warm knitted dresses have cutouts on the back ("back neckline"), open shoulders and all kinds of cutouts.

With the onset of cold, many women switch from dresses and skirts to comfortable trousers and jeans, but in the fall and winter you can not be afraid to freeze by wearing the trendy thing of the season - warm knitted dress maxi length.

If there is no such thing in the wardrobe, then a micro-trend will help keep you warm - a skirt over a dress. She will add length to the dress and create a modern layering.

Another novelty fall-winter 2021-2022 after a slight oblivion will be a noodle dress in the form of an elongated turtleneck with a high neck, machine knitted. Its colors can be both calm (white, milky) and more saturated bright (yellow, wine, emerald).

Fashion skirts

To create stylish autumn-winter looks, you will definitely need at least one skirt that matches the main fashion trends, among which you can list:

  • asymmetry;
  • pleating ;
  • smell;
  • quilted skirts;
  • leather products;
  • Check print.

Asymmetric cut looks bold and extraordinary, drawing attention to the image. It is best to implement it in products of medium length, which can be complemented by a geometric or abstract pattern.

Pleating will delight women of fashion only in the warm season, but also in autumn and winter. These skirts can be from mini to maxi lengths, have pleats of different widths and even asymmetrical cut.

Smell is a fashion trend that has found a response in many collections. It can decorate skirts of different lengths and be located both on the side and in the center, creating a piquant accent and slightly revealing women's legs.

At first it may seem that a quilted skirt is difficult to fit into autumn wardrobe, but after looking at a few photos of beautiful images, it becomes clear that it is not only very warm, but also stylish thing.

Many skirts for fall-winter 2021-2022 will be made of leather. The classic black leather midi skirt will not remain out of business, but there will be many interesting new models made of leather in different colors, different lengths and with all kinds of decor.

Among the current colors, the cage does not give up its positions. A skirt with a tartan ornament will make an autumn look bright, even if it is made in the most restrained colors.

Stylish trousers

Thanks to Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich and Yves Saint Laurent, trousers have become firmly established in women's wardrobe. This is a comfortable, fashionable and warm (which is important in the cold season) item of women's clothing. In the coming season, designers will delight fashionistas with the following main trends regarding women's trousers in stylish autumn-winter 2021-2022 outfits:

  • cargo - loose-fitting trousers with patch pockets in shades of khaki, beige, sand and others;

  • knitted trousers - can be both casual and strict, they will appeal to lovers of comfort in everyday life;

  • sports - from jersey on a cotton basis with an elastic band instead of a belt;

  • leather models - from black skinny skinny to bright trousers with patch pockets and elastic at the bottom;
  • wide trousers - on show there were feminine models in the style of Marlene Dietrich and, it would seem, borrowed from the men's wardrobe.

Cozy sweaters

Knitted and knitted sweaters will become a real hit of women's fashion in autumn and winter 2021-2022. Stylists and fashion designers offer various sets with them for the office, walking and more special occasions.

This year, in cold weather, sweaters will be relevant:

  • with unusual cutouts;
  • with a wide and high throat;
  • V-neck;
  • oversized fit;
  • with bright and cheerful ornament;
  • oversized.

This season asymmetry will rule the fashion ball. In sweaters, she often appears in the form of unusual fancy cutouts that emphasize the grace of the shoulders, while looking seductive and catchy. These things are warm enough, so they will be comfortable in autumn and winter if you wear them on your naked body.

A sweater with a high and wide neck has long been associated with coziness and comfort, and not with trends. Fashion autumn-winter 2021-2022 is more democratic, in which comfort and aesthetics are equally important, so such a thing will look advantageous in various outfits.

Sweaters with a cut in the form of an inverted triangle, also called "Victoria", visually lengthen the neck, adding a few centimeters of growth, visually make the shoulders. They can be worn as a solo element of an outfit, or over a shirt or blouse.

Bulky sweaters are the same tribute to comfort, but they do not weigh down the image and do not make the female figure shapeless thanks to the light openwork knitting and the front shelf tucked into the trousers.

You don't have to travel to Scandinavian countries to wear a sweater with a fun print or pattern. The main trends are such that this thing will appear in the wardrobe of most fashionistas.

they did it with their models Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabanna.

Actual suits

Women, whose main style of clothing is business, must have in their wardrobe at least one modern and a stylish suit that will make her irresistible at business meetings.

The following models will be relevant:

  • suits with trousers or a skirt in a cage;
  • ensembles with double-breasted jackets;
  • with wrap-around jackets without buttons or with a fabric belt;
  • with knitted trousers or leggings;
  • of fabrics of rich colors or two-tone suits.

A business suit is an acquisition that, in addition to knowledge of fashion trends, also reflects the status of its owner, therefore such a purchase must be approached responsibly, paying great attention to the quality of fabric, accessories and tailoring...

Coats and raincoats

Coats and raincoats are associated with designers and stylists femininity and elegance, so they believe that such a thing must be in the wardrobe of every woman.

Fashion trends regarding coats and raincoats this fall and winter will be as follows:

  • unusual details - a long belt in a contrasting color or dark buttons on light fabric;
  • quilted autumn coats and raincoats;
  • shirt coat;
  • classic models of pastel colors with brutal things (ripped jeans, boots made of leather with a snake pattern);
  • leather cloaks;
  • Check wool coats.

As you can see, it is not at all necessary to buy an ultra-fashionable model of a coat, you can add the style of a classic thing by simply altering the buttons, replacing the belt or composing an image with fashionable trousers or accessories.

Comfortable and warm jackets

With the onset of autumn, the weather becomes more changeable. In the morning it can be quite chilly and even drizzle, and by lunchtime the sky will clear up and the sun, which has not yet cooled down, will warm up.

For this time of year, you should buy clothes that will be comfortable in any situation, so you cannot do without a comfortable jacket.

This season you should pay attention to:

  • bombers decorated with metal zippers;
  • classic denim jackets;
  • parkas with fur trim.

Not only warm parkas can be worn when the temperature tends to zero, but also jeans. In this case, stylists advise wearing them over jackets or warm sports sweatshirts.

Practical and stylish down jackets

Down jackets are rightfully considered the most practical and comfortable outerwear. The variety of their styles allows you to create stylish and beautiful images for autumn and winter, while feeling comfortable, forgetting about the bad weather.

As for the color scheme, trendy down jackets can be made in white, beige, delicate pink or peach colors. Dark colors will also be relevant: brown, blue, burgundy, purple and black.

Modern down jackets are not shapeless and baggy clothes that look ugly. Now quilted models are decorated with interesting decor and fur, have an interesting asymmetric cut, cocoon cut or down jacket.

Consider in more detail the current models with a down jacket, which are presented on the following selection of stylish images below:

  • cropped models are ideal for autumn or warm and sunny winter;

  • quilted down jackets with geometric patterns have long ceased to be clothing for fishermen and hunters, and thanks to fashionable influencers have become a trending thing;

  • silhouette - will help to emphasize a slender figure and create a beautiful stylish image;

  • oversize - hides figure flaws, moreover, this model has become the choice of many celebrities (for example, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes).

Eco-trend: faux fur coats

Not so long ago, faux fur coats were bad manners, and now, thanks to animal protectors, they have become a fashionable eco-trend that will be relevant in the fall-winter 2021 season -2022. Such outerwear has pleased not only eco-activists, but also fashionistas who like to change their looks often. After all, the cost of “ Cheburashkas ” is much lower than that of similar products made from the skins of fur animals.

Despite the fact that faux fur can be dyed in absolutely any color, a riot of colors as before on the catwalks was not observed. The trend will be calm shades close to natural colors. The most popular shades of brown will be from light caramel to dark chocolate.

Fashionable shoes for stylish bows

There is no greater joy than putting on your feet in comfortable and stylish shoes with the onset of cold weather. Fashion autumn-winter 2021-2022 in this regard can please, surprise and even shock in some cases, just look at the main shoe trends:

  • beveled heels, like on boots in cowboy style, and on pointed shoes;

  • ugly sneakers - sports shoes of unimaginable design outside the gym;

  • lacing - the thickness of the laces in these models can vary significantly;

  • laconic black ankle boots with a heel or platform that fit the leg like a second skin;

  • shoes in grunge style - with a massive sole and decor in the form of chains, buckles and rivets.

Of course, this is not a complete list of fashionable novelties fall-winter 2021-2022, which have prepared designers for the new season.