Family bow: how to dress stylishly for a couple and a family? Ideas 2021/2022

Hello friends, today we will talk about a relatively new phenomenon in the Russian-speaking fashion space - about the family look. Basically, this means the same clothes for a photo shoot. But in fact, the Family look is something else. Pour a cup of fragrant tea and make yourself comfortable, now we'll tell you everything.

Where do the legs grow from?

With the growing popularity of Instagram (where everyone is his own photographer), the question arose: what to wear for photos? So that it is immediately clear that we are a family, a couple, a mother with daughters (underline the necessary). Showrooms immediately responded to the demand and began to briskly rivet the same clothes for the whole family. When all are the same - the same (like peas in a pod).

For a photo session - great! But if we are talking about ordinary life, then a meeting with a group of synchronously dressed people rather simply attracts attention than arouses admiration for their style and taste. And you cannot go to an event in this form. So how should a couple or a family dress to be fashionable, beautiful and emphasize belonging to each other?

The very first thing is style

The first rule of fight club is that couples wear the same style. For example, business, casual, grunge, boho, etc. If a man is wearing a business suit, and a woman is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, then there is no point in considering such a family bow. Hedgehog it is clear that this pair outwardly parted as ships in the sea. Therefore, the most important thing is style. And to make them easier to understand, here are some examples:

Second rule - color and print

If everything is in order with the style, then go to the color. Colors do not have to repeat each other, although they can. The reference point is:

  • Clothes very similar in style, but different contrasting colors.

  • Same (similar) color...

  • Aerobatics - different colors and prints that match and resonate with each other.

The same applies to clothing for a family with a child. As you can see, it's not so difficult! Enjoy examples of stylish couples, family looks and make up your own options!