Fashion Knitted Cardigans - Ladies' Tips 2021/2022

Good old knitted cardigans are back this season. The versatility of the model has proven time - this thing can serve as outerwear, office suit, shine as a festive outfit. Can be combined with sweaters, blouses, T-shirts and T-shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers of all kinds. You need to update your wardrobe at a low cost - please, shelter from the spring dampness - it's easy, it's nice to walk along the boulevard on a cool evening - no problem either!

In general, a fashionable knitted cardigan is that basic thing that will allow you to create the maximum number of looks with the clothes you already have.

Cardigans of today

Despite its versatility, the cardigan is a tricky thing. If you choose an outdated knit pattern, it is very easy to turn into an aunt, even if you are twenty years old.

Therefore, it is important to know which models are relevant today, so as not to "throw" yourself +10 to your passport.

Generally speaking, elongated cardigans of a simple cut (one-color or multi-colored, including a gradient) are now relevant. Modern straight lines are ideal for overweight - the figure looks slender and neat thanks to the vertical details and simple silhouette. You should not get carried away with belts, rhinestones, shiny details - this is yesterday.

Cardigan Lalo - the thing that blew up the Internet!

Bright, saturated tones make models of different colors different from each other. Loose knitting with thick knitting needles, familiar plait weaves, warm mohair thread - as a result, an original, cozy Lalo cardigan, appropriate in a student audience, a strict office, on a walk.

, girl. Saturated, surreal color combinations, wave effect, transition from cold to warm tones will enhance the impression.

Chinchilla (Asian spikelet)

Very beautiful knitted things that look like a shishhilla fur coat from a distance (from where they got their title). As a rule, they are colored, with stunning smooth color transitions.

The restrained range of falling spikelets is good for both a young girl and a mature lady.

Another trend - perky pimples

Original decoration casual clothes - cute pimples, as in the photo, will not leave women of fashion indifferent.

In cool weather, a very long sleeve that hides the palms is good. Gold spring ones diversify the models extended to the bottom, voluminous knitting, not tight-fitting models.

Do not forget that the pimples are very insidious! Having bought a short cardigan "tight-fitting" in a dull color, you will definitely fall into the category "they don't wear that anymore." Fashion options are united by an extremely and elongated cut. If you still want a short cardigan, then choose an oversized cut.

Large bright pockets

Trends 2021-2022 - simplicity, comfort, and versatility embodied in unusual pockets. Playing with shape, color, location of pockets allows you to create more and more fashionable novelties.

Knitted cozy pussies

Textile imitation llama fur coats, loops and curls add warmth and create maximum visual volume. The photos represent several similar models.

Vivid colors and geometric prints

On a cloudy day, it is especially pleasant to put on a bright multi-colored cardigan or hide from the damp dampness in a thick long jacket tied with honeycombs. As always, trendy stripes and crisp geometric prints.

Faux fur trim

Fur inserts, collars and pockets will add a touch of home comfort to outerwear.


only helps to escape the cold, but to create a modern, stylish bow, appropriate in any setting.


The oversized style in knits emphasizes the fragility of a girl's figure, and deliberate negligence - confidence in yourself. It doesn't matter if it's warm or cold, the main thing is stylish and comfortable. Wide long sleeves, roomy pockets, a descending shoulder line - details that are clearly visible in the photo.

Whatever styles the designers offer us, decorating them with pockets, collars or pimples, the most important indicator is the length. In the spring of 2022, long styles, oversized, wide sleeves and a lowered armhole are in trend.

A cardigan is a basic universal thing, so having a modern color model in your wardrobe, you can safely combine it with many things and look stylish and attractive.