Fashion looks 2022: what is the fashion now and what they wear?

Many people are embarrassed that they do not understand fashion and that they have not yet found their own style. However, there is nothing wrong with that. It simply means that there are more important areas of life. But what if you want to look stylish, but you don't know how to approach this issue? Now you will find out everything. Let's analyze the fashionable images of 2022 by molecules and see what they consist of. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the most stylish items on the store shelves and create your new look. So what's in vogue now?

Simplicity is “our everything”

Yes, yes, those times when it was necessary have sunk into oblivion, to "expensive-rich". The simpler the item, the easier it is to combine, and the longer it will serve you. Moreover, the color of the thing can be any. The most important thing is to pay attention to the style: exclude all the trendy and outdated details from it and you will get a modern basic thing.

Add a few trendy accessories this season and you've got an ultra stylish look! When accessories go out of fashion, they can be replaced with others, and the basic thing will still continue to serve you faithfully. Check out how many cool combinations you can create with basic items!

In the new season - we combine materials and textures

If you want to be in trend, then buy a thing that combines different colors and textures. Just be careful about their location. A frill, frill and similar details in a contrasting color are outdated. Fashionable models have clear geometry. Most often, two (maximum three) complementary or contrasting shades. Pay attention also to the location of the color lines: vertical ones will make the figure visually taller and slimmer, horizontal ones - vice versa.

Tops Fashion

If you are young and attractive, then different Tops are a must have in your wardrobe this season. Tops are relevant both in the form of sweatshirts and in the form of summer options, so you will certainly find a model that suits you.

Such things can be worn not only in summer. Layering is in fashion, which means that a summer top can be worn in autumn and winter, throwing a blouse, a shirt and / or a sweater over it .

If you are at an elegant age, then here fashionable images are collected for you.

Cropped jumper

Cool new for the 2022 season. Not to be confused with the bolero, fashionable in 2014!:) Look how stylish such a thing looks! You can wear it with tops, turtlenecks, thin jumpers and dresses. It is better to choose a looser (oversized) option as more versatile.

Long vest

A magical thing that can revive even the most boring gray pants and white shirt look. Perfect for office style.

Combination of brutality and femininity

The trend is not new, but it is so rare that it moves from season to season in the hope of taking its rightful place. Dresses with rough boots, airy skirts with leather straps, light sundresses combined with spikes and leather - sounds scary, but looks very beautiful.

The magic of color

The most important answer to the question: what are they wearing now sounds like this: “Colored things!”. Don't be afraid of colors and vibrant combinations! With a variety of shades, you can create magical, mesmerizing images. See for yourself!

Fashionable looks 2022

And now it’s time to train “watching” - a visual experience that lets you choose stylish looks and automatically discard old-fashioned options. Scroll through the photos, “try on” images for your wardrobe and let everything work out for you!