Fashion prints fall-winter 2021-2022: self-expression through color

Prints make both the image and the mood bright. The boisterous fashion weeks confirm this and call to plunge into the world of intricate lines, clear geometry, floral ornaments, creative futurism, timeless classics. It's time to revisit your wardrobe and breathe stylish design ideas into it. Fashionable prints of this fall and winter leave no choice: you need to present yourself in them, try on, wear.

Even if you prefer plain clothes, nothing but your own inertia prevents you from changing your views and preferences. See photos of the most fashionable prints of the season, charge yourself with positive, create new images.

Eternally youthful stripe

Stripe print does not want to leave the catwalks. In the upcoming fall-winter season, women of fashion will be able to flaunt in striped suits, jackets, dresses, tights, sheepskin coats and even glasses. Fashion designers at each show play up the popular drawing in a new way. Big lines are in vogue this winter. A fluffy rainbow from Max Mara envelops you with coziness, Tommy Hilfiger's nautical theme invites you to cruise, Balmain's strict longitudinal contrast is unusually slim.

Favorite plaid blanket

) Scottishplaid and not crawl out of the cozy cocoon until summer. Designers suggest taking it with you, not literally, but as a pattern on the fabric. It can be a Tori Burch trouser set, a comfortable and spectacular Alexander Wang dress, a real Scottish suit from Chanel.

Cage Glen: take the last from men

Women tried on many details from the wardrobe of the stronger sex and quite successfully adapted to their image. Fashion couturiers decided to continue the tradition and give the ladies their favorite male print - the Prince of Wales or Glen cage. Balenciaga and Carolina Herrera did it elegantly and understated, the Prada cape coat is a symbiosis of grace and comfort.

Large and small peas

Leading designers have fallen in love with the once popular pattern again. Fall / winter 2021-2022 will be adorned with peas in a variety of sizes, from flirty miniatures to extravagant gigantic ones. The color and style of clothing is absolutely any: gothic outfit - Marc Jacobs, blue with a twist - Edun, sports bodice and feminine hem - MSGM.

Floral splendor

Fashionable floral prints have been popular for several seasons. They were featured in almost all collections 2021-2022. The drawing has become more expressive, realistic. Both clear images - Zac Prosen, and slightly blurry ones touched by the first wilting of autumn - Blumarune, Oscar de la Renta are relevant.

Exotic animation

Imitation of colors of animals and reptiles is another of the fashionable prints of the season, which has long and firmly won hearts and wardrobes of modern Amazons. Givenchi has combined the skin of a python and a furry predator. Dries Van Noten presented an interesting set in black and leopard colors. Roberto Cavalli prefers tiger motifs, somewhat reminiscent of a zebra.

Carefree carelessness

A novelty flashed in fashion prints for fall-winter 2021-2022. Butterflies, dragonflies, stars, hearts have appeared on the catwalks before, but have not had much success. This season, they delight with bold color schemes, combined with the original cut of clothes, which reads the naive print of a successful future. Check out the models by Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen, Mari Catrantzou.

Modern pop art

The realities of our life in all its manifestations were transformed in the minds of designers and decorated clothes with original, funny, intriguing prints. These are outfits for cocktail parties, for daring self-expression, for satisfying rebellious ambitions. Moscchino, Alexander Wang, Veronique Leroy did their best, you just have to choose or take notes.

Fashionable geometry

They hated this science at school - take it in a more digestible version, as one of the most fashionable prints of the fall-winter season. An abstract combination of sharp shapes, soft ovals and circles, straight and curved lines. All this is reflected in the sweaters that repeat the pattern of the dress - Emporio Armani, the current Salvatore Ferragamo capes, and cozy sets for the winter by Emilio Pucci.

Psychedelic motives and optical effects

Immerse yourself in trans-pulsating surreal graphics, concentric circles, unwinding spirals and you don't care there will be a thorny autumn wind, frosty winter surprises and other "delights" of the cold off-season. This idea is presented to fashionistas by Versace, Issey Miyake, Marni. In addition, these prints are great at masking figure flaws.

Portrait, landscape - art in one word

The designer is the same artist, and it does not matter, he decorates clothes with futuristic illustrations or skilful copies of paintings by famous masters. The main thing is that it is spectacular, stylish, extravagant. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and turn gray autumn into a holiday, pay attention to extraordinary models from House of Holland, Opening Ceremoni, Undercover.

Seals and exotic animals

Fall-winter 2021-2022 favors not only animal prints that imitate color animals, but also to the representatives of the fauna themselves, depicted on the fabric as a whole. Others will only wonder who is curled up in a ring on your pink Gucci dress - a snake or a mythical dragon. Marc Jacobs has decided to please all cat lovers. White swans on black trousers from Stella McCartney add a romantic touch to the look.

Total print in patchwork technique

Combining in one model several fabrics completely covered with print, radically different in color and the shape of the pattern - the original trend was seen in all four fashion capitals. The seeming chaos on the verge of optical illusions creates unusually memorable, spectacular images. Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Altuzarra succeeded in this. Everything is compatible - bright and blurry floral motifs, abstraction, paisley, contrasting monochromatic inserts.

Pattern of aristocracy - houndstooth

Intricate textured cage houndstooth - a favorite pattern of English aristocrats, took its rightful place on catwalks and colorful mosaics burst into everyday life. Austere and spectacular at the same time, it looks great on dresses - Michael Kors, classic coats without a collar - Salvatore Ferragamo, voluminous jackets - Dolce & Cabbana.

You won't go wrong if you get a bag or a scarf with this pattern. Tight trousers or a short skirt will make you look a few years younger. Classic models will fill the image with elegance and charm. Houndstooth goes well with any plain fabrics. But there is a rule - the larger the figure, the smaller the cage, thin people - any size.

So now you know everything, or at least a lot, about fashion prints for the 2021-2022 season. The couple go shopping, update their wardrobe, enjoy new things. And if branded models are too expensive, it is always fashionable to find their cheaper replicas or buy fabric and show your talent as a needlewoman.