Fashion Shoes & Sandals for Prom 2022

The festive event is characterized by a wonderful festive atmosphere, an increased energy level of the participants and... heavy loads on the legs!

It's no secret that during the prom you have to stand, walk, dance a lot. This is a wonderful, memorable evening for a lifetime! In order not to spoil it, you need to take care of all the little things ahead of time. Especially in the part of the shoes!

Agree that what happens to your legs directly affects your mood. If calluses appear or shoes press, then it's not up to the holiday. Therefore, it is recommended to think over the question of shoes thoroughly!

A little about “graduation” shoes

Shoes and sandals at the prom have miraculous properties. On the one hand, they are able to turn a girl into a real beauty: slim, charming, self-confident.

The correct choice of shoes will emphasize taste, harmoniously bring the whole outfit into one whole, help to survive a difficult, exciting day (and night!) On the other hand: this the shoes themselves can cross out the whole holiday, ruin the mood, spoil the impression of the girl and do a lot of other misfortunes!

What does “the right shoe” mean? This is not really a difficult question. Nice shoes and sandals for prom: comfortable, fashionable, to match the outfit and accessories.

Of course, for most girls, it is desirable that shoes are with heels. It is beautiful, spectacular, seductive! But, you will say that such shoes are not comfortable. This is completely wrong. The comfort of the shoes does not depend at all on the heel, but on the last. Therefore, it is recommended that you try on multiple pairs to determine which one will work. Here, the choice should not be the taste, but the leg. She will tell you if you can go through the whole evening in the shoes of your choice. They say: "dressed like slippers." This is the most accurate definition for your shoes.

If you don't know how to wear a heel, you get tired, then a platform will come to the rescue. It is much more democratic to the foot. That is, there is a lifting effect and the leg does not get tired.

The combination of shoes with a prom dress

The second (and equivalent) moment - shoes and sandals for prom should be in harmony with the outfit. This does not mean at all that you need to choose everything in the same color.

But the idea and design of all the details must necessarily overlap with each other.

The focus is on one or two parts. Sophisticated prom dress - modest shoes; elegant outfit - embellishing shoes and so on. It is not necessary to select all the details "speaking" (or "flashy"). This will simply distract the public's attention.

Advice: for a simple outfit, you can buy metallic shoes (do the appropriate manicure and makeup). Moreover, this trend is now quite popular.

If there is no particular preference, then you can stop at white sandals. These shoes will go with almost any outfit.

Comfortable for women of many generations boats were considered. There is no reason not to benefit from the experience of our mothers.

If you want super originality, then consider exclusive shoes (expensive, but looks super!)

Shoes and sandals for prom, decorated with stylized tabs, are always suitable for gold jewelry. It looks impressive.

Tall girls find it even easier - you can buy pretty ballet flats and not bother with heels.

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