Fashionable a-line skirt: what to wear and who will suit?

A-line skirt is an A-line model, extended towards the bottom (moderately flared). It can tightly cover the waist or cut out wider and gather at the waist in a small gathering or folds (often only in the front), it can be on a yoke.

This skirt does not hinder movement, so it can be absolutely any length. It is also sewn from any materials that keep the shape, this is a good cut for both harsh and dense fabrics (denim, linen, wool, leather...), and light and thin (silk, cambric, lace...). A-line is the most suitable shape for skirts lowered to the hips.

In addition, it serves as the basis for various decorative details, for example; ruffles, fasteners, wrap, detachable details, combinations of several materials... Fashionable large and expressive fashionable prints and patterns look best on a trapeze skirt.

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How did the trapezoidal skirt come about?

A-line skirts appeared in antiquity and were part of the national costumes of different peoples. When, in the 19th century, Europe abandoned complex costumes and returned to more natural forms, the A-line skirt came into fashion and never left it. This can be explained by the fact that this design is the most convenient and follows the lines of the female figure. It is used in a variety of fashionable styles and trends, from minimalism to folklore, it can be everyday and festive, democratic and extravagant.

Without her it is impossible to imagine an elegant classical style, not in vain - favorite cut of skirts of the English queen. In a modern business style, such a skirt replaces the usual straight one, bringing femininity and comfort to it. And, of course, this skirt is present in all variations of the feminine retro style. Fashionable A-line maxi skirts and bright mini models in bright colors look very good.

What can you combine with a trapeze skirt?

A-line skirts look good with almost any top, depending on the style chosen. The shoes are also very different; sneakersand cloth shoes are suitable for short skirts in a sporty style, for elegant ones - pumps with “stilettos” and sandals with thin straps. Flat-soled shoes and openwork summer boots are also perfect. Fashionable Roman sandals are most suitable for a-line skirts.

This skirt is versatile and will suit girls with any figure and build. It is good in that it hides imperfections in the hip area without adding volume or emphasizing the waist too much.

This is an ideal option for overweight girls, very fashionable skirts are suitable for high, "to the floor", for those who are lower - knee-length. Plump ladies can successfully replace the traditional narrow skirt with a "trapeze", it creates a more harmonious silhouette and fits less. Graceful mini-length a-line skirts are especially suitable for petite girls. Well, slender and tall, this model will suit all the more, it will emphasize harmony and grace.