Fashionable bags spring-summer 2018: a bright fan of designer novelties

The usual seasonal Fashion Weeks concern not only clothes, accessories are also subject to fashion whims. Fashionable bags spring-summer 2018, demonstrated recently, amaze with the variety and unusual shapes, styles, materials and finishes. At times, bags attracted more attention than other dresses or shoes. It is advisable to take a closer look at the most interesting and iconic models.

Minimalism for Thumbelina

Tiny handbags, apparently made for tiny girls, occupy one of the leading places on the fashion catwalk. Despite the size, which is more similar to a wallet, in which only lipstick and a little trifle can fit, they are executed with taste and thoroughness. Do not criticize the size - a small work of art adequately fulfills its intended purpose, does not burden the hands and is a necessary detail to complete a fashionable look.

The black and white square from Valentino snuggled up to a luxurious dress, his other brainchild consists of two miniatures. Isabel Marant created her masterpieces as part of the look, repeating the colors of the outfit. The smallest perky pale pink handbag came from the Fendi workshop.

Maximalism, born of practicality

Unlike the needs of a lady going to a party, a traveler is not enough just a purse on a strap... Capacious bulky bags, but not shapeless bags - this is what distinguishes active and practical ladies.

A large orange leather orange from Balenciaga stores both a cosmetic bag and many of the essentials, as well as a flamboyant Marc Jacobs bag, while Rachel Comey offers a plump, monochromatic vanity case that is far from being petite.

Shine and shine of metal

Idea, perfectly embodied in the 80s - imitation and use of metal in accessories, now again in trend, but modified and little recognized. In combination with fabric, leather, unique products are created that deserve to be presented among the best in spring-summer 2018.

Michael Kors is faithful himself, inventing new items, now - in blue and gold tones, as always practical, classic Trussardi samples. Luxurious handbags from Louis Vuitton, proudly bearing their own logo, graceful, feminine from Chanel, bright silver patterns - this is Marc Jacobs.

Sets and combinations

Each piece is unique, but uniqueness can be doubled. The design combines two or three small, different-sized things to achieve perfection. Decorations, sometimes funny, add a special charm to ladies' handbags.

Paper doll on a striped tablet and a bright bouquet with an additional Fendi flower, Christopher Kane figurines, multi-colored miniatures from Dcquared2, black lacquer and Lanvin gold chains, a funny pin, apparently from the evil eye, authorship Versus. Altuzarra plays with a fruit and berry theme, plays with tassels.

Cords, braid, straps, tassels

Familiar locks and zippers on women's bags great designers replaced them with simple strings, thereby achieving an amazing effect. Simplicity is the trend for spring-summer 2018, because heading to the beach you can look not too expensive, but always stylish. Lacing, although it seems like a simple solution, has a special charm.

Altuzarra and Salvatore Ferragamo tighten the bags with a cord of the same material, and Alexander Wang also provided the banana with a textured side zipper. In addition to strings, such ladies' bags attract with tassels, straps for attaching to the wrist or waist. Givenchy, Trussardi, J. W. Anderson also presented interesting options.

Brushes of different lengths and splendor turned out to be an excellent addition, or even a material for making the main ladies' accessory. The Wild West theme with its abundance of fluttering cut leather is played up by Giorgio Armani and Coach, Elie Saab has added metal to the brushes. The dark shimmer of bronze creates the effect of wealth and luxury.

Spring, flowers, furs and appliques

Match the theme of Spring / Summer Week, floral prints, appliques, drawings and additions. Flowers are always in trend, they are not subject to time, always by the way on women's bags.

Michael Kors collection is attracted by a rigid box with a blue and white print, Tory Burch has a folding clutch with a cross stitch pattern, a Fendi flap bag is an elegant, stylish thing for a young fashionista or an adult lady... There are even ones decorated with almost real 3D colors.

The theme of the animal world, the use of natural and artificial fur in decoration, is no less relevant. The most fashionable, of course, spotted furs, neither Christopher Kane nor Celine could resist for the portfolio model. Lanvin, Sportmax prefer contrasting zebra, printed in blue and red for the love of animals. A large clutch from Prada is all furry, a beautiful color of coffee with cream, decorated with a wide red belt.

The snake image migrated to spring-summer 2018 and adorned clutches, tablets, waist bags, purses, briefcases. Fendi, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Celine took a great interest in snake prints, and Altuzarra decorated snake skin with fruit embroidery.

Summer, hippies, chains, a riot of imagination

Summer implies liberation and fun. Women's handbags reflect the mood of the authors - joy and a little crazy: floating eyes a la Picasso from Marc Jacobs, the glare of the lake surface of Giorgio Armani, bold clear lines of Versace. From all these divorces, there is nostalgia for the years gone by.

Memory of reckless youth - fascination with chains, belts from Marc Jacobs, John Galliano. Chains, belts instead of handles at Elie Saab, Versace.

End of the circle

If an interesting idea is in the air, designers bring it to life almost simultaneously. Comfortable round handles of fashionable bags for spring and summer appeared in the models of Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, an interesting design with tortoiseshell rings from Givenchy, a small black semicircle with a gold ring from Chloe. The work of Charlotte Olympia captivates with its simplicity, a cheerful parrot in a bamboo frame, while Roksanda chose a classic elongated wallet for its rounded handles with a top clasp in an amazing gray-blue color.


Styled packs - convenient, practical, capacious and beautiful. This package is suitable for beach accessories, and for short shopping, and for visiting the local market, and for a picnic in the park. A lady remains a lady, even her shopping bag must be from a famous designer. Sonia Ryciel settled on pure black and white contrasts, while Paul Smith put together a multi-layered, multi-colored shopping bag. Celine limited itself to a huge white bag with an additional arm strap.

Fashionable envelope bags

The main advantage of small rectangular bags is that they are convenient to hold, pressing them to the body... They do not interfere, they are not heavy, they are safe to store bank cards, cash, necessary women's little things. The stylish handbag looks like a bright bracelet from Salvatore Ferragamo or a continuation of Delpozo's white clothes, a neat blue Prada envelope.

Laconic, much brighter, noticeable products, the catchy design of which attracts, hypnotizes. Bright red Prada calls into the future, while Dolce & Gabbana's informative envelope acts as an announcement. Against this background, the elegant feminine lacquer masterpiece from Christian Dior looks very modest. Calling others to a pizzeria, ice cream parlor, bright wallets carry the logos of the authors.

Very small original purses, fixed on the belt, also serve as a handbag. They are diverse, funny, petite, hide among clothes like Stella McCartney's or deliberately act as a bright spot at the request of Off-White, DRNY. Little cute purses look toy, especially decorated with bows, figures of animals, for example, an elephant from Emporio Armani, a shimmering Kenzo valve.

Rectangular box style, decorated clutches

Sustainable trend of future spring-summer - rectangular shape, rigid frame, patent leather. The bags can overlap, like Dolce & Gabbana, or resemble a Marni duffel, Hermes tightly zipped envelope.

Clutches of spring-summer 2018 are disappointing - they do not have handles and straps, you have to hold them in your hands, and they get in the way a little. However, one should give credit to this model, which is hardly the most glamorous detail of a woman's image. Graceful, elegant rectangles, decorated by outstanding designers, are the pride and elite of fashion catwalks. Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton are the authors of amazing miniatures.

Everything is in our hands, and clutches can also be modified. Cute handbags with handles and straps from Louis Vuitton are the same clutches, but more comfortable. The straps are intricate, long and short, with chains and braids, and. of course, with the names of their creators.

The new life of the backpack

The backpack is an ingenious invention of itinerant citizens. The backpack has now become a fashion accessory, and if we consider that it is an extremely convenient and practical thing, then a bright future is guaranteed for it. The fashion trend of spring-summer 2018 is practicality in everything, and backpacks correspond to it. Undoubtedly, Versache gave this accessory chic and nobility, making it in blue and red tones, supplying it with straps, locks, and an overhead wallet. Design solutions by Maison Margiela, Marc Jacobs are not just interesting, they are stunning! Velvet, silver, Fendi twin handbags are created for fragile, delicate girls and women.

Fabric and straw basket bags

In the spring-summer of this year, basket-type bags, woven from straw will be fashionable or sewn from thick fabric. They are very similar to picnic baskets and can be used just like that, but made with care and in accordance with fashion trends, they are simply summer ladies' handbags. Michael Kors gave his little piece a wooden handle and chain. Charlotte Olympia has created a masterpiece in the shape of a fun flower basket, while Tory Burch has created a classic weave decorated with leather.

Variety of forms and materials

There is no limit to human imagination, but if world-class masters get down to business, this fantasy takes on specific outlines. Spring-summer 2018 changes the idea of ​​the shape of handbags, now it can be striped pillows-poufs from Balenciaga or a neat furry top hat from Hermes. Alexander Wang intertwines the purple bucket with wide straps, marking intersection points with raised buttons.

Many handbags are made in the form of dolls, animals, birds. The masters of the world catwalks are having fun in this way - Thom Brоwnе made a dog, Mochino a bear, Dolce & Gabbana - drums, a guitar, and Chanel made a small robot.