Fashionable bows fall-winter 2021-2022: women's trends in bright photos

Autumn is a great time for cozy gatherings with a book, long walks with friends and bright colors. Therefore, we have collected the most beautiful fashionable bows for autumn and winter 2021-2022. After all, as you know, a bright and stylish image is a good mood, even in spite of bad weather!

This season, designers have decided to give preference to simple and concise things. Normcore, who left the fashion Olympus in 2016, is back in fashion. The styles of military, safari and sport chic remain relevant, which in recent years has simply been breaking all records. Many girls and women appreciated its versatility and convenience and do not want to give it up. Yes, this is not necessary. Sport chic is one of the few styles that is suitable for a business meeting, for an active walk, and for an evening with friends.

The main elements of female images this fall and winter will be:

  • light avant-garde;
  • asymmetry;
  • layering;
  • color block;
  • pastel colors;
  • oversized;
  • a large number of ornaments;
  • bright accessories;
  • unusual ways to wear ordinary things.

It will be easy to assemble a basic wardrobe this fall and winter: just buy a few bright modern basic things that will be combined with each other... For example:

  1. Thin but warm down jacket or jacket. It is better to give preference to loose, non-fitted models or oversized models.
  2. Demi-season coat. Relevant this fall and winter coat-robe, double-breasted coat, straight cut models ankle-length.
  3. Several sweaters or jumpers. Chunky knit sweaters look very stylish.
  4. Cloak or Cardigan. Long knitted cardigans are just the squeak of the season, such a thing (if it is a basic model) will serve you for several seasons and will not go out of fashion for a long time.
  5. Jeans or trousers. If you don't like mom jeans and boyfriends, go for skinny. The fact that they have already gone out of fashion is nonsense, because skinny is the base.
  6. Warm maxi skirt. Pleated skirt or asymmetrical wrap skirt.
  7. Sneakers.
  8. Winter boots or boots. If you gravitate towards a more sporty style, go for military-style tractor-sole boots - a truly versatile option. Boots are very high in fashion this season.
  9. If you wish, you can add a fashionable trouser suit. This item is universal in that it can be worn both in pairs and separately, which increases the number of combinations.
  10. Headdress and scarf (stole).

Quite a lot of items turned out (although these are only basic things), but rarely does anyone assemble a wardrobe from scratch. Usually for the winter, it is enough to buy a few things in order to neatly fit them into the existing wardrobe. And to combine the existing items was easy and pleasant, be inspired by the fashionable looks of fall-winter 2021-2022! Feminine and beautiful looks will serve as a source of ideas and new solutions for your wardrobe.

Fashionable bows fall-winter 2021-2022

Fashionable bow for autumn and winter in orange

Stylish feminine bow for warm autumn 2021

Women's bow with a sheepskin coat for the winter 2021-2022

Amazingly beautiful winter bow for a girl

Bright autumn bow in business style

Delicate feminine onions for autumn

Bright and daring bow with a fur coat for the winter