Fashionable coats fall-winter 2021-2022: bright photo images!

The coat is considered one of the most popular and elegant options for existing outerwear. Fashionable coats can not only emphasize the modernity of the style, but also the taste of their owner. Each new fashion season, fashion designers offer new outerwear, whole collections of vests or windbreakers. Today we will focus on the coat as a separate perfect direction in style.

What new items will be expected by fashionistas among the presented women's coats, offered in the squeaky collections at the Fall-Winter 2020-2021 shows?

This type of clothing will in any case be good in the office and enterprises, where there is a strict dress code, and at a meeting with friends, business negotiations and a romantic date. It is worth noting that the coat looks harmoniously with classic trousers, more sporty jeans and elegant dresses.

What new products to expect this fall?

Among the trends of the 2020-2021 season proposed by designers, among the new products there will be options that were already familiar to women of fashion from previous seasons. These examples can be safely attributed to fashionable cape coats.

Models in retro style are still in fashion. Stylish greetings from fashion shows of the 90s and now look extraordinary and even modern!

include oversized models, as well as the "cocoon" model. For several seasons, these trendy coats have simply been on the list of stylish clothing ratings. But the designers nevertheless made some innovation in the appearance of these models. In the fall-winter 2020-2021 season, they will be decorated with floral prints and a variety of patterns. (animal) prints - leopard and tiger stripes are back at their peak.

White products with a gradient pattern and a coat with fur on the collar will also appeal to beauties who follow the latest trends. These classic and at the same time extravagant models literally struck down the secular fashionistas.

Fashion collections with wide shoulders and short coat-jackets, combined items resembling windbreakers and quilted jackets, do not leave the covers of glossy magazines.

The fall-winter season 2020-2021 will present fashionistas with unique styles, as well as unusual looks with original accessories and additions to collections.

Fashionable coats of the following shades will be in demand in the next season:

  • beige ;
  • cream;
  • gray, dark gray;
  • white, milky white;
  • corporal.

Closer to spring, products of brighter colors and shades will be in fashion. Models of the following colors will be in demand:

  • lavender;
  • deep purple, lilac;
  • sky blue, deep blue;
  • lemon yellow, ocher;
  • pink and bright crimson.

As for the winter period, there are some fashionable innovations that should be expected by the winter 2020-2021.

Winter coats and trendy novelties

For winter, the top will include coats in more practical, dark colors, with deep shades blue, burgundy, rich brown and dark gray colors.

Bright coats with and without fur, the most unexpected shape and design, and immortal classics will be fixed at the height of fashion. So, here are descriptions of just some of the trendy models that can sink into the soul of any fashionista.

Variants of the most popular and demanded models for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season

Option 1. Coat with edging or fur. Faux fur, individual fur parts, fur on the sleeves and collar, also along the longitudinal section.

Option 2. Fashionable coat in a checkered print. This "color" simply breaks all the latest records for the number of sales. This is a real peak of fashion. Models with a checkered print are present in almost every fashion designer presented in the fall-winter 2020-2021 collection.

Option 3. Beige, cream coat. Nude colors are firmly entrenched in all outerwear trends. These pastel shades "stole the hearts" of both young students and mature wealthy women striving for a solid, revealing wardrobe. The most popular styles: oversized and another, original look - a cape coat.

Option 4. Cocoon coat. Unusual cut, plus bright colors - make this bow unusual and eye-catching. These models are more often presented in monochrome colors, as well as prints with floral and geometric themes.

Option 5. Plush, fur coats. Cozy models, vaguely reminiscent of neat fur coats, filled the fashionable stage, and fell in love with young ladies and young women. These products are made using artificial fur. It allows you to combine classic and at the same time creativity in one product in the form of complementing bright prints.

Option 6. Jacket coat. Lovers of fashionable short jackets and coats will especially like this model and will leave an indelible impression for a long time. Shorter, "lightweight" styles are more suitable for relatively cool autumn and warm spring. Models are often complemented with straps that emphasize the slender female silhouette.

Option 7. Bright models. For the cold period, bright shades will become in demand, which will dilute cloudy days and make them a little more fun. Intense green, orange, lemon, sky blue and pale pink colors will dilute the dull gray cold days with bright shades and will give warmth and comfort to all passers-by who meet ladies in these products.

Option 8. Cape coat. This is a kind of "cape" that suits older girls. After all, this is a more solid, practical look, which has convenience and an incomparably beautiful and unusual style. Good because it suits every type of figure: both for a thin woman and for a lady with curvaceous forms. It is with this that the product will conquer more than one female heart striving for fashion.

Option 9. Long. A floor-length product is a great occasion to emphasize femininity and softness of character. Most often presented in monochrome, but a small amount of decor is acceptable. Plaid coats on the floor will look beautiful: classically neat and unusual in a modern way.

Option 10. Coat with an "animal" print. Drawing "leopard" or "tiger", frankly speaking, for an amateur, or rather an amateur, but always attracts the eyes and delays them for a long time. Among the fashionable novelties of the 2020-2021 season, this is one of the completely atypical products that claim to be the leader among young people and the older female contingent.

Each product and chosen direction in style or color tone is unique and beautiful in its own way, but not every girl will suit certain styles and directions. You should choose carefully, with taste, but no one forbids experimenting! It is enough to choose a couple of fashionable options in order to determine exactly what is needed in this particular case.

Any of the listed products fits into an ordinary toilet, and will also look great at any social event. It is enough to competently combine a fashionable coat with the right accessories and emphasize the style with suitable makeup - and voila, the bow will be stunning!