Fashionable colors fall-winter 2019-2020 according to Pantone

The Panton Institute announced the main colors of fall and winter 2019. All design houses are listening to his recommendations. The palette was presented to the general public at Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, New York. So, what colors should you use to replenish your wardrobe in order to be in trend in autumn and winter?

10 main shades of the autumn-winter season

Fashionable colors according to Panton are diverse and unpredictable. The credo of the scale of the upcoming season is many-sidedness. Now every woman can choose her own combination. We present 10 basic colors.

Chili Pepper

Deep and warm red adds piquancy to the image, makes it spectacular and exciting. It looks advantageous in monochrome and in collaboration with other options from the palette of the "autumn-winter" season. Sand, beige, taupe balance the "burning passion".

Red bike

Feel free to choose a deep and energetic red, if you are the owner of color type "Spring" or color type "Winter". Combine a trendy color with cream or black and show confidence in the world.

Peach Cream

Extremely soft and feminine shade to face of a romantic and dreamy person. Dresses made of satin or silk in a delicate orange-pink interpretation are the perfect bow for the fall-winter season.

Peach pink

Life-affirming color continues the fruit palette. Orange and coral notes add intensity to it.

Rocky road

A version of natural brown originated from the heart nature itself. Despite the primordial and naturalness, it is distinguished by nobility. Color looks convincing in trouser suits, individual elements of clothing: blazer, Cheburashka fur coat made of faux fur.

Fruit pigeon

Trendy colors spring-summer rely on brightness... Juicy color is the choice of bold and determined girls who are not used to being in the shade. It is used in light dresses, blouses and outerwear. "Fruit Dove" creates interesting ensembles with cream, beige, light purple.

Sugar almonds

Sweet, seductive brown with hints caramel, which you just want to eat. Its warmth is emphasized by the olive, yellow colors of the clothes.

Dark Cheddar

Intense fashionable mix of yellow and orange associated with the noble English cheese. The texture of wool, silk convey the depth of "Dark Cheddar". It is especially good in combination with emerald and turquoise.

Blue Galaxy

Before us is a messenger from space. Deep blue is the perfect base for a business or formal look. Metallic texture accessories add weightlessness to the look.

Copper sulfate

The color took from nature calmness, confidence. Subtle mother-of-pearl adds sophistication. Self-sufficient color looks good in combination with black, gray, beige.

Other fashionable colors of the fall-winter season

The palette from the Panton Institute would not be so versatile and versatile without others bright new products.

Orange Tiger

Passionate and energetic "beast" burst into the autumn-winter palette, like a true owner. He says no to autumn blues and boring winter evenings. Dresses, blouses, suits made of velor, velvet, wool and bright accessories will make you the queen of the party. Photos of flowers confirm this.


Dark green from the heart of nature is one of the trends of the fall-winter 2019-2020 season. Fur coats, dresses, suits made of high-quality materials will warm you in cold weather and create an elegant look. Eden is good with Orange Tiger and Dark Cheddar.


Fashionable clothes look more like pink punch than a ripe berry. Light and cheerful symbol of summer fits organically into autumn wardrobe.

Wine Merlot

Expensive and seasoned shade is not needed company. His solo sounds especially bright if it is velvet, velor or fur.

Summer figs

Bright red with orange notes - the king of the autumn-winter fashion season. This is an unexpected solution for the cold season. It looks organic in cold weather combined with a darker range.

Coffee chicory

This is the deepest shade of future seasons... Looking at it, it seems that you are sipping an invigorating drink in small sips.

Antique moss

This is an unexpected name for a bright yellow-green color. His mission is to breathe summer optimism into the autumn blues.

Forest biome

Rich green is one of the main contenders for the title of the brightest accent of the autumn-winter season. The presence of a dress or suit of this shade in the wardrobe is a sign of a fashionable girl.

Soft brown

Caramel becomes even more delicate in the frame of rich colors.


Fashionable "tasty" orange-golden color we know from childhood. The combination with lilac turns a casual bow into a festive one.


A fashionable version of purple can be compared to a muted purple. He emphasizes femininity. The lace or guipure texture makes it especially delicate.

Basic Mini Palette by Pantone

Bright Fall / Winter 2019 colors complement 7 trendy neutral shades. In monochrome and ensemble are used:

beige and white "Vanilla custard";

noble and deep dark blue;

light gray "Dove";

bright green Guacamole;

light beige "Rutabaga";

rich and natural "Green Olive";

Balanced Frost Gray.

Autumn and winter colors open up dizzying fashion prospects. One thing is clear - you won't be bored with them. Choose shades based on your style, age and replenish your wardrobe with fashionable novelties.