Fashionable colors in clothes for spring-summer 2022

The color palette of the upcoming summer season has moved away from acid shades and surprisingly combined the rapid pace of progress, the unhurried tread of nature and the eternal striving of the human soul for heavenly pleasure, freedom, harmony. Bright, clean tones, delicate powdery and muted dark shades are relevant.

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2016 is a huge space of options that allows you to express your individuality in clothes and does not have clear gender differences. Two worlds, male and female, have become closer, and summer is an excellent reason to destroy stereotypes, erase boundaries, and feel happiness in all its manifestations.

Top-parade of the most fashionable colors

The Panton Institute, a recognized expert in the world of fashion trends and color combinations, offers the ten most popular solutions for the spring-summer 2022 season. romantic names beckon to plunge into the sunny atmosphere and recharge the energy of nature.

Rose Quartz

Recognized as the favorite of the upcoming summer season, due to its lightness and versatility. It suits romantic blondes, bright brunettes, and calm brown-haired women. A business lady with a gentle soul in a light cloud of a summer sunset - this is how they present their models in pink with a subtle milky undertone Herve Leger and Emporio Armani. The trouser suit from Stella McCartney showcases boyish recklessness.

Peachy aftertaste

Orange has taken on a whole new dimension this summer. Excessive brightness went away and a slightly pinkish undertone appeared. Elegant models in the most delicate colors of ripe peach from Lera Rose Cristian Siriano fascinate with flowing silhouettes, and a small futuristic dress from Roberto Cavalli invites you to plunge into the world of adventure.

Sereneti or serenity

The wondrous beauty of the blue sky in a light misty haze is "Sirenity", an echo of tranquility, serenity, a symbol of laconic elegance and sophistication. The fashionable solution is readily used in their collections by Bibhu Mohaparta, Carven, Dior.

Underwater blue

One of the brightest, most refreshing and joyful accents of the spring-summer season calls to dive into endless depth mysterious lagoon, energizes and cheerful. Many designers could not pass by this tone. But it looks especially charming in Moschino, Hermes, Michael Kors.

Sun Buttercup

Flying dresses from Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Prabal Gurung demonstrate the magnificent play of rich yellow. An unpretentious plant, soaked through and through with warm sun rays, will not allow you to be sad or go unnoticed. The powerful energy of yellow is a bright touch of a contrasting image.

Mother-of-pearl shell

Delicate turquoise with a touch of mother-of-pearl conceals exquisite sophistication and a sea of ​​latent energy. The laconic elegance of models from Cristian Sirano and Oscar de la Renta exudes a vibe of calm and serene summer happiness.


Bright purple, generously diluted with classic gray, reminds of summer twilight, unexpectedly appearing and quickly disappearing thunderclouds, morning fog over the water surface. It is impossible not to fall in love with him, which is what Ctline, Emporio Armani, Carven did.

Fiesta - joyful red

Indefatigable orange and delicious red, merging in a sparkling union, gave the world a wonderful color " Fiesta ", which is so self-sufficient that it does not require complex silhouettes and additional accessories. This is successfully demonstrated by Hermes, Prabal Gurung, Ralph Lauren.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee invigorates, cools on a sultry afternoon and brings a note of calm peace to the bright summer colors... The light brown tones of a graceful dress from Lanvin and a naughty one from Rick Owen are perfect for an evening walk, and a strict outfit from Stella McCartney for an unexpected business meeting that can end with a dinner in a cozy restaurant.

Green beam

The summer sun, leaving the horizon, illuminates everything with the last bright green flash. This unusual phenomenon gave its name to a new shade that conquered the world catwalks. For memorable moments in life, you need to choose a decent frame. Giambattista Valli and Vetemens offer an abundance of frills and flounces, Jeremi Scott prefers simple silhouettes.

All options are great and deserve the utmost attention, but there are tones that neither fashionistas nor designers will ever refuse. From year to year they appear on the catwalks, demonstrate enviable stability, and the upcoming spring-summer season is no exception.

Achromatic solutions: black, white, silver-gray

All the color palette can be decomposed into the components of the rainbow spectrum, and only black and white are indivisible. Their combinations in various proportions give gray of varying degrees of saturation. These ever-fashionable colors are noble, perfectly combined with each other and with other shades. They are not threatened with oblivion on the catwalks, which is confirmed by the latest fashion shows.

Black still prefers to lead alone. Magnificent models from Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli, Jason Wu present classic black in the most favorable light.

Luminous white perfectly enhances the beauty of a tanned body. Giambattista Valli and Jason Wu did not ignore it, like black, and Dior presents a flirty model from a short top and graceful shorts.

Silver gray has taken on an eccentric, futuristic look. Metallic dresses with tints of silver and steel presented to the public by Blumarine, Paul & Joe, Tracy Reese.

The Ponton version is undoubtedly authoritative, and the black and white scale is always relevant. But what about girls who do not see themselves in these colors? The answer is simple: pay attention to the other trendy colors of the upcoming season.

Spring and summer in bright colors

With the arrival of spring, nature comes to life, and designers willingly use a colorful palette in their collections. The new spring-summer season is naturalness, purity, naturalness.

Indigo- rather deep, but rich blue with a noticeable hint of violet, cannot be attributed to dark or dull tones. Dresses from Altuzarra, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren can become the highlight of your summer wardrobe. Moreover, indigo is the favorite of New York Fashion Week.

Persimmon- slightly muffled, earthy tone, but it does not occupy brightness. If you gravitate towards orange, take a closer look at this option and shine in outfits from Balmain, Altuzarra, Osman.

Papaya- golden yellow made a splash at fashion shows. Expressive tones with an orange hint were preferred by Prabal Gurung and Oskar de la Renta, softer tangerine ones - demonstrated by Esteban Cortazar.

Scarlet- in this magnificence you will definitely get your Oscar. Let not the red carpet, but in real life - it's even better. Dresses from Oskar de la Renta, Lanvin, Vetements are a choice of bold and passionate natures.

Coralis a calmer and more peaceful version of red. If scarlet seems too aggressive to you, choose pinkish shades and orange undertones offered by Emporio Armani, Roland Mouter, Valentin Yudashkin.

Amethyst- the royal color of the precious stone, which has become a noticeable highlight in the fashion shows of Lanvin, Alberta Ferretti, Tadashi Shoji. All shades, from pale purple to deep purple, are present on the catwalks and definitely deserve attention.

Shimmering gold- can be almost silver or acquire a deep copper undertone, but in any case it is incomparable in the interpretation of Diane von Furstenberg, Paco Rabbane, Sonia Rukiel.

Pink bubble gumis an ultra-bright splash that will suit shocking and daring girls. One glance at the models from Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Moschino is enough to understand that the fashionable trick was invented just for such persons.

Raspberry punch- color fantasy excites, like young wine, and refreshes, like cool fresh. Berry colors are successfully demonstrated by Louis Vuetton, Marchesa, Moschino.

Soft pastels

The transparent spring sky and the summer colors slightly faded under the bright sun dictate the fashion for transparent and slightly powdered semitones. Choose your pastel palette and enjoy its subtle beauty.

Periwinkle- this delicate bluish-lilac flower gave its name to the shade that conquered the catwalks in the inimitable collections from Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Tadaschi Shoji.

Pale pinkis a slightly dusty and washed-out version of rose quartz. Looks great both in chiffon dresses and light jackets from Emporio Armani, elegant trouser suits from Mara Hoffman, Trussardi.

Sandstorm- how difficult it is to express in words the magnificence of a mesmerizing natural phenomenon, it is just as difficult to describe all the nuances of this soft beige, with earthy notes of the palette. She is represented by Celine, Diane von Furstenberg, Jil Sanders.

Taupe or nutshell- this color cannot be called a favorite of the catwalks, but in almost every collection it has a worthy place... Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Balmain dressed their models in light brown tones.

Ivory or milkis a great alternative to white. It goes well with many colors, including black, but it can also perform as a solo part, like in Opening Ceremorg, Hermes, Trussardi.

Pink champagne- the color of a light blush, the first girlish powder and a dusty rose slightly touched by wilting. Such masters as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Tagashi Shodji could not pass by him.

Yellow chiffon- this semitone can be called that way, because it is transparent, like the most delicate veil fabric, and looks amazing in light, flying chiffon dresses from Prabal Gurung, Hugo Boss, Alberta Ferretti.

Dark colors

The spring-summer season is not always a holiday, no one canceled work, cool evenings, not very good weather. For such cases, a dark, muted color in clothes comes in handy.

Mossy greenis warm, cozy, truly natural, and many designers have noted it in their collections. Gorgeous patent leather from Nina Ricci, smooth silk from Philup Lim, delicate lace from Gucci. The same color is included in TOP-10 colors of spring-summer 2020.

Dark emerald- intense and at the same time slightly muted with a light gray note. It expresses its character better alone or with small additions, which was emphasized by Jason Wu, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta.

Subdued blue- noble, sophisticated, looks great in fabrics with a pronounced texture. Can be used in casual wear - Lacoste, Philip Lim, and evening - Roland Mouter.

Marsala- this wine shade, smoothly shifted into summer from autumn-winter shows, is a great solution for unisex styles - Chloe, urban - Trussardi, athletic - Stella McCartney.

Khaki- calm, practical, organically fits into the "military" style, which many girls do not refuse even in summer. Unusual combinations of this tone with black were presented by Alexander Wang and Versace, to combine khaki with white - the choice of Celine.

Oliveis another variation on the theme of green and a contender for the title of the most fashionable accent of the coming spring. A warm natural shade was noted in the collections of Celine, Nina Ricci, Olympia Le Tan.

Coffeeis not the most popular color for a hot summer. But, dark roasted coffee is the best start to an early morning and a good end to a pleasant evening. Balmain, Valentino, Michael Kors think so.

Rusty copper- a shade with a masculine character found its embodiment in the romantic style models of the 70s. Chalayan, Giambattista Valli, Sonya Rukiel breathed life into this color.

Gray quartz- unusually deep and rich, evokes thoughts of London fogs and, not indulging in an abundance of sun, Scandinavian weather. The richness of this tone is reflected in the shows of Jil Sander, Nicholas K, Emporio Armani.

So, ladies, you have at your disposal a magnificent palette of the spring-summer season. Choose, mix and match and be great.