Fashionable colors of clothes fall-winter 2017-2018 according to Pantone

Fashion designers, as experienced artists, each season paint a specific color palette to suit the most sophisticated tastes. Those who are not ready to say goodbye to summer will undoubtedly be pleased with the fashionable colors of the fall-winter 2017-2018. The coming cold season will appeal to those who like to combine things and surprise everyone with unconventional fashion motives.

Alizarin Crimson

A bold red with a warm undertone, takes first place in the 2017-2018 collections. Soft shapes without sharp corners lend femininity and create an unfinished effect. Together with a defiant bright color scheme, it looks outside the box and attracts the eye. A deep red lipstick completes the look and adds a touch of sensuality. The abundance of this shade could be seen in the shows of Adam Selman and Monse. Dresses of various lengths with oblique corners and accessories in the form of massive pendants have caused a storm of delight among fashionistas in New York. Buckled boots and wide belts looked good against the backdrop of luxurious red linen. Make autumn passionate!

Plum blossom

Deep dark color is best suitable for the period fall-winter 2017-2018. Relaxed styling and plush fabrics create a comfortable feel. Ideal for party at home. Intense plum predominated among models Jason Wu and Victoria Beckham. All clothes were presented in the "comfort and lightness" style. Femininity and strength were able to unite in this show, and at first glance it was clear what thought the designer was pursuing. Winter will be cozy and warm.

Fashionable lavender

This color is probably never will not cease to be one of the most loved in the fashion industry. Delicate and glamorous, this special shade of pink will make any outfit 2017-2018. fashionable. An elegant, fashionable lavender-colored suit is able to fill a cloudy day with light and give its mistress confidence and optimism. Christian Sirano used lavender in almost every piece. Delicate dresses and formal suits of this shade gave the models a dreamy look. Together with suede shoes and light boots in pastel colors, it looked original. Pink autumn will give you many pleasant moments.

Trends have already changed. See here trendy colors for fall 2019.

Antique brass for autumn

Warm and modest color reminiscent of the wet sand of the seashore. But be sure - it will not get lost among other fashionable colors and will take its place in the wardrobe of lovers of calm tones in clothes. Do not be afraid to experiment: let it be light flying fabrics. Autumn will still bring warm days, and you can enjoy this grace to your fullest. Marc Jacobs used brass as a color for streetwear. High platform shoes and voluminous hats were perfect for light dresses and pantsuits.

Deep Blue

Another dark color from pantone. Cocktail and formal dresses of this color look dizzying. Visually makes the silhouette smaller and emphasizes the open areas of the body. Suitable for fair-skinned women and lovers of bright makeup. Winter will open up new possibilities for outfits: a corporate meeting or a trip to the theater - this color will be appropriate everywhere. The fashion designer Phillip Lim, using the blue palette, wanted to strive for boldness and individuality in his collection. Severe autumn and elegant winter in blue colors.

Neutral gray

Definitely one of the most delicate trends colors fall-winter 2017-2018 Cold months are just around the corner and light soothing shades of gray will come in handy. Irreplaceable assistants to business women who prefer traditional style. Thom Browne and Alexander Wang take gray as a base for its ability to pair well with black. Unusual asymmetries were observed in their new cuts and the eye was constantly drawn to interesting mesh prints.

Shaded Spruce

The rest of the shades are forced to move to this gorgeous green shade has shown itself in all its glory. Refined, dark and elegant, it is perfect for winter outfits. Brandon Maxwell has made use of green in sophisticated evening wear. Oscar de la Renta uses it in cardigans and original skirts. Flowing fabrics and an airy effect are combined with formal jackets.

Golden Lime - Keep Winter Bright

Green and yellow combined to give golden lime to its full glory. The rich gold color scheme will make the most neutral outfit a real masterpiece. According to Panton, this color is capable of giving cheerfulness and activity to its owners. Designers Tory Burch and j. Crew agree with this and have generously added lime to their collections. And if for j. Crew it is mainly trousers, a coat and numerous gold embroidery, then for Tory Burch it is evening dresses and stunning blouses. Color autumn and winter with gold!


We have already seen the dark representative of the blue family, now it is the turn of bright colors. Perfectly paired with red, white and gray, aquamarine will bring freshness and brightness to any of the 2017-2018 suits. The Raf Simons and Calvin Klein collaborative collection was replete with aquamarine accents and one-piece pieces. Elegant loose-fitting coats with wide shoulders and tight floor-length trousers were recognized as the standard of style.

Autumn maple

The time has come bright and rich autumn color. Certainly cool autumn and frosty winter require rich colors and new solutions in styles. Coach 1941 and Proenza Schouler presented an orange explosion at their shows. The elegant dresses featured a rich plaid print.

All possible lengths and abundance of drawings in the ensembles catch the eye. Designers focused mainly on the younger generation offered a wide selection of accessories and surprised with the abundance of fur collars.