Fashionable Coral Skirt - Stylish Combinations 2022

"Clara stole the corals from Karl..." She, most likely, did not even suspect that this color would become very fashionable. Having seen a thing of such a “tasty” color in a store, it is hard to resist the temptation to buy it, because it is one of the most fashionable elements of a summer wardrobe.

How do you recognize this coral color? According to colorists, it has a pink-orange hue. In fact, there are many shades of coral, ranging from rich (closer to red) to delicate (salmon). The main question arises - what to wear with a coral skirt? And here the main thing is not to overdo it with flowers. The law “more is better than less” does not apply in this case.

Things of neutral colors go well with this color, beige, white, peach are perfect. Combine the skirt with blouses, tops. It is best to choose shoes with heels, so the outfit will look more spectacular. They can be either open - sandals or classic closed. stylish ballet flats are also suitable for a casual option. Shoes can be matched to the tone of the skirt and the tone of the blouse.

Coral skirts can be worn by girls with any type of figure, there are no restrictions! When choosing a model of medium length, pay attention to the silhouette: an inflated belt will create a thin waist, lengthen your legs, and make your hips seductive. If you add shoes with heels, in this case, the legs become simply endless.

Wear a high-waisted coral skirt paired with a cropped bustier top, one of the hottest new additions to summer. Such a top with a floral print will look very romantic. Be neat, it fits perfectly only on those with a slender waist.

The classic combination is a coral skirt with a beige or peach-colored shirt. You won't look boring because coral is a very bright color. Apart from light pastel colors, it goes well with classic black.

Choose a tight black top or a provocative sheer chiffon blouse with a neckline. To this outfit, heels to match the skirt and a small black clutch are well suited.

Ruffled models are great combined with tops, simple T-shirts, denim shirts, giving the image romance and femininity. Long and short pleated models are in fashion equally.

The skirt does not have to be monochromatic, white polka dots will look very flirty. Pay special attention to accessories - wide bracelets, coral beads, bags, glasses, earrings. You can simply tie a light silk scarf around your neck. Don't forget to cover your nails with coral varnish.

If you want to look even brighter, choose a contrasting top. A blouse with a deep blue color is perfect.

Despite the fact that coral is a rather complex color, you can choose clothes of different colors to match it. Combine it with white, black, beige, peach and you can never go wrong!