Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2017: a bright whirlwind of design ideas

The approaching warm season makes you think about what will be in fashion now, what are they, fashionable dresses for spring-summer 2017. A quick acquaintance with the photos of models presented at Fashion Weeks, gives an overall impression of the richness and variety of summer clothes. Freedom and daring - this is the main thesis of the novelties of the spring-summer 2017 collection.

Courage, imagination and freedom

Courage and freedom can be traced in the styles of Monse, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab - open shoulders, high vents, loose fit of the skirt that does not restrict movement. The play of color is also interesting - contrasting details that make up a single whole, and softly shifting shades of blue. The female figure is well defined, despite the asymmetry of the bodice.

Hot days of spring-summer 2017 dictate their own requirements for clothing. Maximum freedom of cut, color, pattern is ideally embodied in the light haven of snails from Temperley London, exotic fruits scattered on the heavenly Altuzarra dress, funny Dolce & Gabbana.

Openness, simplicity, comfort distinguish the fashionable creations of Cristian Siriano, Celine with their soft enveloping silhouette and eye-catching large color spots-strokes.

Another theme - freedom to airiness, no restrictions, tenderness, beauty and grace. Surreal bluish colors, the fabric falls, only outlining the outlines of the figure, even a noticeable coquette on the Monique Lhuillier product looks like a flower spider web. The creations of Emilio Pucci, Chirstian Siriano are like a summer cloud falling on the catwalk.

For spring coolness

The unstable weather of early spring, a cool summer evening require covering a delicate female body. A series of new products with long sleeves, familiar and unusual collars, presented on the catwalks, gives the creators of women's clothing a starting point for creating interesting styles for friendly parties and for everyday wear.

Feminine fit, neat stand-up collar, tight sleeves, unobtrusive appliqué make a discreet dress from Prada in dark beige - ideal for a business lady. The outfits of Tibi and Emilio Pucci are also interesting, stylish, elegant, although they have left the fashion pedestal, they are quite suitable for every day.

Shine and shine

Fabric is the most important component of any woman's dress. Bright, saturated, shimmering in the sun, it creates additional volume and attracts attention. A black dress read by Saint Laurent, tight in the hips, but loose in the shoulders, a red creation by Isabel Marant and a pale blue masterpiece from Kenzo is the hallmark of the spring-summer 2017 season.

Sparkling can be multi-colored, like an interesting, intricate cut of a Marc Jacobs confetti dress or a neatly fitting female figure with a white moon glow, an embodiment of the idea of ​​Alexander Wang. The win-win gold shine is good even on a simple evening dress by Monique Lhuillier.

The noble sparkle of silver is beneficial to any model. A deeply lowered evening dress from Marchesa, a short girlish tunic from the Versus Versace workshop or an amazingly beautiful voluminous, as if poured out of silver, creation of Carolina Herrera - the color emphasizes the femininity and grace of the products.

The neckline is always in trend

Naked neck, shoulders, upper chest always attract attention, framed by an interesting dress, doubly. In the spring-summer period, the neckline is justified by nature, the deep neckline is an obligatory part of the dress code of ladies' evening dresses. Clothing designers often turn to this detail, creating the most interesting, magical styles. David Koma bares the shoulders with an emphasis on the sleeve-buff, the classic Saint Laurent school is recognizable for the strict silhouettes, deep narrow necklines.

A stunning flowy, embroidered dress from Temperley London rivals Elie Saab's extraordinary creations. Isabel Marant and Giambattista Valli brought perky girls to the podium at the party. The Altuzarra outfit is for a lady who is busy with important matters in the summer heat.

Fashionable play of colors and contrasts

Haute couture represents completely unreal, but amazing beauty models that amaze with the combination of colors, play of contrasts. Dresses Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane, Yohji Yamamoto incredibly combine modesty and promiscuity, nudity and closeness, classic and modern.

Dresses, designed in one color, attract details - a sleeve-buff, vertical gathering, a combination of pleated and smooth fabric, loops and bows. The colors are juicy, saturated - dense violet, bright blue, muted turquoise.

Bordeaux, blood red, scarlet - all shades of red paraded on the stage, exciting the minds and feelings. Fatal Lady from Celine, strict and unyielding from Emporio Armani, seemingly transparent, airy girl from Cristian Dior.

Cute floral print

Floral patterns, fabrics, completely painted with large and small buds, leaves, flowers, swirling in a round dance - a characteristic feature of the spring-summer 2017 season. Cute youth dresses from Marc Jacobs and Philosophy, light, with wide flowing sleeves that bring coolness on a hot day, aroused the interest of representatives of the fashion industry. A very summer light Erdem long robe can be worn by a lady over 20 years old.

Satin, silk, poplin are ideal in warm weather. Fendi, Carolina Herrera, Victoria Backham presented a fashionable line of outfits made from natural fabrics, quite naturally, with a floral print. The styles are diverse, multifunctional, suitable for a country walk, a picnic in the park, shopping, the colors are also suitable for business and office clothes.

Flowers are good for smart clothes. On fashion catwalks - creations by Michael Kors, Philosophy for quiet summer evenings and perky model Giambattista Valli - for a meeting with friends, a cocktail party.

The eternal intrigue of the female body

translucent fabrics. They play on the theme of Christian Dior and Temperley London, enveloping young girls and older ladies in a translucent white cloud. Even the thick black tone does not seem so sad when performed by Carolina Herrera.

Candid outfits of Giambattista Valli, Fendy, not concealing, but emphasizing underwear are not shocking, the unspoken rules of reasonable modesty are observed here. The styles are quite complex, with well-developed details. Of particular interest is the asymmetric semi-open dress from Simone Rocha, with a closed, even puritanical bodice and a completely different continuation of it - a multi-level transparent skirt, with a winning finish with sewing.

Familiar ruffles and frills

Women's clothing has always been distinguished by the presence of various decorations, interesting styles, bright colors. Warehouses, frills, ruffles add airiness and volume to the outfit, make it interesting and unusual. Alexander McQueen has created something weightless, flying out of frills. An attractive and seemingly strict black open dress from Altuzarra, delicate and feminine. Gucci also managed to create a futuristic costume, as if descended from the pages of science fiction novels.

Lace, sewing, ruffles and a cascade of ruffles give the garment tenderness and romanticism, emphasizing the grace and slenderness of the figure. The high slit of the openwork black Alberta Ferretti dress, lace frills and wide lacing do not allow the product to be classified as strict. Romanticism and frivolity are the hallmarks of the amazing creations of Roberto Cavalli and Philosophy.

Variations on the theme of the shirt

The spring-summer 2017 season brought back interest in the shirt, but not the usual office attire, but a shirt-dress, a shirt-tunic, a shirt in which one is not ashamed to go to an evening party. The latter is presented by the Altuzarra workshop in blue, with an original knot at the waist. The youth reading of the Monse tunic shirt is complemented by a red belt, and the office options are worn by DKNY and Fendi models.

The same cut, familiar striped fabric, but the Ermanno Scervino suit is designed for a youth party, a beach walk, a picnic, like a top with a long skirt by Adam Selman.

Fashionable tartan fraternity

The banal plaid at Fashion Weeks gets a new reading, claims to be the first in the ratings, while remaining all the same cute, familiar, home cell. A girly outfit from Peter Pilotto's workshop, adorned with fun appliqués, a wide, pretentious sash will suit female students on vacation, and a serious outfit from Carolina Herrera for older girls. The perky cut of the House of Holland model makes you smile - ruffles, bell-bottoms, open summer shoulders and the same checkered tie.

Endless prints

Mysterious circles, triangles, zodiac signs and other images that cannot be described - a collection of clothes fashion catwalks of world fashion capitals. This piece from Creatures of the Wind was truly created by the wind, mixing up white-gray-black colors in cabalistic circles. Emilio Pucci serrated rings fit the body beautifully, shoes and handbag complete the impression. A trouser suit from Mary Kartantzo, where a huge stylized zodiac circle successfully outlines the waist, is also for the lover.

As if hand-knitted circles from Alexander McQueen fold into an openwork composition. It echoes with her work by Missoni, now a really knitted set, a multi-colored summer suit with clear stripes. Balmain also chose stripes, but vertical, giving grace and harmony to the lady.

Little black dress

This outfit, which went down in fashion history with the light hand of Coco Chanel, has not lost its relevance and today. Almost all fashion designers turn to this topic, regardless of whether it is really small or a full-fledged evening dress. An open low-cut Carolilna Herrera model with a clear waistline and a wide cascading skirt is versatile. The work of Alberta Ferretti is also not unambiguous, open shoulders and discreet decoration of the bodice allow you to put it on in connection with a sad event and shine in it at a reception. More specifically, a dress from Celine that leaves little doubt about reasons for sadness.

High fashion samples

The designer's imagination creates unusual images, not always practical, but interesting in terms of styles, cut, performance, color combinations. The photo only partially gives an idea of ​​the new products that appear on the catwalks.

A classic combination of black and red, complemented by lowered sleeves elegantly, like all Versace models. Wraps around the silhouette, a little black Proenza Schouler dress, surprising with unexpected windows on the left. Equally original is the Proenza Schouler solution - a wide asymmetrical striped skirt is interestingly combined with a plain blue bodice, decorated with slits in the form of leaflets.