Fashionable earrings spring-summer 2022: bright trends and hot news

Spring and summer are the best times to try on new earrings. And even if there is no way to update the wardrobe, new earrings are something that can budget (or not) refresh your image. So, what have the designers prepared for this hot season?

In this article:

Large dangling earrings

The trend for large earrings has been going on for several years, and it seems that it is not going to slow down. In the spring and summer of 2022, designers presented such options again.

Shells and sea motif

Last year's unabashed trend - fashionable shells on cute ears. Sun, sand and sea - this is the motto of fashionable earrings for summer 2022!

Large rings

the form of a ring, have undergone stylish changes. Now designers are advising double models, in which the ring is attached to another decorative piece.


Simple rings are too boring. In the spring and summer of 2022, any of the most daring options are in fashion:

  1. from pearls,
  2. with rhinestones,
  3. multi-tiered rings.

Beetles, animatistic and natural motives

Do you like to "fool around" in the image, while remaining serious? Fashionable earrings with bugs, animals, snakes will add even the strictest look to the spirit of rebellion and mischief.

Pearls in all forms

New for this season - pearls of the wrong forms. Drops, elongated details, fancy shapes - the more unusual pearls on your earrings are, the better.

Chains and chains

Designers suggest wearing very large chains around the neck, and small hanging chains are suitable for earrings. They look very beautiful and add chic and charm to any everyday outfit.

What is higher in the photo - designer fantasies, for life you can choose more relaxed options with elements of fashionable novelties.

Spherical motif on earrings

Spheres on earrings are the main fashion trend of spring-summer 2022. Plastic, metal or pearl. On circles, chains or straight from the ears - choose yourself.

Stones and minerals

Long forgotten stones and minerals have returned to fashion. Moreover, not necessarily natural. After all, real stones of such a “fashionable” size are hard to wear. Imitation stone plastic does the job perfectly. Now they do not hesitate to use plastic even in the suite.

Different earrings for different ears

Last year's trend for one large earring has undergone a transformation. Now there are still two earrings, but different, decorated in the same style. Some people like it, some don't, but this technique will definitely attract attention and add "raisins" to any image.

Fashionable geometry

Too colorful earrings with rhinestones are gone into the past - geometry is in vogue. Moreover, this is a general trend that can be traced not only in jewelry, but also in clothing. Clear shapes and straight lines will allow not only to be a stylish item to update the image, but also to leave it as a basic accessory for all time.

These are, perhaps, all the main trends. Whichever fashionable earrings you choose, remember that the most important decoration is sparkle in your eyes and a good mood!