Fashionable Evening Dresses 2022: a celebration of the celebration of life!

At least several times a year, every woman has several reasons - appearances, when she wants to shine no worse than Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Sequins, sequins, feathers, fringe, velvet, asymmetry, open back and even trouser suits have hit the main trends of fashionable evening dresses in 2022 and solemn outfits. The variety of options offered by fashion designers allows you to choose an outfit for a woman of any height and build.

In this article:

The main trend is sequins

Another thousand years back Indian girls adorned their clothes with sequins, which served as thin metal plates, specially treated insect wings and even fish scales. Now sequins are made mainly of plastic - a cheaper and lighter material, but they look very impressive, shimmering in the light with all the colors of the rainbow.

Many years later, such decoration of women's outfits is still relevant. Many designers try to convince fashionistas that there is a place for sequins in everyday looks, but due to a lack of sense of style, casual bows with sequins can look tasteless.

With an evening dress, such a situation is almost impossible, because where else to shine, if not at a party. In addition, a fashionable evening look in sequins can be of any style: from running to the floor to a free mini. This allows you to match the bow to each type of figure.

Colors are also not limited to gold, silver and bronze. Delicate beige, pink (from a discreet dusty rose to bright fuchsia), various shades of green and blue, black and a chameleon outfit will be relevant.

When buying a fashionable item in shiny scales, it is important to consider one nuance - it can only be washed by hand in warm or cool water. This way you can be sure that the sequins will not crumble and paint will not peel off them.

Shimmering lurex in evening dress

In addition to sequins, there is another way to shine in the spotlight at a party - will put on a stylish dress with lurex. The price for such items is usually not as high as for products with sequins, where you have to sew on each scale (and often by hand). After all, lurex is a thin fiber of aluminum in a polyester sheath, added to the main thread during the manufacture of the fabric.

The length and style of a product with lurex can be very diverse. There is only one condition here - the model must emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. This is especially true for obese women. They need to approach the selection of the style as responsibly as possible, because the metal thread not only gives shine, but also visually slightly increases the volume.

By the way, here are interesting evening dresses for full.

Shiny thread can be silver, gold or any other color. Her color scheme will determine what colors of shoes and accessories will go with the outfit. So, the shine of gold is "friendly" only with warm shades: yellow, ivory, sand, beige. On the contrary, it is better to supplement silver with a cold palette: pearl gray, blue, ash, lilac.

Tip!Metallic thread can be very stiff and can irritate the skin where it touches the seams, so choose a lined garment or with seams treated with cotton.

Velvet outfit for a celebration

Velvet is an "aristocrat" among textiles, for several hundred years this material has been associated with luxury and prestige. The thing made of it, even if it is an unremarkable simple dress-robe, will make the image of its owner refined and elegant, corresponding to the holiday atmosphere.

In the fashion season of 2022, the following models will be relevant among velvet evening dresses:

  • with a smell- the product can be of any length, for example, a jacket or a dressing gown trimmed with buttons or a belt, respectively;
  • with bare shoulders- this can be a model with dropped shoulders, one sleeve or a bustier; basically, these styles have a fitted silhouette, so they are suitable for tall girls with an ideal figure;
  • with a deep neckline- owners of a beautiful breast can emphasize it by wearing a beautiful velvet product with a deep neckline, and in all other respects the style can be as restrained as possible;
  • asymmetric cut- it manifests itself not only in models with one shoulder or with one sleeve, but also in the location of the cutouts, oblique cut of the hem, for example, in the mallet cut.

Luxurious velvet clothes also require gentle care: hand washing without aggressive detergents, drying laid out on a horizontal surface, vertical steaming instead of ironing and storage hung on a hanger. If you need to fold a thing, for example, for transportation, then it must first be turned inside out.

Evening dresses with feathers

For the first time, the fashion for decorating clothes with feathers appeared in the 19th century. Then the feathers of herons were used for decoration, which led to their almost complete extermination, however, after the trend changed, the birds managed to restore their population. Now, to create outfits, they use feathers of ostriches, peacocks, as well as synthetic feathers, which can even be safely washed in a typewriter.

Almost every collection of famous designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, Elie Saab, Michael Kors has beautiful dresses for special occasions with feather trim... Such a finish is often used fragmentarily, for example, to decorate the hem of a skirt or sleeves, less often it covers the entire product. Particularly popular will be models that combine a smooth textile bodice and a fluffy skirt made of large feathers.

An evening outfit with feathers is ideal if it is sewn from shiny fabric or trimmed with sequins or rhinestones. In this case, it can even be worn at prom, at a wedding. This version of the evening-wedding look was proposed by Donatella Versace.

Important!Ostrich feathers are such a delicate decor that you shouldn't even try to wash clothes with such a finish on your own (even with your hands), it is better to entrust it to a professional dry cleaner.

Asymmetric cut on one shoulder

Even in ancient times people wore asymmetrical clothes. Thus, it was more convenient for the Amazons to fight in an asymmetrical garment that did not restrict movement and made it easy to handle the sword. In ancient times, women in Rome and Greece, instead of dresses, wrapped themselves in several cuts of fabric, which were beautifully draped and attached to one shoulder.

In the modern world, asymmetrical clothing is no less popular.Evening dresseswith one shoulder or sleeves are among the ten most popular styles. They will also be relevant in 2022, striking fashionistas with a variety of models and colors.

There are several possible options for such an outfit for special occasions:

  • sleeveless with one shoulder- its length can vary from midi to maxi, but a prerequisite is the presence of drapery or a complex cut that creates such an effect;
  • with one sleeve, which should be maximum length (neither short or 3/4), but the length of the product itself can vary from a daring mini to a luxurious maxi.

An asymmetric cut will attract attention, both to the image itself and to its owner, so you need to carefully approach its choice. Stylists believe that clothes with one sleeve are suitable for women who are tall and slender. But a bow with one shoulder will look attractive on young ladies of any size.

Fringed outfit

Fringe can be associated with the aesthetics of the Wild West - clothing of cowboys and indigenous people of America (Indians), can mentally take away in the 20s of the XX century, when Madeleine Vionne's fringed dresses and the Charleston dance were in trend, or reminiscent of the 60s, when many musicians used long dangling threads or laces in their images.

However, even now this type of decoration is very popular among designers who are trying to introduce it into everyday clothes, and even evening dresses with fringes are one of the the main trends of the season 2022.

Thin hanging threads can adorn absolutely the entire dress (this is especially common on clothes in linen style) or only one part of it - a skirt, sleeves and stuff.

Fringe often looks quite unexpected. For example, the Sacai brand has a product that adorns a peplum with fringe. Another interesting option is fringe threads, gathered in tassels, which are located along the edge of the hem and sleeves.

It is important to remember that a fringed product does not need any additional decor. This also applies to accessories. They should be laconic and discreet, not overloading the image and not drawing attention to themselves. And if you want something bright, you can repeat the fringe in jewelry, for example, by putting on earrings made of long hanging silver threads.

Mini free cut

Famous fashion designers love to break stereotypes, changing the vision of familiar things. So it happened with outfits for special occasions. Who said evening wear should be long? In the 2022 season, free-cut mini dresses will be fashionable dresses.

The decoration of such ensembles can be very diverse - sequins, fringes, deep neckline, non-trivial cut of sleeves, embroidery and others.

Free-cut clothing does not make any emphasis on the features of the figure, so there is an opinion that it suits women of absolutely any body size. Such thoughts are a direct route to fashion failure. So, a free mini will not only not hide extra pounds, but it can even visually increase them.

There are no restrictions on the choice of such styles only for slender girls, but also those whose figure is far from ideal should not refuse free mini outfits, you just need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • sequins, an abundance of flounces and ruffles, dense fabrics will make the silhouette more bulky, so it is better for magnificent young ladies to pay attention to products made of light flowing fabrics;
  • the length of the outfit should not be extremely short, so as not to emphasize the legs, the fullness of which can be visually reduced with tights with a pattern.

Backless Models

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard and other world stars have repeatedly shone on the red carpet in dresses with an open back, which not only aroused admiration among fans, but also once again confirmed that this style is the best among evening dresses. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2022 such outfits will be very popular and not only among the stars.

A bow with an open back can turn a woman into a queen, provided several conditions are met:

  • an impeccable constitution- an open back should emphasize a feminine silhouette and curves of the body, not fat folds;
  • ideal skin- do not cover acne on the back with a concealer, so if you have them it is better to pay attention to other styles;
  • properly selected underwear- the breast that has lost its elasticity needs support, which should not be visible in the cutout on the back;
  • the ability to maintain posture- a stooped figure cannot be attractive in any dress.

When choosing a model with an open back, you should also very carefully consider the whole image, including an elegant hairstyle, evening makeup, stylish jewelry and accessories, appropriate manicure.

Trouser suits for publication

Elegant novelties - trouser suits - will compete with evening dresses in 2022. The fact that a bow with a trouser suit can make a woman a star of any evening is proved by many celebrities, showing off on carpets in this kind of outfits.

Trendy evening suits of 2022 will be made of metallic fabrics, velvet, satin, chiffon, lace, silk, jacquard and of course sequins.

A pleasant moment for many women will be that eminent designers have stopped focusing on anorexic models and are ready to offer ladies with curvaceous shapes stylish and fashionable trouser suits for special events that will become the embodiment of elegance and comfort.

Lingerie-style outfits with straps

Romantic natures will like fashionable dresses with thin straps in linen style. They are sewn from flowing fabrics (silk, satin, chiffon, thin velvet) that envelop the graceful curves of the female body, while leaving a piquant understatement.

Such evening dresses, despite the simplicity of the cut, are self-sufficient by themselves, therefore they do not have a complex decor, only a strip of lace along the hem of the hem is possible... The main focus in the image is on hairstyle, makeup, and, of course, accessories. In the cool season, over the nightgown dress you can put on a shawl or cardigan made of matching fabric or a fur cape.