Fashionable fur coats winter 2021-2022 - luxury and style in one thing!

They say that Europeans no longer wear natural fur. We would have looked at them, in our thirty-degree frost... and in general, in our country fur is a part of history and culture. That is why we are interested in fashionable fur coats this winter.

Every year, the fashion for winter clothing changes. Trends in colors, styles and lengths always resonate with the main world trends. By the way, the trend for environmental friendliness also takes place, so let's talk about artificial materials too. So what will make us happy with the fashionable winter 2021-2022?

What will be discussed:

Natural fur coats

The most current models of natural fur coats 2021- 2022:

  • Oversized.This fashionable style has come down to fur coats. Voluminous sleeves, large patch pockets, wide, falling collars are relevant. Not only short, but also long models are in trend. Short bulky jackets made of llama and long jackets made of mink look very original.

  • Full length sleeves.Sleeves ¾, 1/3 are already out of fashion and are unlikely to return anytime soon.

  • Poncho.This is a new, well-forgotten trend. The most fashionable ponchos are made of lynx or rabbit or polar fox dyed like a leopard.

  • Fur coat robe.After coats-robes came fashionable natural fur coats with a belt and a soft turn-down collar. They even have the appropriate colors: striped, flower or variegated print. " Robes", they are also mink coats, often have a natural shade.

  • Combined modelsDesigners combine different textures, materials and types of fur in one product. A short pile perfectly "gets along" with a long one (for example, mink and alpaca), and can also be combined with leather, sheepskin or fabric. These beautiful and original models are suitable for those who like to be in the spotlight and always follow fashion trends.

  • Unusual complex cut.Natural fur coats, especially from mink, rarely please with original styles, but not this year! Asymmetry, many details, the combination of seemingly incompatible textures - a super trend of the coming winter!

And now about the most fashionable fur.

  • Mink.Mink coats are timeless and fashionable. It is one of the noblest and most beautiful materials. Mink coats are versatile, suitable for evening wear, and also go well with everyday clothes. Mink products are very warm and durable, a high-quality product will last at least 10 years. Short or knee-length models are in vogue this season.

  • Karakul.This material is again very popular. The most popular color is black, but sand, beige, light gray and white models are relevant this winter. Karakul fur coats do not add extra volume, which is suitable for those who, despite the fashion, do not like the oversized silhouette.

  • Longhaired fur.This includes the Arctic fox, silver fox, raccoon, alpaca and llama. The last two are incredibly popular in the winter of 2021-2022. These fashionable fur coats look very stylish and original. Products are voluminous, fluffy and, as a rule, painted in bright colors, although models of delicate powdery or natural shades are often found.

Fashionable fur coats made of artificial material

Modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality, beautiful and wearable artificial fur. The global trends in faux fur coats this winter are as follows:

  • Bright colorsThe most fashionable this winter will be models in yellow, pink and red.

  • Long pileBoth natural and faux fur should have a long, smooth pile this year. The colors of such fur coats can be varied: bright monochromatic, with an intricate print, with a gradient effect, as well as calm pastel.

  • “Plush " fur.Short, slightly curly and very delicate and pleasant to the touch. Such coats are painted, as a rule, in powdery girlish colors and, accordingly, are more suitable for young girls.

  • Oversize.Here, the same as in the case of natural products. An oversized fur coat gives additional volume, therefore, if your plans do not include increasing yourself by a size or two, then choose a fitted silhouette according to your figure.

relevant. Many fashion houses are gradually switching to eco-production, so the demand for such coats is growing, and if demand grows, then there are more and more offers every year. Today, faux fur coats look really stylish and beautiful.

There is one more option that will really please those who, for whatever reason, do not wear natural fur. Let's take a closer look.

Sheared fur coats

Outerwear made of natural sheared wool is a great alternative to artificial materials. This technology has appeared recently, but has already fallen in love with young designers and, of course, fashionistas all over the world. Stylists predict that the winter of 2021-2022 will be held under the flag of "artificial naturalness."

For the manufacture of such coats, sheared wool, for example, sheep or angora, is used. It is placed on top of a light but warm plastic backing. Today, this is the most humane way of producing fur coats from natural fur. Therefore, the popularity of such products is only growing. Things are light, warm enough, but by no means cheap.

The disadvantages of angora fur coats include the fact that it “sheds” and can leave hairs of wool on clothes. Perhaps, in the future, the production technology will be improved and such things will become more practical.

As for the design, such fur coats look very stylish and modern. Now at the peak of popularity is a domestic brand that makes very relevant and beautiful outerwear from sheared sheepskin fur. Fur coats are painted in trendy colors and have a trendy cut and silhouette.

This winter we will all be not only warm, but also beautiful, stylish and fashionable!