Fashionable gloves fall-winter 2021/2022: main trends and novelties

Fashionable gloves that correspond to the latest trends and trends will be able to revive even the most boring autumn-winter outfit, because beauty and style are manifested in the details, and therefore stylists pay so much attention when drawing up images give to accessories. A variety of styles, colors, textures and decor will allow you to choose the right pair for any outerwear.

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Volumetric models

The main trend among women's gloves in recent years is massive models. As a rule, there are two possible options for its implementation, which depend on what kind of leather this wardrobe item is made of:

  • from pigskin - thick seams on dense and rough material will significantly contrast with a thin and graceful female handle, while they will warm well in the cold; the disadvantage of such models is that pork skin is difficult to bend, so it will be problematic to open a purse and get a phone in them;
  • made of fine deerskin (cow or lamb) leather - such gloves do not fit tightly on the wrist, since they have a straight cut of the fingers and palms, at the same time they are a little too big and hand volume due to large and beautiful folds.

This style is not only at the height of fashion, but also quite versatile, since it fits almost any outerwear: mink coat, stylish coat, bright down jacket or oversized sports jacket.

Bright colors

On store shelves, you can often find leather gloves in classic soothing colors - black, brown, graphite... This is due to the practicality of such accessories and their versatility in combination with clothes of various colors. But the fashion designers of fashionable French and Italian houses in the upcoming fall-winter 2021-2022 season have relied on bright colors that will make the accessory a bright accent of the entire look.

Brave young ladies will have to work hard to acquire a pair of bright yellow, purple, green or crimson. It is these accessories that will help you create stylish outfits. The entire outfit can be in neutral colors (beige, blue or black), and the bright color can be duplicated in small details, jewelry or other accessories.

Various decor

Women would not be women if they could be content with simple leather gloves without any flashy details or stylish decor.

Usually, in this case, they use:

  • dense lace;
  • perforation;
  • lacing;
  • contrasting leather inserts;
  • fur;
  • metal buckles and rivets;
  • decorative buttons of metal or other materials;
  • embroidery.

Fashion trends are such that from a large list of possible decor options, metal elements will be in trend. This does not mean that fashionistas will have to hunt for accessories with spectacular metal buttons.

You can make ordinary classic leather models fashionable by simply wearing a watch with a metal bracelet or a leather strap with metal inserts over it. It is desirable that the watch does not have a too large and catchy dial, and the strap matches the color of the gloves.

Studs and rivets made of metal

Such fashionable gloves will definitely rivet the eyes of others to their owner. At first glance, it may seem that accessories studded with spikes and rivets made of metal can only be afforded by young and brave girls who prefer clothes in the grunge style, but this is not so. It is not age that matters, but the inner desire to stand out from the crowd.

Rivets will be in fashion, both gold and silver. The only limitation regarding such leather gloves will be that they are not very suitable for a frosty winter, so it is better to use them when making stylish bows for a warm autumn.

Long gloves

Long winter gloves leather gloves up to the elbow and above. They can be worn under a fur coat with three-quarter sleeves or to the elbow, as well as with a set of warm sweaters and a fur vest, of course, wearing over the sleeves of a sweater.

In autumn, long gloves can be combined with cardigan or jacket with short sleeves, as well as trench coats and raincoats. For example, a good outfit will turn out with outerwear in the style of a Japanese kimono with short sleeves. The colors of such accessories can be either in a restrained classic range (black, brown or dark blue), or in a bright color.

Tip! These models should not be combined with military clothing, denim and tracksuits.


Make it unique and fashionable a pair of classic black leather gloves can lettering. It can be the name of a fashion house, a word or a saying. The inscription can be located both on the back of the glove and on the inside, in the palm of your hand. The length and style of this piece of clothing does not really matter.


Once upon a time fingerless gloves were the subject of the wardrobe of the poor classes, but over time, their convenience was appreciated by ladies from high society, who wore them with evening dresses. Now it is a convenient and fashionable accessory for spring-autumn and even harsh winter.

Women's fingerless gloves are divided into two types:

  • mitts - resemble a sleeve with a separate cut for the thumb, sometimes for better fixation they can have jumpers for the other four fingers;
  • Glovellets are analogous to mitts with clipped fingers, the length of which reaches the middle of the phalanx.

In the upcoming fashion season autumn-winter 2021-2022, both options will be in trend, made of leather and other materials with various decorative elements, but classic length to the wrist.

Examples of successful images

How to combine fashion gloves with other wardrobe items for composing stylish images, a selection of photos of ready-made outfits will clearly demonstrate. Take a look and compose your stylish looks!