Fashionable hair color 2021-2022: the most trendy shades of women

A woman must remain beautiful under all circumstances. The three most important female points: arms, legs and hair. You can go out with practically no makeup, walk along the garden path in galoshes with a rocker on your shoulder, but your head, manicure and pedicure should always be in order. And what the fashionable hair color will be in 2021-2022 has been successfully identified by the leading experts of the hairdressing world.


Difficult something pr think when the base is the same: blond, brown-haired and red. But every year the world's best stylists manage to create their own novelties. Their job is to make women beautiful and fashionable. What did they come up with for the beauties of the whole world?

Fashionable hair shade for Blondes

Blondes of the planet can raise the banner of primacy. In 2021–2022, everything is created for them. The main thing is not to overdo it and take into account: skin color, eyes. The times of perhydrol for blondes have passed 30 years ago. So, be careful with yellow and gray tones. In 2021–2022, this is a terrible bad manners and a sign of slovenliness. Therefore, before grabbing popular paints of famous brands from the shelves of the nearest store, you should think about the deplorable result. It is better to give your hard-earned money to a good master in a respectable salon, so as not to later resemble a cheerful canary or a gloomy witch.

So, fashion trends for the "snow queens":


One of the most capricious shades. The pleasure is not cheap, it takes a lot of time, and there is no need to talk about the efforts of the master. But the result is a chic, boiling white color that looks very stylish and expensive. Young ladies with very light, porcelain skin and piercing blue, green or gray eyes can count on him. Black-eyed dark women will look very ridiculous.


At first glance, it may seem that there is no difference with platinum. But this is not the case. The ash goes into a gray, matte tone. Ideal for the beauties of northern latitudes: such ladies of the ice and northern seas. In general, a lady should have cold skin and light eyes. Young ladies with dark skin will be associated with Baba Yaga, only the broom is missing. So, no matter how much you want to flaunt with a stylish ash color, you will have to choose something else.


This is the mega-popular, trendiest color. Favorite of all blond. The opinion that this is a puppet shade for members of the Winx Club has long been out of date. Chic, refreshing, can be worn at any age: from a first grader to a woman of advanced age. It fits perfectly on any haircut length: short, medium, long. Saturation can be any: subtle shine or ripe strawberries.


Nothing is as popular as naturalness. Creamy confirmation of this. Everyone loves the cream: from celebrities to librarians. It copes well with gray hair, does not cause feelings of satiety or unnaturalness, refreshes and makes you a good ten years younger. Young ladies with dark skin and brown eyes can also afford it. When dyed correctly, cream looks like natural fading of the strands, which gives a zest to light brown curls. In addition, it is very easy to repaint in it for brunettes and brown-haired women.


It's just a bomb! An explosive mixture of 4 colors is created: white, silver, pink and blue. The result is an unreal beauty: the hair shimmers with enchanting pearl mother-of-pearl. Beware of the "pearl hunters", they will definitely not be able to pass by calmly. The beauty of pearls is painfully dazzling.

Fashionable hair color for Brunettes and Brown-haired women

Yes, blondes rule. But brunettes will also be fashionable. The stylists have in store for them chic surprises.

Glace (coffee)

A beautiful shade universally loved by both masters and girls. Any lady can pamper herself to the glace. Absolutely undemanding neither to age, nor to the length of the hair, nor to the color of the skin and eyes.


To understand what this fashionable color looks like, it is enough to imagine strong coffee with a little milk. A light pearlescent flash, which is mandatory in this performance, saturates with health. The work is not easy, but a master of his craft knows how to achieve the desired result.

Cherries in chocolate

The sweets are luxurious, and the stylish color “cherry in chocolate” is even more so. A dark tone with the addition of burgundy makes the curls incredibly lively, stylish, and eye-catching. And this is not at all "grandma's crown", as it might seem. Cherries in chocolate for strong, determined women.

Dark Cinnamon

Popular shade, a mixture of brown and red. And the redhead is not brick at all. Honey sparkles on warm brown look very elegant. Perfect for everyone: brown-haired, brunettes and redheads. Even fair-haired ladies can experiment, especially if their skin tans well.


How many nuts are there in the world? There are almost so many variations on the nut theme. The base is as follows:

  • Muscat - red undertone;
  • Gretsky - bronze tide;
  • Hazelnut - golden dust.

Black Tulip

Poetic name for fashionable hair color for brunettes in 2021 - 2022. Looks expensive, respectable, expressive. Halftones must be added: eggplant, copper, blue. You can express yourself at any age, because thanks to the semitones, the black tulip does not age its mistress. But pure black is no longer in vogue. So, lovers of black strands will have to dilute them with semitones or completely change their image.


Cognac color, like cognac, must be five-star. It must have overflows of honey and gold shades. Just no yellowness. Otherwise, all the flair will disappear, making it cheap and boring.

Frosty chestnut

Very beautiful fashionable tone, appropriate for any requirements: office or vacation. Nobility, refined brevity, severity - this is a frosty chestnut. Very cold, so not suitable for everyone. For example, ladies with dark skin and dark eyes may get older and look tired. But young ladies with a chill, on the contrary, can only emphasize the coolness of their skin. Therefore, it is important to choose a color in accordance with your color type: in spring, in summer, in winter or in autumn.

Chocolate purple

Important: chocolate lilac is not an admixture of eggplant shades. This is its own, independent color. A highly visible lilac tone makes it trendy in 2021 - 2022.

Fashionable colors 2021-2022 for Redheads

Oh, those mushrooms! They really consider themselves hostages of the same color, but how deeply mistaken this opinion is. In 2021 - 2022 a special gift was prepared for them

Dark copper

It would seem, just auburn. But at home this will definitely not work. Only a master with the help of monochrome coloring will be able to achieve the desired shade. Ruby splatter with a holographic hue: that's the tricky part. And only they are able to give this bright, stunning fashionable color.


Very natural, practically natural. This is its value and complexity. It is very difficult to achieve a natural redhead in a ginger tone, because you can easily get greens or unpleasant yellowness with a mermaid. In addition, it is quite easy to get dull and dusty hair.

Deep Bronze

This is a combination of brown and copper. Fashionable, expressive bronze looks expensive at any length. The brightness of this shade is very moderate, so bronze can also be worn by older women.


Perfectly suits all "mushrooms", and any shade and any saturation. For an explosive effect, chocolate with a purple hue is suitable. Not to be confused with frosty chestnut! Cold chestnuts are contraindicated for "Ryzhiks", but chocolate with purple just arouses envy among those around with its stunning harmony.


Never ceases to be fashionable. Never! Very natural, correct, unpretentious. Created really for those kissed by the sun, because sun kisses in honey strands are most noticeable.