Fashionable hair color and dyeing 2021 in bright photos

A new color is a magical metamorphosis with an appearance in a couple of hours. If you want to look 3-5 years younger - lighten the strands along the oval of the face, emphasize the color of the eyes - do the coloring. The world of beauty offers new trends in the art of hairdressing. Find out which trendy hair color to choose in 2021. There is an option for everyone. Fashion - shows in Milan, London, Paris, New York announced what hair color will be in trend.

Pink is a trendy shade for the young and daring.

Pastel colors are the trend of the coming spring. Curls of pinkish, lilac shades adorn the lovely heads of models at the shows of the Marc Jacobs, Delpozo, MSGM collections. The trend begins in 2018 and continues into the spring-summer 2021 season. Its difference is a softer interpretation: milky pink blond, pure pink blond. Fashionable shades are suitable for girls with fair skin. Eyes, regardless of color, become more expressive in a pink frame. Pastel shades look great on long curls, shoulder-length bobs, short boyish haircuts.

Neon: let there be color!

The most avant-garde trend of the coming season, a way to stand out from the crowd. Coloring in yellow, green, purple is an option for extravagant, energetic persons. Punk looks from the streets of New York, Tokyo are at the heart of the Disney Villains x The Blonds neon collection. Outside the catwalk, bright strands lend a rebellious look.

Red: gold is in fashion

The army of red-haired beasts presented on the catwalks the collections of Gucci, Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Miu Miu. The range of shades is replete with the number of options: copper, chestnut, golden, hot bronze, titian. Redhead emphasizes the aristocratic look of fair-skinned girls. Colored strands add expression to the image.

Bitter chocolate: a healthy dessert

Rich, deep bitter chocolate fascinates with its iridescence and shine. The color changes like a chameleon depending on the lighting. Indoors - deep chestnut, in the sun - ruby. Dior, Victoria Beckham, Valentino relied on dark chocolate in their shows.

Dark blond hair color: unshakable traditions

Light brown hair no longer needs to be dyed. Naturalness is in fashion again. Natural restrained blond in light and dark interpretations adorns the curls of models at the shows of Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne. It is harmoniously combined with nude makeup, bright accents on the lips and eyes.

Honey blond: sweeter than nectar

Versace, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton chose honey blond for their models... It beckons with sweetness like acacia honey, linden. The spring-summer season is freshness, tenderness of images. Warm tone is a lifesaver for blondes, whose strands have yellow pigment. The color transforms it, gives the curls a warm glow.

Platinum blond: Nordic character

Spring will be platinum. Mother-of-pearl, silver enhance the Nordic notes of the shade. Cold blond is an option for girls with blue eyes, fair skin. It unfolds at maximum and medium length in tandem with modest makeup. A gentle peach blush, open eyelashes - before us is an unblown spring bud. Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, Isabel Marant chose platinum blonde at their shows.

Summer is the time for experiments. Try on pearlescent blond trend of 2021. It plays in the sun with iridescence. The color is used in mono and combined with strands of cold platinum blonde.

Black and dark blond: burning passion

Naturalness is a key trend in the coming year. Dark blond, burning black is again at the peak of popularity. Light balayage adds sophistication to the image, purple highlights - mystery. It's time to give yourself a new color. The first step is to pick a tone from the palette.

Fashionable colors

Before changing your image, choose an option according to your color type.

"Seasons" is one of the most accurate classifications. It includes 4 types by analogy with the seasons:

  • " Spring" - light eyes, skin, hair. Ideal shades: honey, amber, nutty, golden;
  • " Winter" - brown eyes, light, dark skin, dark curls, blond. Ideal tones: black, ruby.
  • " Autumn" - light skin with freckles, red mop, green, brown eyes. Ideal color: red, chestnut, copper.
  • " Summer" - light green, gray, brown eyes, light transparent skin, ashy, light brown hair. Ideal tones: light with an ash tint, brown-haired.

Several recommendations from professional stylists on the choice of color:

  1. Define your color type;
  2. Check the selection against the color scale;
  3. Consider the ability of dark paint to age;
  4. Consider eye palette, skin tone.

Fashionable coloring is the result of a competent selection of color and technique of transformation. In the photo - illustrations for the descriptions of the main hairdressing tools of beauty transformation in 2021


2021 is rich in natural tones. Someone might think this is so boring. At your service - balayazh. Fashionable coloring creates strands of light shades. These are new facets of familiar colors.

A mix of blond and light strands creates the effect of curls burnt out in the sun. Dark blond strands look more voluminous in contrast with golden highlights. White curls make the copper redhead lively, inviting. Balayazh on the oval of the face is minus 5 years in a few hours.

It is not recommended to paint yourself at home. The tone gradation will be created by the master.

A few tips for post-treatment hair care:

  1. Use a serum for the ends.
  2. Eliminate the daily use of a hair dryer, ironing.
  3. Protect your curls from the scorching sun.

California highlighting

Gentle coloring of strands without foil - a procedure for light brown and dark hair. Detailed technique can be found here. The deep tone at the roots transforms into light highlights of various volumes. The most fashionable residents of sunny California have inspired hairdressers for beauty development. French actress Brigitte Bardot was one of the first to try the technique on herself.

The visual effect of painting for:

  • brunettes: the image is enriched with fashionable contrast - dark roots, light ends;
  • blondes: extra haircut volume appears;
  • fair-haired: the brightness of the natural color is enhanced;
  • Auburn: The tone is enlivened by a sunburst effect.

California highlighting maximizes the potential on women's hair from shoulder blades and below. Short hairstyles look more voluminous, but the gradient is invisible.

Recommendations for hair care after:

  1. ".
  2. Eliminate highlights on damaged hair.
  3. Apply regenerating masks systematically.
  4. Minimize styling with a curling iron.


A method of coloring in brown tones using two techniques: highlighting, coloring. The natural color is diluted with strands that differ by 2-3 tones.

Target audience - brunettes and fair-haired. The result on white strands looks unnatural.

Bronding effect :

  • fresh image without major changes;
  • Natural tones due to soft transition;
  • Corrects the errors of the previous painting.

Bronding looks impressive on long, medium hair, straight, curly. Here are before and after photos.

Recommendations for post-procedure care:

  1. Try not to wash your hair for 2-3 days. The tone should come out.
  2. Nourish your curls with oil-based masks.
  3. Use leave-in care.
  4. Use thermal protection products when laying with an iron, curling iron.

Shatush (French highlights)

French highlights ( Shatush ) creates strands with a burn-in effect in the sun. Only the ends are highlighted, the roots remain unchanged. The 2021 trend is a smooth transition from one tone to another.

Stain advantage:

  • no partial correction required. The roots remain invisible thanks to the skillful technique of the master;
  • added visual volume;
  • suitable for brunettes, blondes;
  • gentle technology for fine hair.

For post-treatment use nourishing oils for the ends.

Fashionable hair color, professional work of a master - a pass to the world of style and beauty in 2021 Fashion trends do not limit the choice. The main thing is to listen to your heart and follow the trends. Study photos, make a choice!