Fashionable hair dyeing techniques 2021-2022: what will be in trend?

One of the main tasks of a woman is to decorate her surroundings. Real fashionistas always follow the current trends in the fashion world. They scrupulously monitor their appearance. Everyone knows perfectly well: a woman starts with her hair. But, it is not enough to make a successful haircut. It is very important to choose the color of your hair. And in order for it to fully play in all tones, the correct technique for dyeing the hair is necessary. Topic of today's conversation: fashionable coloring in 2021-2022

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It would seem that everything has already been invented, why reinvent the wheel? But there is no limit to the imaginations of stylists. They constantly come up with something new, create fashion trends. Some fashionable dyeing techniques have become classics, some have undergone minor changes, but, most importantly, new items have been added.

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Gradually this technique becomes a classic. All thanks to the maximum naturalness after staining. This method uses an alternation of dark and light strands in such a way that the transition from one to the other is imperceptible. As a result, the effect of burnt hair appears. The armoring finally united two warring camps: brunettes and blondes. In addition, bronzing adds thickness to the head of hair, makes the hair color deep and allows you to forget about the salon for several weeks, since the regrowth of roots occurs imperceptibly.


Classics of pure water. has been used since the middle of the last century. Highlighting is the coloring of individual strands. Previously, only lightening was used, today, they make dark and colored coloring of the strands. Highlighting is the basis of almost all types of staining.


Balayazh is firmly in the ranking. If the master suddenly completely unexpectedly ran out of foil, then he can safely apply this technique. The lightener is applied in sweeping movements along the entire length of the strand and remains to dry in the open air. Thanks to this, the transition from bleached to natural hair is completely invisible.


Balayazh's younger brother. First, a fleece is done along the entire length, and then a brightening composition is applied. The effect of burnt hair is guaranteed. Interestingly, despite the seeming simplicity, shatush is rather difficult to execute. As a result, the price for such staining is very high. And not every master will be able to cope.


One of the types of highlighting. In this technique, very thin strands are highlighted, which are taken at a minimum distance ( photo here ). As a result, there is a feeling of solid blonde coloring. But this is not so, the hair really becomes lighter in the total mass, but it has depth, volume, amazing naturalness. And all thanks to thin dark strands, untouched by the master.

Tortoiseshell coloring

New in fashionable coloring in 2021-2022. Baby lights are performed all over the head, and balayage is done around the face. Several shades are used. The more contrast the better. As a result, the hair color resembles a tortoiseshell.


It is often confused with ombre or sombre. But these are completely different things. Ombre is a transition from dark to light, and quite noticeable. But degradation is a complete gradient. The transition is so smooth that the borders are completely invisible. Looks gorgeous in color.

Dip-dye: fashionable dyeing in 2021-2022

Finally, such a dyeing has ceased to be considered a curvature of a master who tried to make an ombre. Deep-dye looks like it's been dipped in a bucket of paint. That's just all the beauty is that the coloring is colored. Fuchsia, violet, blue, malachite - these are all dip-dyes. Looks amazing on long hair of rich dark color.


Interesting technique. It looks like there is a blot of paint on the hair, and in the middle of the strand. The border with natural hair is smooth. The lightened area can be colored.


This is a kind of splashlight. The spot, usually colored, is located on the hair roots. Therefore, it seems that the roots are purple, for example, and the hair is just a light shade, the transition from one color to another is short, but smooth.


This is a novelty for brown-haired women. On a dark background, copper or red strands are stained. Often, the bangs stand out this way.


The master separates the strands, twists them slightly and blows them out with a hairdryer. Then the coloring composition is applied. Aertach is a very soft and gentle technique that practically does not harm the hair. The transitions are imperceptible.

Galaxy hair

That's it! The real bomb in the palette is galactic hair. Very expensive, incredibly long and incredibly beautiful! Galaxy hair - these are colored strands, pronounced, but at the same time with a smooth transition from one color to another. Finding a master who can create such beauty is difficult. But, if you set a goal, you can. The color scheme can be any: contrasting, in one palette, pastel, neon. What your heart desires: there are no restrictions. One of the most fashionable trends in hair coloring


3D staining technique

Gaining momentum with incredible speed. The thing is that an incredible volume effect is achieved. To complete, you will need 3 - 4, or even 5 tones, as close to each other as possible, otherwise you will get the usual coloring. The main tone is the darkest selected. Then they begin to paint over individual strands. It turns out a transition from darker to lighter areas, which will create a 3D effect.

Tiger's Eye

Finally, brown-haired women can breathe a sigh of relief... The tiger's eye technique has been created for them. But she has nothing to do with tigers. This is an imitation of a stone that shimmers very beautifully. It is performed as usual highlighting, but there is a nuance: first, a lightening composition is applied, kept for 20 - 30 minutes, then washed off, and the same strand is treated with paint. After the expiration of time, it is washed off. This creates an interesting radiance effect. At the moment, this fashionable coloring is only gaining momentum, but now you can find a master who can create such beauty.