Fashionable jeans for spring-summer 2022 - juicy new items in bright photos!

Regardless of the season and weather, jeans do not disappear from women's wardrobe. The multitude of cuts and comfort while wearing have made denim trousers everlasting popularity. The designers are of the same opinion. The assortment of models varies from a fairly strict cut, suitable for business meetings, to trousers embroidered with bright and colorful stripes. Fashionable jeans promise to diversify casual styles in 2022, but which ones will be at their peak and filling store shelves?

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Jeans fashion trends

High waist

High-waisted trousers have not gone out of fashion for several seasons. High, loose or straight-cut pants have become classics by right. Visually, they lengthen the legs and favorably emphasize the slim figure. Girls with voluminous shapes should consider options with an average fit: such an outfit will not focus on the waist and at the same time will remain fashionable and relevant. Classic cuts in rough fabric look stylish with t-shirts and tops that open the belly or tucked in: this look continues to hold a leading position among other looks during the warmer months.

Men's style

Boyfriends flaunt on the catwalks in the collections of fashion designers who continue to pay them special attention. Unlike previous seasons, in 2022, trousers, as if borrowed from the wardrobe of a young man or husband, underwent certain changes: the cut from straight turned into a gradually tapering to the bottom, baggy disappeared.

The championship was taken by the shortened female models with folds or cut edges. For a trendy look, you can simply trim your boyfriend jeans ankle length or taller.

Creative uneven lows are also trending. Such an image may seem careless, but this slovenliness was created on purpose, artificially - a trend in recent years. It's easy enough to create trendy jeans from old ones in 2022 - all you need is scissors. And to brighten up the slightly unkempt character of the bottom, an elegant and feminine top will help: oversized blouses, turtlenecks and fitted jackets. Designers do not advise wearing such pants with stiletto heels or a classic shape: a thick heel or its complete absence looks more advantageous.

Oversized models

The trend of deliberately large sizes has not bypassed women's jeans either. Wide trousers have won love for their comfort in wear and stylish look: in such trousers it will not be hot on a summer day, especially if they are made of light and thin denim.

Combine oversized jeans with sports shoes and a fitted or form-fitting upper. Combinations with crop tops and cropped T-shirts are not excluded.

Forgotten classics

Trousers with arrows and straight fit are back. The seemingly common and banal cut is the traditional version of denim pants. In 2022, women's jeans returned to their roots: this was the most common option at the end of the last century.

Mom jeans have a fashionable high waist and a cropped hem that can be tucked in. If a girl likes retro or vintage style, these jeans will be indispensable for her. However, designers do not recommend wearing them for owners of curvaceous forms: from a fashionista, you can instantly turn into a clumsy housewife.

Flared trousers

Flare, strengthening its position, will remain relevant in the new spring-summer season. The 2022 jeans have a cropped cut with a sloppy hem, flared from the hip. Choosing a floor-length model, you can also stay in trend and get a modern and popular bow.

Skinny Skinny

Skinny Skinny Skinny Versatile and Fit to any image. They are combined with sports and classic shoes, oversized jackets and sweatshirts. Ankle length also works for narrow skinny skins. Choosing a high-rise model will be a direct hit.

Pants with holes

Straight-cut ripped jeans take the championship of the 2022 top. The holes become larger, fringes and a lot of chaotic cuts are added.

Jeans decor 2022

The decor is gaining popularity. The pants are created from different denim combinations, complemented by stripes and color combinations. Dumplings are returning to trends again: the trends of the 80s are at their peak of popularity. Fashionable bows are complemented by:

  • rivets on the fabric;
  • colorful embroidery;
  • colored and bright stripes;
  • animalistic and plant motives.

Design houses are turning jeans into a smart and festive look. Dolce & Gabbana designers have adorned their new items with fringes, beads and sequins, metal fittings, turning everyday clothes into a spectacular element - you can see this by looking at the photo.

Street chic

Combine jeans and a denim shirt in 2022 you can and should. Combining different colors and textures, adding accessories with animal prints, it will not be difficult to create a fashionable look. Interesting trousers with stripes or embroidery go well with a simple and solid denim top.


Fashionable jeans 2022 delight with a variety of shades. In addition to deep, traditional blue colors, creative coloring is added to the palette. Actual colors will be:

  • swamp and dark green;
  • beige and yellow;
  • sand;
  • black.

White and ivory will complement the summer look, perfect against tanned skin.

Images for inspiration

Look for ideas among the presented photos, as well as interesting and stylish solutions that will definitely help you put together your wardrobe this season.