Fashionable makeup for spring and summer 2021 - bright trends in the photo!

The defining feature of the makeup of the coming season is simplicity and naturalness. Fashionable makeup for this spring and summer is its visual absence, although in reality everything is not so simple. There is a make-up, but it is invisible.

The current trend is nude, that is, the effect of clear skin with a barely noticeable blush and separate accents on the eyes, mouth, cheekbones. This option is ideal for today's time, when everyone is in a hurry and there is little time left for the design of the face. However, nude makeup requires special care, special cosmetics and skill.

Fashionable makeup involves the use of mascara, eye shadow, balms, liners in small quantities. In the spring-summer 2021 season, girls will present their natural beauty, only emphasized by makeup artists.


The trend of achieving beauty without significant effort will delight all fashionistas. There is no need to apply a lot of cosmetics for a long time and carefully, sitting for hours in front of the dressing table.

Makeup artists suggest keeping natural without applying blush, avoiding wide black eyebrows, using a minimum of lipstick. An example of Chloe's delicate look in the photo, Lanvin suggests shading the eyes with mascara to prevent the lashes from sticking to each other. Michael Kors' master Dick Page also maintains a minimalist face.

Refusal of powder

Fashionable makeup is characterized by almost complete refusal of powder or a very small amount of it. Paleness, insecurity, soft oval - these are the features of the image. Givenchy noted that avoiding powdering implies flawless, healthy skin, and this is the main requirement that make-up artists have on models. In everyday life, you still have to matte the skin with powder to achieve a beautiful shade of peach and raspberry.

Gucci, Boss welcomes the absence of powder and slightly contoured lips, while maintaining a natural and simple look.

Contour accents

Many fashion houses, adhering to the nude style, focus on contours, highlighting individual parts of the face.

Roberto Cavalli creates an unearthly, ethereal image, highlighting the central part - the middle of the forehead, nose, the area above the upper lip. Tom Pesce for Marni applies glossy highlights to the forehead, chin, cheekbones, softening the hard sculptural features. Versace prefers an inner glow without contouring the eyes.

Softness and warmth

The minimalist makeup of the spring-summer season, giving up a lot of basic cosmetics, prefers toning, using yellowish, reddish shades of bronzers. Tibi applies a basic soft yellow tone, mattifying the lower part of the cheekbones. Yellow-brown bronzers are perfect for the warm season, preserving and emphasizing the summer look. Guy Laroche adds a touch of peach blush and David Koma brightens the forehead, upper cheeks.

Light touches of shadows, blush

A pale and inexpressive image in the spring-summer of 2021 is revived by the spirit of the 80s - on the eyelids, tint the eyebrow line. The shadows are blurred, they are applied not so much on the upper eyelid as on the cheekbones, the area around the eyes.

Tom Pesce, in his work for Max Mara, boldly emphasized the look with clear red and blue stripes, similar to the camouflage painting of soldiers. Kenzo gave the models a Chinese touch by edging the outer corners of the eyes and the top of the cheekbone in a reddish tone. The lips are also kept in a dominant red, as is customary in Chinese opera. A softer version of this makeup is presented by Adam Selman, Louis Vuitton, Chanel.

Penty x Puma took the lightened trend in a different way, giving a special expression to the eyes.

Influence of art style

Restraint in the use of decorative cosmetics does not satisfy the creative desires of some artists. On a clean, well-groomed face, neat drawings are applied, for example, the sinuous line of white circles from Issey Miyake. Giamba expresses feelings with a silver circle in the center of the forehead, Yohji Yamamoto applies white strokes from top to bottom on the sides of the face and on the mouth.

Nature and makeup

Flowers and plants adorn our life - bouquets, fresh flowers, flowering bushes make life joyful and varied. Flowers decorate the apartment, dresses, flower petals - an excellent material for creativity - applique, paintings, panels. In the vision of fashion designers and their makeup artists, flowers are quite suitable for decorating the face, creating romantic images. Val Garland for Preen and James Kaliardos for Rosie Assoulin portrayed just such an unusual, memorable make-up. A thin line of flowers runs up the neck and reaches the forehead, dried purple, red petals adorn the temples. Preen also sprinkled burgundy glitter on his lips, adhering to the natural line of the mouth.

Bold graphics

The usual soft eye shadows in spring and summer have replaced clear graphic lines, showing the firm hand of makeup artists and their ability to work with the material. The expressiveness of the eyes largely depends on how they are framed, whether the color of the shadows, makeup, decor corresponds to their true color. Make-up artists of famous world fashion designers boldly apply colored stripes, dots, lines to the skin, trying to embody the ideas of the master.

Haider Ackermann frames the eyes in white, extending long yellow arrows from the outer corners. Pat McGrath gave Maison Margiel a shimmery, delicate lavender look. Cividini's bold red, Emilio Pucci's lilac hands.

Matte eye frames

Cool eyeshadows that are trendy this season, adding a matte finish to the eye area, allowing you to see their radiance and lively shine. Jill Stuart used contrasting matte shades of orange-red gemstone with a slight shade of indigo. For the designer Anna Sui, the artist tinted the upper eyelid with a frosty burgundy shade, creating a soft version of "smoky eyes". Green-eyed beauties will love the solution of designer François Nars for the Marc Jacobs model - smoky mother-of-pearl with a small amount of pomegranate.


Pastel tones

Eyes in the spring-summer fashion season for daytime make-up are decorated mainly with pale, pastel colors, using their entire palette. Shading the look with rounded eyebrows of a natural shape, like Byblos Milano with its cheerful bluish shadows with a gentle transition to yellow.

Lavender tints are typical for Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott with an emphasis on beautiful, slightly touched by mascara eyelashes around naively wide open or modestly lowered eyes.

Familiar Smoky Eyes makeup

The classic Smokey Eyes look is also fashionable during spring-summer this year, however, it takes on an evening shade. The almond-shaped cut is achieved not only with black pencil arrows, but also with feathering with a brush to give a smoky touch to the look. Carolina Herrera and Elie Saab did an excellent job with this task. Balmain, on the other hand, subtly adjusts the lash line with a small shadow edging in lavender color, which is also typical for Giorgio Armani, Christopher Kane and Sonia Rykiel.

Shiny Shadows

Never welcomed alive before, The sparkling gaze of runway models, spring and summer 2021 is almost the first time bringing girls with sparkling eyes to the stage of haute couture. The effect of liveliness is achieved by the skill of the make-up artist, the ability to choose the colors of the eyeshadow and apply it correctly. For Altuzarra, Tom Pesche made the lids glossy with a matte black pencil, while Maerchesa only had a hint of gloss, the artist used the contrast of the shine of the eyelids and the matte skin of the face. Stella Jean, Erdem also emphasize flawless matte skin, however, the upper eyelid is completely covered with a light crimson color, at Emporio Armani with the addition of shine.

Blue Eyeshadow

It is debatable about using blue to make the eyes more expressive, however the opinion of outstanding designers is unambiguous - the right shade of blue is in trend.

The pure blue tone in shades of periwinkle is interestingly applied by the designers of Leitmotiv, Ports1961, and the vision of Victoria Beckham is illogical. The overall complexion remains natural, without blush or conspicuous lipstick. The shadows are applied with straight horizontal strokes in the crease of the eyelid. The lowering of the line towards the vernal corner gives the look a feline cut. Christian Siriano's artistic approach blurs the bright blue color scheme, expanding towards the outer corners, an option perfect for blue eyed girls.

Vanessa Seward combines a delicate lavender color with bold lipstick for an expressive look.

Warm shadows

Warm the eyes with unusual bright orange shadows - Salvatore Ferragamo's experiments with a juicy neon orange hue interesting and make you smile. The slightly lilac color of the outer side of the eyelid of the WunderKind model is in the style of the current minimalism, as well as the application of a horizontal shadow to the eye line including the bridge of the nose from Dries Van Noten.

Liner for the lower eyelid only

This trend is presented in the works of Marissa Webb, when the lower eyelid is emphasized with a dark liner. Makeup artist Dick Page for Narciso Rodrigues drew a soft, blurred line underneath the lower lashes, bringing some mystery to the look, just like Olympia L-Tan, using a fuzzy line along the lower edge of the lashes.

Expressive beauty by highlighting the corners

One of the most luxurious trends of the spring-summer 2021 fashion season is the artistic technique of highlighting the corners of the eyes in cold tones. Unlike previous years, nowadays it is fashionable to use frosty shades of silver or cool beige, which can be clearly seen in the photo. For Maestro Versace, makeup artist Pat McGrath touched the outer corner with silver paint and lined up the outline with a thin pencil. Jason Wu uses a beige tone that perfectly matches the natural skin tone.

Elie Saab's decision to shade the corners with pencil shading on a prepared beige background is also interesting.

Bright eyebrows

The pursuit of natural beauty requires giving up black mascara and dye for eyelashes and eyebrows. Maestro Acne Studios managed to pay attention to these details, giving the girl elven features and emphasizing the fabulousness of her lipstick with cobalt - blonde, reddish models with blue eyes fit perfectly.

Versus Versace and Gucci also enhance the impression with bleached or orange eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrows as the main feature of the image

The hit of the season is natural eyebrows. Sufficiently wide, well-combed eyebrows become more visible against the background of matte skin. Brock Collection, Cristian Dior focused their makeup artists precisely on accentuating eyebrows, each hair of which is visible, for which they use dark powder paints, special brushes. Trussardi, in the usual manner of following nature, gave the lips a natural crimson color.

The effect of plump lips

Fashion catwalks this spring and summer, among other novelties, presented plump lips. The increase is achieved by special methods of makeup artists, balm, liner with one purpose - no cosmetics should be visible. The natural effect prevails in the design of the mouth. "Lips Bitten by Bees" reign supreme on the catwalks and shows of the work of makeup artists.

The nude style is traced on the models of Antonio Berardi, here it is even imitated as if an inflamed border. Christian Dior achieved the desired effect with the natural shape of the lips of the model and light lipstick, John Galliano, it seems, did not use cosmetics at all.

Natural classic

The bright red mouth with a satin sheen is back on trend. With light touches of the master, the natural red color is emphasized, stands out, acquires fullness. Matte tones are also relevant.

Dolce & Gabbana lifted her upper lip with a light dab of liquid liner, covering the entire surface with a cool red hue. Juicy berry sponges are characteristic of the Simone Rocha and Giambattista Valli models. The color of orange-red, like a ripe apple, was worn by girls Mary Katrantzou, Trussardi, Creatures of Comfort.

Shimmering shine of the lips

Lips create facial expressions, mood, they are given special attention. DKNY clearly highlights them with a shiny maroon color on a clean face, while Fendi sprinkles them with burgundy and pink iridescent sequins, pairing them with highly visible arrows at the corners of the eyes.

Maison Martin Margiela compensates for the lack of makeup with a subtle shimmery bluish sheen, creating the expression of a sci-fi movie character.