Fashionable manicure 2021 - 100 new products and photo ideas!

There was a period in fashion for manicure when it was customary to wear extremely neat, short nails without design and decor. The adherents of the classics were delighted, the fashionable maximalists were completely bored. Several years have passed, and now - we can again choose a shape and nail design not only for our everyday style, but also just for our mood. So what is the fashionable manicure of 2021?

Short nails without design

No, not everything this year is strewn with rhinestones and glitter and has a pretentious shape! Short-cropped marigolds are one of the trends of 2021. Neat, feminine, not flashy and very comfortable. Neutral varnish does not oblige either to a specific make-up, or to certain colors in clothes and accessories. But if you really want to, you can still add a little shine of a neutral shade. In general, this manicure is very versatile and modern.

Fashionable almond shape

If you are not ready for a short length even for the sake of fashion, then please, one more The super trend of 2021 is the elongated almond shape. This not only looks very feminine, but also visually lengthens the fingers, making the brush more refined. Don't be shy about the color of the varnish and the design. Look at the photo - dark colors, ombre, marbled, shimmer and whatever your heart desires!

Long square nails

The long square shape is back in fashion for at least a year. We complement a beautiful manicure with a light, translucent varnish. For the most daring, decor is not contraindicated, but still non-contrasting in order to soften the already long active shape of the nails.


Trends gravitate towards stormy zero. Remember the "ravenous" pointed stilettos? Fashionable manicure 2021 will not let you forget, because soon all women of fashion will again go with them. Whether you want to join them or not, decide for yourself. If this trend is too daring for you, but you still want to move away from the classics, do not worry, there are still 15 points ahead with stylish design options!

Shine and shine

Sequin skirts and rhinestone shoes haven't caught on in your wardrobe? Indulge yourself at least in the current trend - gel polish with glitter! It is not necessary to completely cover the nail plate with sparkles (although this is also possible), a pair of rhinestones on nude varnish is enough. Such a nail design will refresh your everyday look and add a stylish twist to it.

Summer flies by very quickly! Do you want to know the new items of autumn? Then take a look at the fashion trends of autumn manicure 2021.

Metallic manicure

Metallic shine is another fashion trend of 2021. Metal plating can look aggressive, feminine and futuristic. Much depends on the length and shape you choose, as well as on the shade of the varnish. The silver coating looks natural and at the same time original, under the gold - it is already brighter and more glamorous, and under the dark bronze - brutal and stylish.

Yellow color

The summer trend of this year is yellow varnish or gel varnish. According to the Pantone Color Institute, several shades of yellow are relevant this year, and each of them can visit your pens. On the catwalks, models were seen with a cool neon coating, and with the color of egg yolk and with a bright canary. The trend has one thing in common - the short or medium length of the marigolds.

Perimeter design

Fashion trends in manicure 2021 put marigolds in a graceful (or not so) frame. It looks very original and fresh. It can be just a contrasting "frame" around the perimeter of the nail, or it can be a crazy decor, lined with voluminous rhinestones, beads, stones.

Black and white design

Timeless black and white classic. But here, too, there is no place for modesty. Feel free to ask your master to draw a chessboard or a fashionable Vichy checkerboard on your nails. Abstraction and avant-garde are also welcome.

Nude with an accent

A bare marigold just touched by a master's brush is a super trend of 2021. A tiny accent gives a nude manicure a stylish, contemporary twist. Even if there is no time to visit a beauty salon, you can put a dot with scarlet varnish on top of beige one yourself, and complement your image with the most fashionable manicure trend of this year.

Red color 2021

Red nail polish, like lipstick, is the most sold cosmetic products. 2021 - will not be an exception! This year, the most popular is the almond shape, a rich, but not dark scarlet color with a glossy finish. And of course, a short length is always a safe bet for a stylish red manicure.

Funny Drawings

For this trendy and very cute design, multi-colored nail art stickers will be used. Emoticons, rainbows, unicorns, cats - everything that pleases and warms the soul. You should not take this trend too seriously and immediately discard even the very thought of such a funny decor. Firstly, it cheers up, and secondly, it is terribly fashionable! If the office dress code allows, why not indulge in some mischief?


Following nude in makeup came total nude in manicure. Nails are covered with light beige or pale pink gel polish. If the condition of the nail plate allows, then a colorless varnish is simply applied to give a slight gloss. Just keep in mind that "naked" nails should be well-groomed, do not neglect regular visits to your master.

Pastel shades

Delicate, feminine colors are very relevant for this year. Apply pink, peach, light coral colors to the soft oval shape of short and medium length nails. These colors go well with clothes and accessories of any shade, do not attract much attention, but perfectly complement a classic or romantic look.


White lacquer perfectly emphasizes tanned skin and gives your hands a neat, well-groomed look. In 2021, it is fashionable to complement the white coating with contrasting stripes of gel polish of a different color. It looks like a familiar jacket, but more original design. On the catwalks, deep blue or delicate blue was most often combined with white.

Dark shades

Monochromatic dark gel polish of deep green, blue, burgundy looks stylish and noble. Black nails don't go out of style either. For a dark finish, choose a neat short length or an elongated almond shape. Fashion trends in manicure allow for more daring experiments, but it's still better not to take risks.

3D 3D design

Modesty - not about you? Then take a look at the super trendy 3D decor. Designers and their nail masters were not shy and released models with crazy three-dimensional applications on the catwalk. It is not always convenient to wear in everyday life, so you can get by with a pair of marigolds covered with voluminous rhinestones. Although, you can safely not deny yourself anything!

Two-color nails

Two-color nail design can be called a new jacket. It's bright, original, but not too pretentious. Combine contrasting shades such as gold or bright red with black. Similar in tonality, such as beige with warm red, shades are also perfect for a trendy two-tone manicure.

Long natural nails with a translucent finish

An original trend, perfect for the coming summer. Long, natural (or "natural") nails, covered with translucent gel polish, look natural and fresh in a new way. If this length is comfortable for you for everyday wear, then why not try such a fashionable manicure?