Fashionable maternity coats - it's easy to be stylish!

Women are looking forward to the birth of a child with great impatience and great joy. They can only be upset by the thought that they will have to part with their favorite stylish clothes for a while and switch to wide, voluminous things.

It is even more difficult for expectant mothers, whose interesting position fell on the cold season, because choosing a coat for a future mother is not an easy task. Even the choice of a beautiful blouse for pregnant women - and that requires some effort. However, fortunately, gone are the days when things for ladies in position looked like a hoodie. With the help of simple cunning tricks, you can easily become the most fashionable mommy.

Of course, in addition, a coat for a pregnant woman should be comfortable, it simply has to adorn expectant mothers. The usual things are not fastened already at 4-5 months of pregnancy. A fur coat or sheepskin coat, of course, will warm you in winter frosts, but these things have one significant drawback - after giving birth they can only be worn in the event of a second pregnancy. This option is not economical, so most women opted for a more versatile outerwear - an autumn-winter coat.

You can buy them both in specialized stores (but, again, such models can only be worn during pregnancy) or choose a simple wide-cut coat...

What should be considered when choosing a coat for pregnant women?

First of all, you need to make sure that the wind will not enter under the coat. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics with a warm lining. The length of the product is also of great importance - the coat should cover the buttocks and back. The hood and stand-up collar will reliably protect the head, neck and back of the head from the cold. You should not buy things back to back, as the tummy will grow rapidly, and women tend to gain pounds during pregnancy. There should be at least 1-2 sizes in stock.

The most common model among pregnant women is the Empire-style coat. His buttons, as a rule, are placed only above the belly, and the lower hem is made in a free cut. This model will easily adapt to a growing tummy. Other options are a flared coat, a poncho coat, a coat with an A-line skirt. The advantage is that these outerwear models can be worn even after childbirth. Their main disadvantage is that with a large tummy, the coat can rise, letting cold air underneath. Therefore, this option is suitable for spring and autumn, but not for the harsh Russian winter.

During severe frosts, a down coat will be an excellent option for expectant mothers. Thanks to the filler made of natural down, it will warm you even in the most severe winter.

With what to wear a coat for expectant mothers?

Shoes must be flat, with small heels allowed. It is better to refuse laces and buckles, it is worth giving preference to convenient clasps or Velcro. Jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses are perfectly combined with a coat. Very comfortable for pregnant women are jeggings and tunics.

Don't forget about accessories. A beautiful scarf will add brightness to even the simplest coat, and unusual beads will help turn a casual look into a stylish and elegant outfit. Belts should not be worn, clothes should not have anything that could squeeze the body.

Coats for pregnant women can be bought not only in stores or markets, but also on many Internet resources. Guided by simple rules for choosing clothes for expectant mothers, any woman who is expecting the birth of a baby will be able to look beautiful, stylish and happy.