Fashionable scarves and stoles fall-winter 2021-2022

A scarf is not only a necessary accessory in cold weather, but also a demonstration of style. Fashionable scarves and stoles, correctly selected for the main outfit, are able to transform and completely change the mood in the image. What models of accessories will be in fashion in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season. Let's see?

In this article:

Choosing a fashionable scarf

A stylish scarf can make an image interesting and stylish, but only if you are using current, not out-of-fashion models. It would seem... a scarf! What could happen to him? How can he go out of style? However, remember: bulky snoods and thin chiffon scarves are a thing of the past long ago and can ruin any stylish bow. Basic models remain in vogue this season and some stylish options are added.

  • Long scarves and stoles - can be of the most bright colors or on the contrary, neutral. This trend has not been killed for several seasons, primarily because of its practicality. It is easy to wrap up in massive products or simply put on your head, thereby saving yourself from the wind and cold. Models of this kind are relevant and comfortable if the jacket or coat does not have a hood.
  • Variants of a knitted product with a fringe - began their popularity since the summer of the past year and are only gaining popularity. In the coming winter season, a long and wide knitted accessory, which will be decorated around the edges with a long neat fringe, will just be relevant. Designers recommend matching the color of the accessory to match the main bow. The main trend of the upcoming fall-winter 2021-2022 season is the total look. This includes just plain or melange, or with ombre colors. Models of this format are suitable both for creating an elegant look and for a sports or cashmere suit.
  • Textural fashion garments knitted from thick natural yarns. The drawing uses various variations with braids or plaits. An easier option is to use an openwork pattern. It is important to wear such masterpieces by wrapping them several times around the neck. And the second option is to simply throw on your shoulder, like a fashionable accessory, a bright accent in the image.

  • The sleeve scarf is a little unusual for our women of fashion. This is an asymmetrical item that will undoubtedly add zest to your wardrobe. The well-known designer Maison Margiela gave us similar ideas.
  • Stole scarves are much wider than ordinary scarves. Such models can be draped over the shoulders like a scarf. The trend of the seasons will be knitted fabrics and knitted needles. You can choose a thing to match the coat or vice versa in a contrasting color to attract the attention of passers-by.
  • The down jacket option is interesting not only visually, but also in the choice of materials. A thick, voluminous fashionable scarf will be a good replacement for a warm down jacket. It is enough to wrap it around the torso, then you can get by with a simple coat.

How to wear fashion

It's not enough just to choose a trendy accessory. You still need to wear it correctly and be able to tie it beautifully, or you can just throw it on your main bow. You can use our simple tips:

  • The French knot is a classic way to wear an accessory. Such a knot is suitable for a fashionable thing of any thickness. To do this, you need to fold it in half. Wrap around your head. And thread the ends into the resulting loop.
  • "Light throw" is a simple construction for the busy one. You can lay a long thin scarf or stole in this way. Everything is done very simply: you put a scarf on your shoulders and put one end with an overlap on the other shoulder, on the opposite side.
  • Side Loop - This method requires a long and thin piece. The neck is wrapped around the back. The ends are pulled over one shoulder and tied in a knot. As a result, only one end of the scarf hangs in front.
  • "Lazy tying." Follow the habits of famous designers who don't even tie scarves. It is enough to throw them over the shoulders and align the edges along the bottom.
  • Asymmetry is a rather unusual way of wearing a scarf. In this version, you also do not need to tie anything. A scarf or stole is thrown over one shoulder and secured at the waist with a belt or belt. This method will perfectly complement the general onion, and also warm it up.

Choosing fashionable stoles

The most direct alternative to beautiful scarves in the coming season will be a stylish stole. This accessory is universal to wear:

  • Instead of a hat, thrown over the head,
  • Like a scarf, wrapped around the neck,
  • How to put a cape over the shoulders (more to give a zest to the image),
  • Throw and fasten with a belt,
  • Some fashionable stoles are tied with an original knot.

Stylish look will be completed with an interesting accessory. Fashionable stoles are made from different materials and colors:

  • Fabrics are used mainly from cashmere, warm wool or light chiffon to add airiness to the image.
  • For stoles, total bow is preferable, when all colors in clothes are kept in one color or just in a neutral palette. This style does not imply flashy colors, even in any one accessory.
  • But in order to refresh the image, you can use contrasting shades in fashionable stoles, then your bow will become original and allow you to stand out from the crowd of passers-by.
  • The colors of the stoles are varied and give a huge scope for the embodiment of images: animals and floral designs, stripes and cells, abstract motifs and Norwegian ornaments.

Which stoles will be especially popular: these are plain fabrics, and also checkered print. Stoles, like other accessories of a similar kind, are interesting with a simple edge and a neat fringe.

How not to wear accessories

Finally, I want to give some tips for choosing and wearing these beautiful accessories to avoid looking “cheap”:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the material. Deficiencies in fabric or yarn will be very noticeable in your bow. Covered with spills or stretched, it will visually make your look cheaper, even if the coat or jacket is expensive.
  • Thin synthetic fabrics also lend a chic look. Such products do not hold their shape at all, so you will not be able to lay them neatly. Also, such models do not warm at all and will be simply useless in winter.
  • Do not wear things that do not correspond to the general style of the bow. No matter how much you love a sports stole, it will not look with a classic coat or fur coat.
  • You do not need to wear the accessory as a noose around your neck. Firstly, it is completely inconvenient. Secondly, in winter there is not enough lightness and airiness in the image, there is no need to make it additionally heavier.
  • The dimensions of the product must be compatible with the common bow. Too long will interfere with walking down the street, getting tangled between the legs.

Now you can see for yourself that in the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, the choice of fashionable scarves and stoles is simply huge. They are varied in texture, design, and purpose. Therefore, you will certainly find a model that will not only be a simple accessory, but will also cheer you up.